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The facade of the house — 110 photos of the best design. Options of modern materials for a beautiful facade decoration

Along with such advantages of the cottage as convenience and reliability, its external attractiveness also plays a significant role. And the visual perception of a building always depends on the appearance of its facades. What are the components of this look? There are several points worth paying attention to. Read also here: Terrace to the house.

Often a cottage is not just a rectangular box, but a more complex complex, including bay windows, balconies, terraces, possibly extensions. The mutual arrangement of all these parts sets the basis for the appearance of the structure. The extent to which they harmoniously correlate with each other largely determines the quality of facades.

Another important aspect of the architectural solution of the building is the position, size and shape of window and door openings. A cottage with large stained glass windows occupying a significant part of the plane of the walls will seem lighter than a house with narrow loophole windows.

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It is also important not to forget that the facade of a two-story house will have different proportions than, for example, a one-story one. This is also a significant circumstance that affects what the cottage will become as a result.

Facing materials

In the past, the appearance of a building primarily depended on the material used for its construction. If the walls were made of brick, then their surface in most cases was the same brick.

However, modern technologies make it possible to create thinner, cheaper, but at the same time durable and warm walls — due to the use of multilayer structures made of different elements. This means that the facade of a brick house can demonstrate, for example, a very spectacular and realistic wood finish.

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And vice versa — a cottage that seems brick at first glance can actually be built, for example, of reinforced concrete.

In general, no matter what your home is constructed of, you can always adjust its appearance with the help of properly selected cladding materials. There are a lot of options now freely available. Starting from traditional plaster and ending with granite tiles, siding, decorative stone.

They are used separately — or in combination with each other. Some of the possible methods of cladding should be discussed in more detail.

Plaster for the facade of the house

This coating has a significant artistic potential — with its help, you can set a huge number of textures and shades in a variety of combinations. Plaster allows you to implement any coloristic solution. At the same time, it is relatively easy to work with it — you can plaster the facade without resorting to the help of specialists. And the cost of this material is quite democratic.

Plaster also has a serious drawback — it is unstable to environmental influences. Humidity, sudden temperature changes can cause cracks and peeling. The facade coating will have to be updated frequently.

But this material fits well into almost any style, from traditional classical to innovative ultramodern experiments.

Siding: advantages and disadvantages

Another common variant of facade finishing now is the so-called siding, which is vinyl or metal panels. Among the advantages of this solution, I would also like to name a wide range of colors, an attractive price and ease of installation, which can be carried out on their own.

Another significant advantage of such panels is their practicality — they are resistant to temperature loads and are very durable. With a competent approach, the use of siding can benefit the visual image of the cottage.

However, this material does not go well with classical styles. If you want to make your home truly luxurious, reminiscent of the palaces of the past, then siding will have to prefer some other options. But modern architectural trends interact with it very effectively.

Wooden facades of houses

At the moment, this option is very relevant. It can be represented by panels made of wood, imitation of timber, and so on. The set of possible color solutions, of course, in this case is very limited.

However, it should be noted that the appearance of a wooden surface is psychologically perceived by a person as pleasant and warm. In addition, it is a natural material, the safety of which is guaranteed for people and the environment.

Among its disadvantages, I would like to mention the complexity of care, low resistance to possible damage, and a relatively high price. However, despite all this, the tree continues to be actively used — numerous examples of its application can be easily found in any catalog of the best facades of masterpieces of modern world architecture. The fact is that this material fits well and effectively into almost any style, giving the object completeness.

Artificial facing stone

Decorative stone is an expressive way of exterior decoration of the building. His artistic possibilities are very great — a variety of shapes, drawings, textures and shades can become a powerful visual medium in the right hands. Read here: Blind area around the house.

However, the surface lined with artificial stone may be too active, drawing attention to itself — for this reason, this material is often used in combination with some other.

Among the undoubted advantages of decorative stone should be called its strength, durability, resistance to various influences. And the obvious disadvantage is the relatively high cost.

Stone is an integral part of classical styles. This is a traditional material that was often used in the past, in particular, for the lining of the plinths. However, it has found its niche in modern construction and is a component of many fashionable solutions.

Decorative details

Do not forget about the little things that are added solely to match a certain style. Window frames, decorative beams, openwork cornices — all these things determine the unique character of the house.

This is especially true of traditional, classical architectural trends. Modernity tends to neglect such artistic means.

Nevertheless, the use of various architectural details is still relevant. To make sure of this, just look at the photo of the facades of private houses in any architectural magazine. Pilasters, capitals, cartouches are still found in the design of many buildings.

At the moment, they are made of lightweight modern materials that are as easy to process as possible. There are entire catalogs where you can select and order the items you need.

Photo design of the facade of the house