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Tree house — 105 photos of stylish design and instructions for building with your own hands

With the modern rhythm of life in the hustle and bustle of the city, people have almost no time to rest. To make the weekend at the dacha unusual and memorable, pay attention to the tree house. Such a structure will help to get closer to nature, and children will simply be delighted.

In addition, a tree house is a chic element of the landscape. Even viewing photos of tree houses gives a fabulous feeling, not to mention spending time in it.

You can buy a ready-made house or build it yourself. When choosing any variant of the house, it is necessary to know some important points, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain a solid, reliable and safe structure.

The choice of the frame tree is the determining factor. It depends on how durable and strong the structure will be.

The best options are oak, maple or fir. At the same time, it is important that the tree is not too old or, on the contrary, not strengthened. Serious bark damage, cracks, pests and dry branches should be absent. The presence of thick horizontally arranged branches will contribute to the reliable fastening of the house.

It is not recommended to place the structure on a poplar or willow (they have weak roots), as well as on a lime tree, which has a viscous wood, which will prevent a strong fixation.


The house can be made of plastic, wood, branches or plywood. Each material has its own specifics that determine the methods of working with it.

Modern plastic. Such houses are not placed directly on the tree. Finished plastic parts are assembled and installed on a sturdy platform with a ladder.

The product is characterized by lightness, hygiene and a rich choice of colors. The house is easily disassembled and removed for storage for the winter period. You can easily find a suitable model by reviewing the photos of ready-made houses.

Wood is an eco—friendly and wear-resistant material. From it, you can build a full-fledged tree house, in which even adults can relax. A structure resembling a real dwelling can be provided with heating and lighting.

The branches are used for the construction of a hut. This option does not require special costs, but is not suitable for games in rainy weather.

AN IDEA! You can create a creative "green house" from a branch frame. To do this, you will need to install a grid — base on the tree and pick up greenery that will braid the roof and walls.

Plywood is a budget and affordable option. Therefore, it is most often chosen for the construction of a house with their own hands.

Construction base

The methods of installing and fixing a house for children are diverse and depend on the material of the structure, its style, as well as the type of wood on which it will be located.

Piles. This design is generally independent, it does not rely directly on the trunk of the tree. Therefore, the structure can be located near an apple tree or a lime tree. The floor or roof of the house only intersect with the trees. The support in this case is piles — pillars, the size of which is determined in proportion to the parameters of the future structure.

Platform. The base of the structure is a trunk or thick branches that can withstand the load. The floor of the house is attached to branches or a trunk with self-tapping anchors. For additional stability, the platform is reinforced with beams. This option is great for plastic prefabricated houses.

Suspended platform. The method is simple, but it does not provide absolute safety for children playing in the house. The structure is fixed to the tree with cables or chains, which can swing when the child moves.

Stages of construction of a tree house

Having decided on the type, material and type of construction, as well as choosing a suitable site with a tree, you can start construction. It will be about how to make a house.

Drawing up a drawing is a top priority. It is necessary to take into account all the details, consult with the child — the owner of the future house and find out how he would like to see his playhouse. When designing, you need to accurately calculate the dimensions of the floor, ceiling, walls, windows. The ideal option is to make a layout.

Preparation of the tree. The thin lower branches are removed with a pruner. The crown must be cleaned of dried branches, which may later break off and fall on the roof of the house. At the same time, you need to act carefully, trying not to damage the trunk and the main branches.

Installation of the base. Depending on the chosen type of fastening of the structure, the types of work will vary.

When building a house on stilts, pre-dig holes in the ground at least 60 cm. Next, they make a "pillow" of crushed stone and sand, after which they install pillars in the pits and fill them with cement.

When choosing a platform as the basis, the beam is screwed with both ends to the pillars, and in the middle — to the trunk itself. Such an operation is carried out from two sides, the bars should be positioned strictly horizontally. Then other bars are placed perpendicular to the top and fixed with bolts on metal plates.

The suspended platform is attached to the supporting branches using chains or strong cables, which are pre-attached to the finished base.

Laying the floor. The boards cut in accordance with the required dimensions are laid on the frame, leaving gaps of a couple of centimeters. The intervals are necessary for the outflow of rainwater. The planks are attached with nails or screws. The finished floor should not creak and swing when moving on it.

Installation of walls. Previously, it is necessary to make a frame of timber. To do this, one beam is installed in each corner of the base, and then along the entire perimeter at a distance of 30 — 50 cm. Then the boards are fixed on the frame. Depending on the tastes of the owner of the house, the walls can be made solid or in the form of a lattice. You also need holes – windows.

Installation of the roof. The best option is a canopy. It can be tarpaulin (then hooks are attached to the branches above the house, through which the cord is extended, and the canvas of the tarpaulin is thrown on the cord), or plank (in this case, rafter systems are built).

The staircase is selected taking into account the age of the owner of the house and his preferences. Rope ladder is suitable for adults and school-age children, it is better not to use it for kids.

There is a classic version: made of timber and crossbeams. It is possible to build a ladder in the form of a shield with slots. The main thing is that it should be comfortable and safe.

7 original ideas for creating tree houses

Gaming. It will become a favorite house for children if you provide it with a slide that goes into the pool or sandbox. It is important that such a descent is safe, and the landing is soft.

Asian. By analogy with an Asian dwelling, you can create a two-story structure with a thatched roof. The view from the terrace of the high-located house will be amazing.  3. Eco-friendly. A creative eco — house in the shape of an onion, located right on the trunk, will not leave anyone indifferent. And the tunnel leading through the forest will give you the feeling of a fairy tale.

Mirrored. An incredible cube on a glass tree looks fantastic. Such a house was created for tourists in Sweden.

Miracle tower. The largest tree house is located in Scotland. Inside there is a restaurant with 120 seats. Such a tower is very popular.

Futuristic. The house made of aluminum plates in the shape of a "flying saucer" was built in Sweden and plays the role of a guest house in which travelers can relax in bright heated rooms, take a shower and cook breakfast in the kitchenette.

Birdhouse. The author of the unique Japanese project calls it "a house for 78 birds and 1 person". For birds there are small rooms with round holes, and for humans there is a separate entrance from the opposite side. Vacationers can enjoy the views of nature and watch birds through the windows in the wall.

Photo of a tree house