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Washbasin — how to fit into the design of a garden or plot? 55 photos of ideas for use in landscape design

One of the irreplaceable attributes of a cozy stay outside the city is a well-made washbasin for the cottage. If there is a need, then it is quite possible to make it yourself, while saving money. However, most summer residents prefer ready-made models sold in garden stores.

To understand which option is better to choose, you need to familiarize yourself with the varieties of washbasins, take into account the advantages of different models.

A street washbasin should be convenient to use and have an affordable price. There are a number of parameters that you should pay attention to when buying a product:

  • the washbasin should meet the general style of the cottage, fit into its decor;
  • the best option for frequent operation will be a suspended hand basin with a large tank;
  • in case of rare use, in order to avoid stagnation of water, the model with a small volume tank will be the best;

The washbasin can be stationary, there are options for portable, portable designs. As a rule, a stationary hand basin is located where the main household work is carried out, while the device may well meet the requirements of a high level of comfort.

A hand basin without a pedestal is the simplest design. It is a container with an upper bay and a volume of 3-5 liters, equipped with a lid and a crane, or a special exhaust float. The role of drainage is performed by a drainage installed on the ground or a simple bucket.

From the point of view of the duration of operation, a plastic hand basin will be optimal. A more modern version of the hand basin is equipped with a magnetic water outlet of the pressure type.

The plastic model can be mounted on a metal rack. A number of models have a sink with a water drain as an additional element. Such a design will be conveniently located in the aisle of a flower garden or garden bed.

As for the cost of washbasins, it depends on the volume of the tank, the material from which it is made, practicality and ease of use are taken into account.

Self-production of a hand basin

Near the house, in the garage or under a canopy, it is easy to make a simple version of a washbasin. One of the options, conditionally it can be called hiking, is made from a plastic bottle with a volume of 5 liters. In addition to the bottle, you will need an awl, a candle and a wire.

The manufacturing process begins with making holes in the lid with an awl heated over the candle. They also make parallel holes just above the middle of the bottle, through which the wire is passed. The container is filled with water, turned over and hung on a wire on a branch.

The disadvantage of the design is that the water flows continuously in the inverted state of the bottle, quickly consumed, there is a risk of reverse inversion in strong winds.

Another interesting model is the Moidodyr washbasin, which is a fairly serious stationary structure. If you look at the photo of the hand basin for this type of cottage, it becomes clear that it has a significant weight, moving it is extremely difficult.

The place for its installation is prepared in advance. To make a washbasin of this type yourself, you will need a pedestal, a sink and a tank with a tap. "Moidodyr" can have a different shape depending on the type of pedestal. Choose a rectangular or square cabinet, the sides, back wall and doors of which are made of moisture-resistant materials.

Boards with a thickness of 25 mm and a width of 150 mm are suitable for the construction. In all vertical elements, depressions are made under the spikes. They can be performed using a milling machine, making a depth of 20 mm and a width of 80 mm.

The ends of all horizontal elements are equipped with spikes using a saw in accordance with the depressions made in the previous step. Then the elements are connected, firmly fixed with galvanized screws. Sheet plywood for finishing can be glued, or fixed with special nails.

At the top of the pedestal, a water tank is mounted between its sides. The bottom of the washbasin is made of small slats with a thickness of 20 mm and a width of 45 mm. The final stage includes the installation of a door with a screwed handle. The finished structure must be carefully sanded and painted. The sink is installed at the very last turn.

You can as a decoration instead of plywood to use a plastic panel with different patterns. Then street vanity with Cabinet will not only serve the execution of plumbing needs, but will also be excellent decorative element of the country's territory.

A canister hand basin is another option. It is convenient, practical, and the costs of its manufacture are minimal. In addition to the container, nuts, a water supply tap, rubber gaskets and a fold will be needed for manufacturing.

A hole is prepared in the plastic container, into which the run-off is installed. Rubber gaskets are put on both ends of the fold, one outside the container, the other inside, the knot is tightened with nuts.

The final stage involves fixing the crane, the finished structure is filled with water. A washbasin made of a canister requires a carefully designed drainage system. If it is impossible to install it, I use a bucket as an extreme option.

Features of installing a "warm" washbasin

Since suburban work is carried out not only in the warm season, there is a need to find an alternative to the uncomfortable "cold" washbasin. The installation of an outdoor hand basin with heated water will be optimal.

There are many varieties of such a device on sale, differing not only in appearance, but also in the features of the design itself. There are, for example, hinged models, which are a rectangular container with a tap and a heating element inside. Such washbasins have an anti-corrosion coating, are mounted on any reliable surface.

If the location of the washbasin does not imply protection from precipitation, then certain safety measures must be observed. They are specified in the instructions included in the package.

The full version of the outdoor washbasin with a heating system is a model of a pedestal, sink and heated tank. The cabinet is made of metal, plastic or wood.

It is more rational to make it collapsible in case of moving the washbasin. The sink must be steel, or made of polymers. A washbasin of this type can be connected to a sewage system.

The heating elements come complete with handwashers that are not equipped with a pedestal. If the power is 1.25 kW, then 15-17 liters of water will be heated to a high temperature in about half an hour. handwashers are connected to a conventional outlet, the amount of energy consumed in this case is determined by the power of the heating element.

In modern models, thermoregulators are installed, allowing you to control the degree of water heating. Some devices have an automatic shutdown function.

Installation of a heated outdoor washbasin should be carried out under a roof or canopy, since the device requires protection from precipitation. It is prohibited to use so-called "temporary" for electric power supply of the washbasin in accordance with safety regulations.

A country vacation will become comfortable, and household work will be carried out in convenient conditions when the cottage is equipped with all plumbing appliances, including a street washbasin.

Only the right choice of the device, based on knowledge of the features of various models, and competent installation will lead to the desired result.

Photo of the washbasin