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Tire crafts — interesting and creative ideas for decorating the garden and plot (65 photos)

Each of us strives to create a cozy atmosphere in his suburban area. Sometimes improvised materials allow you to make a real masterpiece that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Old tires help to beautifully decorate the path or make a neat flowerbed for stunted flowers. Handicrafts made of tires with their own hands can decorate any landscape design. They allow you to diversify the surrounding space.

Our material presents a master class of tire crafts. Detailed instructions show all the subtleties of the workflow.

Car tires allow you to turn the most daring ideas into reality. Dense rubber lends itself well to processing, painting and deformation. It is perfect as crafts for the garden and decoration of your garden. The main thing in this case is to be careful and be patient.

What tools do I need to prepare to work with tires? To do this, you will need:

  • a sharp knife;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • paint and varnish materials;
  • brushes of different diameters;
  • rubber glue;
  • sealant.

DIY Ideas

Flower beds for stunted flowers. Not every amateur gardener thinks about the beautiful design of his flower garden. Flower beds in the form of tea cups will help to diversify the design of the garden.

The base of the tank consists of two pairs of tires of different diameters. Smaller tires are fixed from below, and a larger diameter is installed at the top. The handle is cut out of an old tire and attached to the side with screws.

You can complement the brightness with bright shades of colors. The finished flower bed is covered with soil and beautiful stunted flowers are planted. These designs will decorate your backyard.

Animal figures. Such a decorative element will become a real decoration of your dacha. Crafts for the garden add a kind of zest to the space. Children will surely appreciate this decor. Creative ideas can be borrowed from everyone's favorite animated series.

Additional devices and tools will help to create a frog princess, a tin soldier or a beautiful stork. Artistic natures like more complex sculptures made of tires. For example, a snake-gorynych. A lot of small pieces of rubber perfectly imitate real scales.

Multi-level constructions made of rubber tires with ampel colors that will imitate a hedge will suit creative personalities.

Pieces of furniture from old tires. Agree that unusual furniture attributes always look unusual and even stylish. The simplest piece of furniture is an automobile rubber ottoman.

The main part of the tire remains in its original form. You can strengthen the structure with a plywood frame, which is located on the inside. The upper hole is decorated with a wooden circle.

This ottoman will fit perfectly into the interior in the loft style or minimalism. The surface of such a structure can be decorated with dense burlap.

Rubber swing. Such an invention delights not only children, but also adults. The location of the swing will become a favorite place for most households. The main advantage of such a material is its high strength. The rubber can withstand up to 80 kg.

For the manufacture of the structure, it is necessary to prepare a metal frame. If there is no such structure, then a large tree can be used as a support. The main requirement in the process of building a swing is the tight fastening of all parts together. Carabiner loops are screwed to the surface of the tire.

Path from old tires. This coating is suitable for the decoration of the garden. This will take 10 PCs tires. The side of the tire is cut in half. Further, from the stack on the surface of the earth.

The main advantage of such paving is the low cost of materials. Such a track will last a long enough period of time.

Master class pool from an old tire

Surely each of us has thought about the presence of a swimming pool in the country. The high cost of such a design is not suitable for every consumer. We offer you a swimming pool made of an old car tire with your own hands.

It is quite simple to make such a structure. To do this, you will need:

  • a large tire. As a base, it is best to use a tractor tire. It is able to hold about 30 liters of water;
  • waterproof film;
  • degreaser;
  • sealant;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • a sharp knife.

Before starting the workflow, it is necessary to determine the location of the future pool. The fact is that the lower part is made of a thin material that will not withstand constant movement.

The terrain surface should be perfectly smooth and soft. You can use sand for this. When all the nuances are met, you can proceed to the workflow. It includes:

  • Surface preparation. The bottom edge must be degreased with a special liquid. This will ensure the perfect adhesion of the surfaces to each other. The bottom waterproof film will be tightly fixed with a rubber base.
  • Gluing elements. The cleaned surfaces are lubricated with rubber glue and connected to the film bottom. Here it is necessary to carefully glue every centimeter of rubber. This protects the pool from leaks.
  • Sealing of seams. When all the gluing places are well dried, they are treated with a hermetic solution. Each part is liberally lubricated with the composition and left to dry for a day.

You can fill the tank of the pool the very next day after the seams are completely dry. Experienced craftsmen recommend pre-testing the structure with 10 liters of water. If after that the liquid gradually leaves the vessel, then all the contents must be removed. After that, all places are re-lubricated with a hermetic compound.

As you can see, everything is quite simple. The main thing in the workflow is to be patient and follow the instructions provided. The photo of tire crafts shows the best options for decorating a suburban space.

Photos of tire crafts