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Well house — professional projects and ideas for creating with your own hands (65 photos)

The well is being equipped both for practical and aesthetic reasons: it is easier to use, better to protect and at the same time harmoniously fit into the existing landscape design. The modern market offers a lot of universal options for well structures, which are not always to the liking of the owners because of the high cost or unsightly appearance.

The ideal option is to make a house for a well with your own hands, especially since it is actually cheaper, more interesting and more profitable.

The main function of the roof over the well is to protect water from rain and melt moisture, dust, dirt, falling leaves, animals and even negatively affecting sunlight.

In addition to the main one, there are additional and equally important tasks:

  • Secure the place from small children;
  • Close the water source from outsiders;
  • Protect from domestic and stray animals;
  • Simplify the water intake system by installing a pump, a mechanical device;
  • Insulate the structure from cold and frost;
  • Decorate a rather large structure in size and area.

Types of houses

Before making a house for a well, it is necessary to determine with the main type of construction: open or closed. The first one will be more economical and at times easier: the well ring is finished with stone, plastic or wood, depending on the available materials, and the racks, the canopy and the lid are made at will.

However, such a structure has many "disadvantages", including water pollution and its freezing in winter.

The closed version resembles a mini-house and is distinguished by a more complex insulated structure with reliable locks and supports. The roof in this case is mandatory.

Well facades also differ according to the materials used. Most often, the master's choice is made of metal sheets and wood. The selection criterion here is the ability and desire to regularly take care of the structure, because beautiful wooden buildings need to be tinted at least once a year and eliminate the raids of seasonal changes.

The frame and metal finish is very wear-resistant, but does not have such an attractive appearance.

It is also advised to focus on the design of the main house and neighboring buildings.

Required materials

Often, the start in planning is the availability of improvised materials, which require a lot for the improvement of the well. It is also important to have a set of tools that provide high-quality processing, cutting and measuring the dimensions of the future well house.

Depending on the chosen finish, you will need: glued beams, edged boards, metal profile sheets, profile pipes, insulation, foam, fasteners, corners, roofing slate, accessories.

The list of tools includes a tape measure, an office, a plane, a jigsaw, a set of screwdrivers, a wrench, a hacksaw, a hammer and a construction level. At the stage of decoration, stones, pebbles, concrete mortar, carved details, decorations may be required.

Step-by-step instructions

The variety of models of well houses amazes with an abundance of ideas and their embodiments. However, there is a universal instruction that is suitable as a basis for any building of this type. So, for the construction of a well covered with a canopy and a lid, the following algorithm should be followed:

We prepare all the necessary materials. We think over on paper the drawing of the house for the well, where the available dimensions are entered, as well as the height and thickness of the thermal insulation, the exterior decoration of the ring, gate and canopy.

First of all, we assemble the canopy: we make two triangles on the sides with an approximate size of 100x72x84 cm with a transverse rack with a diameter of 20 cm, we connect the elements with solid beams of the required length, taking into account the protrusions of 20 cm from each edge.

If it is intended to mount the supports directly to the ring, then we assemble the appropriate frame around the concrete head. In the case when the racks are fixed outside the frame, then we perform the opposite action.

We strengthen the attachment points with pads. We fix the bars of a thickness that can withstand a canopy. We fix the roof assembled earlier on the racks. We finish the structure: we sew up the board, lining and roofing material.

A completely closed option assumes the presence of other actions.

We build the frame, install it on the well ring and fix it with bolts. We collect the pallet and flooring. We sheathe the structure with high-quality material (for example, moisture-resistant plywood). We put the slants for the doors. We hang one or two doors.

To hide the house and the ring, we increase the size of the structure by 20-30 cm from each edge. We leave an air layer or fill the space with foam or fabric.

Guided by this procedure, you can vary the actions depending on the desired result and the available dimensions and materials. It is worth remembering that wet, raw wood tends to dry out, leaving gaps in the joints of 5 cm over time. Therefore, the technique of laying boards crosswise is often used.

Subsequent decor

When the structure is assembled, securely installed and sewn with the selected material, you can safely proceed to the design of the well. It is possible to embody any ideas and fantasies here. For example, we offer the following options:

  • Put decorative snakes of contrasting metal on the racks and the box;
  • To make a thematic decor: a well as a house for a dwarf with a small door, windows, front gardens on the sides and a figure of the "owner";
  • Carved wooden patterns, both individual and whole, are always relevant.

After carefully looking at the photos of all kinds of houses for the well, you can choose an already tested option or, inspired, think over your own design.

In any case, fantasy is necessary only at the final stage of finishing and decoration, and the rest of the construction (depending on the closed, semi-open or open type) is carried out according to the standard scheme.

The main thing is to decide on the basic design, and otherwise follow the attached instructions. And then the well will not only be beautiful, but also comfortable and practical.

Photo of a well house