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Yard design of a private house: 130 photos of cozy and beautiful design options

Living on the territory of a private house does not necessarily involve doing routine work in the yard, garden or garden. Now people look at this issue in a different way and have learned to create a cozy atmosphere that helps to relax. Few people want to move to private housing in order to spend time on these stereotypical activities.

Everyone understands that a good yard design of a private house can help to enjoy life, and various vegetables and fruits are easy to buy in a supermarket or store. But to create a place to relax, you will have to spend a lot of time and invest part of your soul.

If you have no experience in this area, then you are reading the right material. Now we will try to correct this gap and provide you with the necessary information.

It is important to decide what you want to see after completing all the work on creating the landscape design of your private housing. Some people focus on external beauty, forgetting about functional fullness. And the other thinks only about the use of various buildings. If it is a bush, it should bear fruit or form flowers that decorate the space and give off a pleasant smell.

In the process of reflection, other aspects will also have to be taken into account: the field of activity of the owner, the composition of the family, the presence of pets. It is recommended to think over the main details of the future project first of all. And then you can start implementing the planned landscaping of the house and the territory around it.

Experienced specialists have prepared photos of the landscape design of the house, perfectly fitting into various styles. We advise you to familiarize yourself with them, perhaps you will be able to highlight something useful and use it on your site.

The initial stage is very important, if something is not done correctly, then you will have to make adjustments and spend a lot of time on it. Designers advise treating this process as geometry.

In the allotted area, smooth lines or winding paths of various streamlined shapes are often used to create a cozy atmosphere. There are a lot of options, but do not forget about consultations with the rest of the family. They may have their own preferences. If this is a children's sandbox or a kitchen, it is advisable to find out how children and the weak half see this territory.

When everything is ready, it is necessary to organize access to various items that help take care of the created territory — it can be scissors for trimming shrubs, or a broom for cleaning, or maybe nails with a hammer. Sometimes you will have to update the design of a private courtyard or trim some elements that have lost their original appearance. The need for this is brewing after a long time or as a result of rain, strong wind, hail.

Tip: Take into account the features of the landscape on which the house is located. Sometimes a rock garden or vertical gardening is suitable.

If the house is located on hilly land, then it is possible to organize natural transitions from one natural zone to another with the help of stylized steps. This approach will amaze any guests and will be a godsend for all family members.

How to add naturalness with greenery?

To do this, it is recommended to pay attention to plants with different flowering periods. If they are used correctly, it is possible to profitably organize beauty throughout the yard during the warm period of the year. Do not throw aside various ideas. Perhaps you have seen an interesting option from someone or it has matured in your thoughts. If, — "Yes", then you should not give it up. Give him life and the opportunity to show his qualities.

But it is not recommended to abandon the standard options. Who can say that a pond on the territory of a private plot is bad or does not look profitable? Water is what a person is made of and it is everywhere. But how to create a stylized pond?

The version in the form of a pond. Living creatures can be settled here. It all depends on your imagination. Be sure to fish, algae, and the rest is optional. Kids usually like these places.

A unique version of the fountain. Not only airborne soldiers love him. It's nice to come up to him in the summer and feel the splashes on his body. And here, too, you can add fish and other inhabitants. You can admire their carefree life for hours.

A small waterfall with a strange structure. The sounds given to them will help to relax after a strong strain from some occupation or routine work.

Due to this approach, the modern design of the yard is of crucial importance in the formation of a harmonious family life. Psychologists have noticed that the environment is able to influence people. If everything is done correctly, you can get the opportunity to restore and accumulate strength in this territory for any future affairs.

How to mount lighting?

It is very difficult to create the necessary atmosphere without proper lighting. Experts explain that the process of its creation has nuances. They consist of two fundamental points:

  • It will help to move freely around the yard in the evening or at night.
  • Directional lighting will help you feel the beauty of the surrounding scenery even after sunset. This is most acutely felt during the cold season. Natural elements will dry out and fall off, and decorative ones will be able to perform their function.

What is the high-quality illumination of the territory of a private house:

  • Lighting for the front area of the house;
  • Illumination for buildings with an economic purpose;
  • Ensuring good illumination of the place where the car often stands or the garage area for it;
  • Creating visibility for the territory of the main entrance to the courtyard of the house;
  • Warm lighting for the gazebo to make it comfortable to spend time on its territory at any time of the day.

Tip: Designers also pay attention to the security of the area around the house. It is worth installing video cameras for constant monitoring. And create lighting for the entire area belonging to you.

But the illumination is necessary not only for the comfort and safety of the inhabitants. It is also used for decorative elements to make them more beautiful and stylized. After all, they help to create an irresistible image of the yard. Due to them, it is eventually possible to make a beautiful design on the site, pleasing all owners and guests during any period of the year.

The backlight is created for various small details:

  • An artificial reservoir with all its inhabitants forming their own ecosystem on your site;
  • Alpine slide with its enchanting eye effects and elements included in the;
  • Garden sculpture to emphasize its beauty at any time of the day;
  • A flower bed with its various plants for admiring even at night.

But there is also an unpleasant moment here. All this will require a lot of energy. And you will have to make sure that the wires do not intersect with water. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of electric shock. It is desirable that a competent person does this.

But, if the owner has all the necessary knowledge, it would be better to create a yard design with your own hands. This will help to occupy themselves with something important during vacation, or a period allotted for rest.

Due to this, the owner will be sure that he likes everything. And it fits his idea of how it should look. And everything was done conscientiously without any hack work, since it was done for personal use.

But, if there is not enough knowledge in all matters, sometimes it is worth turning to professionals. First of all, it concerns the wiring. Careless attitude to electricity near water can lead to serious consequences. Don't be afraid to demonstrate your creative side. We hope that this article has helped guide you on the right path.

Photo of the courtyard design of a private house