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Unpretentious flowers for the garden: tips for choosing beautiful plants for beginners (120 photos)

Many people believe that creating a blooming and tidy garden, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. Often, many of us go out of town to relax and spend our free time with family and friends. And how nice it is when you are surrounded by beautiful and bright flower beds during a conversation or a rest!

Currently, you can create a chic garden with the help of unpretentious flowers for the garden, which do not create unnecessary hassle. But do not think that such flowers are less attractive. On the contrary, there is a large selection of beautiful flowers of various colors.

It is only necessary to choose them correctly, taking into account the seasonality, planting location and flowering conditions. If you plan everything correctly, then the blooming garden will delight until late autumn.

There is a huge selection of plants that do not take much time to care for. But before choosing them, let's decide how they will be planted. Let's look at some ways:

Creating a flower garden. A flower garden is a plot where flowers and ornamental plants grow. There are several types of flower beds – these are flowerbeds, mixborders, rabatki, front gardens.

In order for the flower garden to please for a long time, it is recommended to take perennial flowers as a basis. To give freshness and novelty, you can plant annual plants every year. When creating a flower garden, it is best to use an open space.

Use of the lawn. If you plant a grass lawn, then you will need to take care of it for the first time. But there is also a Moorish lawn, which consists of delicate field plants. Such a lawn looks quite decent.

The use of hedges. Decorative shrubs look attractive in the garden. But it is better to choose plants that do not need regular haircuts.

Vertical gardening. With such landscaping, climbing plants are used. They give a beautiful appearance to vertical structures and help hide minor defects in the structure. Maiden grapes are well suited for such landscaping.

Unpretentious bulbous plants

Bulbous plants begin to delight us from the first days of spring. These flowers are easy to plant and they are perfect for a garden.

Lilies. These are beautiful and delicate flowers, characterized by abundant flowering. They do not require much attention to themselves, bulbs can grow without transplanting for up to 5 years. For planting, it is recommended to choose sunny places protected from blowing.

Tulips. The flowers begin to bloom in May and June. With their beauty and diverse colors, they won the hearts of many gardeners. Tulips can grow on any soil, they do not cause difficulties in care.

Narcissists. Beautiful and fragile spring plants. The flowers are white or yellow, have a pleasant aroma. They adapt well to any landing site.

Crocuses. A pretty low-growing plant, blooms in spring, but there are also varieties that bloom in autumn. It can be planted in the sun or in partial shade. It is not necessary to dig up crocuses for the winter every year.

Muscari. This plant is also called viper onion or mouse hyacinth. These are miniature and fragile flowers. Prefers to grow in a sunny place. They look great in rockeries, in flower beds, and also flowers are used for distillation.

Gladioli. Popular flowers in suburban areas. There is a wide variety of varieties, they differ in color, shape, and flowering period. This proud flower needs a lot of sun and a flat place protected from the winds.

Pushkiniya. Many people call this plant a dwarf hyacinth, because the flowers are similar to each other. They grow well in borders, lawns and flower beds.

Timeless. Refers to flowering perennial plants. The plant blooms in late autumn, it is popularly called "autumn color". Later, their flowering and unpretentious blooming flowers attract flower growers.

By planting these flowers in the spring, you can forget about the hassle over us, because the plant feels much better if it is not disturbed. It should be grown carefully, all its parts contain a poisonous substance.

In order for bulbous flowers to always please us and not cause trouble, it is necessary to choose the right place for planting.

Perennials in the garden

Perennial plants are good because they do not need to be grown annually with the help of seeds or bulbs. Having planted once, every year we will observe their transformation for the better, because every year such plants grow and increase in volume. Perfect for a beginner florist or a person who has little free time.

Primrose. This beautiful perennial plant attracts gardeners with a variety of varieties and colors. It begins to bloom in early spring.

Aquilegia. It is considered an elegant and unpretentious plant. Blooms from May to August. It feels best growing in partial shade on moist soils. It is used in flower beds and flower beds, as well as near reservoirs. Propagated by dividing the bush.

Astilba. A perennial herbaceous plant. The flowers are collected in a raceme inflorescence, can have a variety of colors and size. Astilba is resistant to diseases and pests. Blooms in the summer months.

Chamomile and pyrethrum. An ornamental perennial plant. It does not need much care. Blooms long and luxuriantly.

Pion. A powerful perennial plant, has a pleasant aroma. Blooms in spring, can grow in one place for several decades without transplanting.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you can look at photos of unpretentious flowers in flower catalogs and on the Internet.

Undemanding annuals

Among the annual plants there are also decent flowers for the cottage, which will require minimal care.

Petunias. The plant has many shapes and colors. Depending on the variety, it blooms profusely from May to October. Great for decorating flower beds, borders, balconies and windows.

Nasturtium. A herbaceous plant with bright flowers. Blooms until late autumn. Prefers sunny landing spots. It looks great along fences and walls, under bushes.

Marigolds. Plants grow from June to frost. Flowers are characterized by abundant flowering. They don't need much care.

Astra. A beautiful annual plant with a variety of colors. Asters delight us with their blooming every autumn. Caring for them does not cause difficulties.

What are the most unpretentious flowers – it is difficult to say unequivocally. Each of us has different tastes and ideas about beauty. We have reviewed the most popular types of plants that are in demand and do not cause difficulties in care.

Photos of unpretentious flowers for the garden