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Water heater for cottages — how to choose a flow and storage heater (75 photos)

In modern realities, one of the main advantages is the availability of hot water supply. But unfortunately now it is one of the main problems in the arrangement of the cottage. After all, when washing dishes, hot water is simply necessary, and after hard work in the garden or on the plot, everyone wants to take a warm shower and relax.

It is inconvenient and very expensive to heat the water yourself, so if you have a water supply system on your site, you can use a water heater for the cottage.

Types of water heaters are divided according to various criteria: installation method, operating principle, power source.

According to the first criterion, water heaters are divided into floor and wall heaters.

Wall-mounted water heaters do not take up much space and are very practical to use. They are used mainly in places where a large amount of water is not required, such as in the kitchen.

A small tank is attached to a couple of hooks on the wall, it is worth noting that it is worth hanging such a water heater only on a solid wall.

Outdoor water heaters are designed for those who have a water consumption of more than 50 liters per day. It is impossible to hang such a device on the wall. One of the main advantages of outdoor water heaters is a large volume of water tank.

Also, due to the fact that they do not need to be attached to the wall, it is enough to just put them somewhere in the room, thanks to their vertical and narrow shape, they can fit into any room.

If your house allows you to install any of the above water heaters, then you should determine how much water you consume per day.

According to the type of operation, water heaters are divided into flow, storage and bulk.


Liquid water heaters are quite primitive in their design, their components are a tank, a tap and an element that heats the water in the tank. A device of this type is quite simple, it can be installed almost anywhere. The main disadvantage of this type of water heaters is the small volume of water that can be placed there.

Basically, such "moidodyrs" are installed for washing hands and dishes in the kitchen or on the street, however, there are more advanced models, they can be compared in a store or in a photo of water heaters.


For cottages equipped with running water, there are running water heaters. The operation of such devices involves heating water when you use it for its intended purpose. This type of water heaters does not have a container for storing water, it heats up under pressure, respectively, the lower the pressure, the hotter the water.

This unit is somewhat like a box, it has a significant disadvantage — you have to choose between the pressure and the water temperature.

Flowing water heaters are divided into pressure and non-pressure.

The main feature of non-pressure water heaters is that their internal pressure does not exceed atmospheric pressure. Due to the low power, this device should be used as a summer shower, for example.

A pressure flow water heater is a much more complex and powerful device. It is not popular with summer residents, as it is not budget-friendly and consumes a lot of electricity. It is distinguished by the absence of nozzles, there are connectors for connecting to the water supply system.


This type of water heaters is especially suitable for people who consume a lot of water per day. The advantage of storage water heaters is that they are able to supply hot water without compromising the pressure. However, this type of water heating systems is not cheap at the moment, and corrosion of internal elements that interfere with the operation of the unit is quite common, so you should think carefully when choosing a water heater.

Water heaters in domestic use are divided into gas and electric.

Gas water heaters

If the main gas was carried out to your dacha, then you can safely put a gas water heater. When using this type, you will save a lot on electricity, and you will also use your device comfortably.

Electric water heaters

They are the safest and simplest on the market at the moment. They are distinguished by excellent design and good ergonomics. They can perfectly fit into almost any interior. The convenience of electric water heaters is also supported by the fact that their installation does not require special permission from various services, such as in gas.

Water heater on tap

It is also worth mentioning such a device as a water heater for a faucet. It is an enlarged faucet, inside which the heating element is hidden. The only distinguishing feature of this mixer is that it looks like a simple mixer, but it is distinguished by the wiring leading to the power source.

Choosing a water heater

So, here we are getting to the main topic of the article. How do you still choose a water heater for your home?

It is worth proceeding from how much water you consume per day, from which type of energy it will be more convenient for you to start and, of course, what budget you have for this purchase.

If you have gas connected to your house, then take a gas boiler, but do not forget that it must be connected exclusively by a professional, and you must also obtain permits from various gas services.

However, if the previous option does not suit you, you can purchase an electric water heater for the cottage, in this case there will be fewer problems during installation and higher safety, as well as comfort in use. But do not forget about its price, as a rule, it is much more expensive than the gas version.

Also, if you do not need a lot of water, wash your hands or wash your face at most, then a liquid water heater will be quite enough for you, it is absolutely not expensive and easy to use.

If the filling tank is not enough for you, then it is recommended to purchase a water heater for a crane, which is very compact and copes with its task perfectly.

Many brands now offer quality products, among them there is ELECTROLUX with its Smartfix 2.0 flow water heater, THERMEX, ARISTON. Among the Russian ones, it is worth noting the EVBO-20/1 liquid-filled model from the ALVIN company, also the Mister-Hit brand represents the EVN-25 Summer Resident model. It is worth approaching such an important purchase wisely, there is a large choice, do not rush.

Photo of a water heater for a cottage