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Wooden fence (100 photos) — the best ideas for installing a beautiful fence

The effect of naturalness remains one of the most popular design solutions for the arrangement of suburban areas. And if you want to install a high-quality and beautiful, but at the same time inexpensive fence around your house, then the choice, of course, should be made in favor of wooden fences. Moreover, it is quite simple to build them, you can easily cope on your own.

Many summer residents treat the idea of building a fence from this material with some disdain, considering it to be of lower quality and reliable compared to the use of more modern technologies. But this is not the case at all. The wooden fence is in no way inferior to analogues made of other materials.

Moreover, it has a number of advantages:

  • Eco–friendliness - wood is the most successful solution if you care about the health of your family.
  • Convenience in care – such fences do not require special attention during operation, and they can be decorated and updated at any time and without effort.
  • Simplicity in construction — anyone can make a wooden fence with their own hands, even a novice master.
  • Practicality – having fenced off with a wooden cover, you will be able to reliably protect your site from the weather, provide good sound insulation, outline the boundaries of your territory.
  • Naturalness combined with the surrounding interior.

Types of fences made of wood

If you are still hesitating, choosing which version of the protective structure to stop at, then one more important feature should be taken into account. A fence for a private house made of wood has excellent decorative properties and a variety of styles.


The structure consists of rods that are intertwined with each other and fixed on stakes driven into the ground. There is an ancient mystery in its appearance, and it is quite easy to build it yourself. However, the fence will not last you for a long time – the service life is very short.

The Ranch

It is also a very simple version to perform. It is enough to drive strong beams into the ground, and fix several transverse boards made of wood on them. The width of the cross bars can be chosen at your discretion, but taking into account the fact that the fence itself is most often used to fence gardens or grazing areas.

Picket fence

In this design, the boards are placed in a vertical position. They are attached to the veins, which are fixed on pillars mounted in the ground.

A picket fence is considered as an economy option suitable for dachas. Although with proper decoration, it will look great on the territory of any country house.

Palisade fence

Such a fence has not only decorative value – its appearance is quite original, and additionally serves as an excellent barrier and protection of the site. Having an impressive appearance, it is equipped with stakes pointed at the top, which are driven into the ground or attached to a frame base.

Lattice fencing

This is a more original and decorative option compared to the previously considered varieties. The fence consists of criss-crossing slats that are fixed in a frame-frame. Such a fence will be an excellent basis for decorating the perimeter with weaving plants.

Installation of a wooden fence on the site

If you decide to build a fence on your own on your site, then you should not postpone the start of work. Moreover, the installation of a wooden fence is not particularly difficult. You can choose the most suitable design option:

  • without a foundation, when it is necessary to prepare only wooden pillars and metal supports;
  • with a foundation.

At the same time, the fence itself is additionally finished with the help of a wide variety of materials – brick, corrugated board, stone. But remember that the wood itself must be of high quality, without damage, with antiseptic treatment.

How to put a fence correctly

At the very beginning, it is necessary to mark the area where, for example, a fence made of a wooden picket fence will be installed. At the same time, you need to calculate exactly how many wooden poles you will need, as well as picket fences and veins. Decide on their size. The lower part of the beam, which will be mounted in the ground, must be treated with tar.

To mark the holes for the installation of supports, a cord is used, which is stretched in increments of 3 m. The holes are pulled out taking into account the depth of the soil. Approximately 1.5 m is accepted. The depth depends on the height of the ground part, for example, at a value of up to 1 m — 800 mm, up to 1.5 m – 1000 mm, above 1.5 m — at least 1/2 the size of the support. The distance from the slope of the hole to the support is taken at 200 mm.

For high and powerful fences, it is necessary to strengthen the supports. For this purpose, special metal plates are attached to their soles. In this case, better stability and compensation of gravity from the side of the structure are provided.

Before you put the supports, you need to create a special pillow in the holes. At the bottom of the hole, sand and soil are filled in with a layer of 120 mm, and then rammed. Supports made of wood should be placed strictly vertically. For greater strength, it is advisable to concret the holes.

The veins are attached after the fence posts are installed. But to do this, you will have to calculate the number of fasteners and determine the fixing points in the upper and lower parts of the structure. If necessary, it is advisable to trim the picket fence on a stretched string. The veins can be fixed by two methods:

They can be put simply on a post. So you will carry out the fastening quickly, but the reliability of the method is low.

The veins are sunk into the support, for which a groove of the appropriate width is made on its surface. This is a more reliable, but time-consuming method, involving high-quality splicing of veins on the support.

The specifics of the installation of the fence-chess

This is a more decorative design that can be arranged either more tightly or with gaps. The poles are mounted in traditional ways. Beams are attached to them. On the pillars, you need to cut the grooves. If you use metal supports, then you need to weld the corners to them at the place where the beams are attached.

After you have determined the type of attachment – horizontal or vertical – it is necessary to fix the guides. For vertical chess pieces, they are equipped with horizontal ones and vice versa. Then the slats are staggered with screws or nails.

Creating a fence-ladder

Fencing in the form of a horizontal ladder can often be found in suburban areas. The installation of the fence is also quite simple in execution. After fixing the supports, the guides are fixed in the form of wooden linings on both sides.

Thanks to the use of a channel, the placement of the bar at an angle is facilitated. The direction and angle of attachment are determined by the contractor independently.

For ventilation and to counteract the occurrence of rot, you need to put gaskets together with the boards.

Decorative fences

Fences around the perimeter of the suburban area not only serve to protect and ensure security. They also carry an aesthetic burden. Anyone who wants to decorate their garden can safely put a decorative fence around the perimeter.

A small multicolored fence will allow you to revive a flower bed or a vegetable garden. You can also easily build an antique structure, transferring residents and guests of a country house to the past or a fairy tale.

You can see various decoration options on the presented photos of the wooden fence. For example, fences with patterns applied to the surface look effective. It is also allowed to combine wood and other materials in the manufacture of fences:

  • using a profiled sheet for a tree;
  • combining wood and brick;
  • a combination of wood and stone.

The fence installed along the perimeter of the land plot is a wonderful addition to the interior, made in any style. You will not only reliably protect your home from uninvited guests, but also significantly decorate the landscape.

Photo of a wooden fence