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Winter Garden — 120 photos of design projects and ideas for creating with your own hands

The winter garden is a complex technical structure. Its purpose is to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable life of various types of flora. It is a wonderful place for both plants and people. This structure in some way serves as a "green living room" in which you can relax a little and get a little relief from everyday thoughts. Photos of the winter garden can be proudly shown to their guests.

Before you start the process of building a winter one, you should make a decision about what you want to get in the end. There are a large number of options for kindergartens that have differences, both in appearance and in internal purpose.

The catalog of ready - made gardens includes:

  • residential winter garden;
  • greenhouse;
  • buffer zone.

Let's take a closer look at each of the presented forms. So, options for winter gardens.

This option is located in a residential area, which is equipped and regularly heated. There are a large number of trees and flowers here. Due to the successful combination of the microclimate regime, it is possible to create excellent conditions for the co-existence of people and plants.

It is possible to grow small trees throughout the year, regardless of the temperature regime outside.


At its core, the greenhouse is a non-residential type of garden. This facility creates ideal conditions for growing various types of plants.

In the greenhouse, it is possible to breed unusual types of flowers by maintaining a certain level of microclimate. At the same time, it is difficult to call a greenhouse a place for a good rest.

Buffer zone

A buffer room is a room that is used seasonally. Usually this option is used from an aesthetic point of view. Because of this, the number of flowers that grow here is small.

The doors to the street are constantly opening here, a draughty wind is blowing in the room. Therefore, it is not possible to maintain a certain level of microclimate. The room serves as a link between the house and the outdoor space.

Winter garden arrangement

After the required type of garden is selected, the next step is to choose its placement.

There are no restrictions on which side of the house it is necessary to have a room with flowers and shrubs.

If it is located in the north relative to housing, it accumulates heat very quickly and also quickly parts with it. Therefore, it is important that the heating system of the room, which is located in the north side, be as well thought out as possible and take into account the smallest nuances.

South side. The attached garden, which is located on the south side of the dwelling, also quickly accumulates heat. But he keeps it much longer. In winter, this will be a great help, but in summer it carries a threat, since plants can seriously overheat, which can lead to their death.

It is required to install a ventilation system to maintain the necessary temperature regime in the room. Also, in case of overheating, enhanced watering will be needed, which may not be applicable to all representatives of the plant world.

West side. The garden, which is located from the west relative to the building, warms up very quickly and retains a high temperature. If this lasts for a long time, it will lead to overheating of the bushes.

East side. This option of the greenhouse location allows you to create the necessary microclimate for comfortable growing of plants. There will always be enough light here, while there will be no threat of overheating of the flowers in the garden.

Choosing the location of the greenhouse, it is necessary to take into account information about their characteristics. It is also worth taking into account the design of the housing itself.


There are many different forms of gardens, which are located in separate buildings. However, usually these structures are built in the immediate vicinity of housing.

The winter garden in the house performs both practical and aesthetic functions. With the help of this room, the owners of the dwelling add originality to the place where they live.

And from a technical point of view, its presence increases the security of people's residence.

To create the necessary conditions for growing a variety of crops indoors, it is required to fulfill a number of requirements that apply to such forms of structures. Only in this case it will be possible to create a room with flowers in the best possible way, which will perform its immediate functions and delight others with its appearance.

The structure must be strong and be resistant to different temperature regimes. In addition, the design must withstand a certain level of mechanical impact.

The material from which the design of the winter garden is made must be of high quality, be resistant to corrosion. It is also necessary that at least 80% of the sunlight comes to the plants.

Building materials for the construction of the structure

Let's focus in more detail on the elements that will be required to build a garden with your own hands.

The key place in the construction is given to the supporting structure. The future external shape of the structure and its durability depend on it.

The main structure, which will be the backbone of the greenhouse, can be made of aluminum, PVC profile, wood. Each of these types of material has its own characteristics, so when choosing one or another type of material, you need to clearly understand what you want to get in the end: faster installation, but less stable, or something durable.

Speaking of the structure itself, the posts and beams must be connected using spikes. This allows you to strengthen the structure. But at the same time, the width of the profile increases, which leads to a decrease in daylight that penetrates into the interior.

There is a reasonable question of what to make a winter garden out of. Regarding the materials that are used to fill the openings, there is a wide choice for every taste.

It is only necessary to remember about the main function of such elements – to pass a sufficient amount of sunlight.

In addition, it must keep the room warm. A good material also has excellent sound insulation qualities.

Glass as an element for openings has the advantage of increased transmission of solar energy. More than 98% of all sunlight reaches the leaves of shrubs.

Thanks to the treatment of glass with a special sealant, the structure becomes resistant to various mechanical influences.

An expensive double-glazed window will help to create the necessary background for the growth of flowers. But glass is a very expensive material and also very fragile. Careless touching of the glass can lead to cracks and, as a result, damage to the workpiece.

Polycarbonate is more democratic in its cost. Its use will help to save significantly on the construction of this structure, while without much loss in functionality. Polycarbonate is a good choice. It has the necessary qualities to create a stable structure.

Polycarbonate can withstand severe mechanical stress, is resistant to negative environmental influences and can serve for several seasons in a row without losing its original properties.

Thus, this structure is a wonderful place where a person is happy to return again and again to enjoy the appearance of various trees and shrubs. Growing flowers in a garden can be a wonderful hobby that can bring great benefits.

Photos of the winter garden