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Yard arrangement — 130 photos of landscape design ideas with your own hands

Having your own private house or garden plot, every happy owner faces a number of tasks, and one of them is yard improvement. It doesn't matter if you built a house yourself or bought a ready-made one, the yard is an indispensable attribute in any case.

But it is on how well it is planned and equipped that comfort, convenience and practicality largely depend, and in addition, it is the courtyard that creates the first impression of guests and acquaintances.

Let's try to understand the subtleties of the arrangement of a yard plot of a private house. Let's determine what and how to do it, what it will take, and what "pitfalls" exist on this path.

However, before we begin to sort out this issue, let's first take a look at the photos of the arrangement of courtyards, you can find them in abundance on the pages of the global network. After looking closely, you will certainly notice a huge variety of options, styles, design finds, and therefore we will definitely notice – the appearance and convenience of your site depends on your imagination, taste, financial capabilities, as well as the desire to work and create.

First of all, it is necessary to remember that the main element of your site is the house itself, and therefore it is necessary to start planning the arrangement of the entire adjacent territory from the architectural design in which it is decorated. Note that the question of how the arrangement of a private yard will be made directly depends on the area of the plot.

So, if the size of your yard is small, you should not experiment unnecessarily with different styles, let it be some one direction.

Having become the happy owner of a large area of land, it becomes real to try to carry out some kind of division of the territory and embody several design styles, but they should smoothly transition and combine with each other. This is achieved through various methods, for example, plant hedges, or use special fences, flower beds, garden paths.


Before you start planning and decorating the yard with your own hands, you need to analyze the landscape of the territory. So, all irregularities, potholes, pits need to be trimmed or filled in. If there are slopes, it is necessary to strengthen them.

Before you start work on the arrangement, you need to come up with and create some kind of drainage system, otherwise during the rain you risk encountering trouble in the form of water flows where they should not be. If there are financial opportunities, it is better to do preliminary work on leveling the site by attracting special equipment, this will save you from unnecessary difficulties, and the quality will be an order of magnitude higher.


Remember, a well-thought-out plan that takes into account all the nuances of your landscape, and also provides for a phased distribution of all works, is a kind of guarantee of the success of your undertaking.

In order to create a beautiful courtyard design, first of all, it is necessary to think everything through completely: you must clearly understand what and where to place, in what sequence the work will be carried out and what should eventually turn out.

When creating a plan, you need to consider the following points:

  • The distribution of sunlight and shade on your site, depending on the time of day;
  • Take into account the climatic conditions for your area. Duration of summer and winter periods, direction of winds, abundance of precipitation;
  • In winter, it will be necessary to remove snow. Think about where you will put it, and how you will take it out of the site;
  • Provide for how the site itself will be connected to the main street. Take into account the possibilities for emergency work – fire extinguishing, as well as actions in other emergency situations;
  • Remember about the number and composition of your family. Consider what you plan to do on your site, what needs may arise in the future.

In general, site planning needs to be conducted at the very initial stage, when the tasks have not yet been completed. In this case, it is much easier: the whole layout, style will be more harmonious, it is possible to carry out zoning from scratch and provide for all aspects of the arrangement.

However, often the situation is quite different: you have purchased a ready—made house and begin to rebuild it, and as a result - the arrangement of the territory. In this case, it all depends on the degree of changes you have planned. If the design of the main house is modified, it is necessary to plan the arrangement of the entire territory taking into account the new stylistic solution.

For the case when only cosmetic repairs will be carried out, it is necessary to equip the plot in such a way that, having created the necessary comfort and coziness, the main building harmoniously fits in. This is already a task of a different degree of complexity and its solution largely depends on your taste and your capabilities.

Do not overload the site with various elements and zones, everything should be done with taste, bearing the appropriate practical value.

We note one more important point. If your plot is not planned to be used for a vegetable garden, and the plans are only a rest from the hustle and bustle of cities and everyday life, you may not care about where you will store the grown products, how to harvest it, etc.

Otherwise, it is necessary to combine practicality and beauty, and this is a completely different distribution and planning. For example, it becomes necessary to pay special attention to the arrangement of the backyard – although it is hidden from prying eyes, it should remain an integral part of the overall composition, and besides, it is here that it is optimal to build all outbuildings.

In addition, it is here that it is convenient to place a parking lot, or to build a sports ground.

General notes on arrangement

When all the necessary preparatory steps have been taken, there is a clear plan of what we will do, the territory has been leveled and cleaned, the drainage system is in order, and we are getting to work.

If you have a large enough plot divided into separate zones, you need to think about how to make a distinction. Several solutions are possible here. For example, you can make hedges or build fences.

One of the options to make a visual distinction is to build artistically decorated lawns or flower beds. To make a beautiful courtyard in a private house, you can use arched structures when creating fences and passages. Special garden screens will look very nice on the site.

The sports ground is separated by a special low fence decorated with climbing plants.

An integral element of the yard arrangement is a system of paths. These should not be paths, but specially designed garden paths. Designing the landscaping of the yard, the paths can be used as natural and functional dividers of individual zones.

When carrying out work on the arrangement, do not forget about the correctness of geometric shapes. Your site should not look like a kind of pile-up, everything should fit in harmoniously and be subordinate to the chosen concept.

Last tip: when arranging, try to use more natural materials, they perfectly match with the surrounding nature and create a unique feeling of peace and comfort.

All of the above are the most general tips and recommendations. Of course, the simplest solution is to order design development and work from specialists, but only you can create what you want, exactly as you see.

Having bought a house away from the city, having made your own yard arrangement in the village, you will certainly experience an incomparable sense of satisfaction, create for yourself and your loved ones a corner of well-being, happiness and peace.

Photos of the yard arrangement