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The best flowers for the country — unpretentious perennial plants and their care (105 photos)

Gone are the days when the cottage was used exclusively for growing vegetables and berries. Today it is a place of rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. For a good rest, a beautiful country corner is required. The simplest and most inexpensive way to relax in nature is to rest among an ordinary flower garden. Surrounded by flowers, a person absorbs all the purest and most beautiful things from nature. It remains only to choose the best flowers for the cottage correctly.

Landscaping a plot with the help of plants is a responsible matter, but also not difficult. Do not trust newfangled and modern varieties of flowers – they can be capricious in care and problematic in cultivation.

It is better to give preference to plants that are time-tested and resistant to our climate. Below are examples and descriptions with photos of beautiful flowers in the country.

Before planting flowers, you need to decide on the place where they will grow. Previously, old car tires were widely used as flower beds, and some summer residents used ordinary beds instead of flower beds without unnecessary finishing items.

Today it is fashionable to plant flowers in various flowerpots and unusual flower beds. The main condition is their correct location and compatibility with each other.

Types of flower beds

Flower beds are the most common and affordable type. It has various geometric and curly shapes. They are made of a variety of materials, starting with wheel tires or pieces of building materials and ending with stumps or unusual pots and flowerpots.

Mixborders are a small area with different flower plants that differ from each other in height and flowering time. Usually located near fences and fences.

Lawns are a ready–made mixture of wildflowers and grass. Due to its natural beauty, it resembles a flower lawn in the bosom of nature. Meadow flowers are perfectly combined: daisies, cornflowers, clover, mallow.

Arches – a metal or wooden structure serves as a basis, next to which climbing plants are planted: ipomoea, ivy, maiden grapes.

Rabatki – are flower strips placed along the paths or along the perimeter of the building. Low annuals are used as decoration: marigolds, marigolds, petunias.

Unpretentious flowers

When choosing varieties of a particular flower, you should rely on the basic rule – to give preference to flowers that do not require care. The dacha flower is good because it is unpretentious.

It is not known how long the owner will be absent from the dacha. Flowers that require daily care, watering, protection from pests quickly lose their beauty.

A once elegant flower garden will turn into a dull, unkempt plot with weeds. Therefore, flowers for the garden should be profusely blooming and minimally demanding in care.

Perennials or annuals?

This question is often faced by novice summer residents. Annuals are considered ideal because of the instant and long flowering. The buds bloom 1-2 months after planting and continue to bloom until the first autumn frosts.

Perennials are distinguished by their short-lived flowering: from a few weeks to two months. But they are loved for the beauty that they deliver to the owners for many years and do not require special care for themselves.

For landscape design, both perennial and annual flowers are used.

The types of perennials

Among the abundance of perennial plants, bulbous varieties can be distinguished. Due to their unpretentiousness, they remain the main attributes of the garden for a long time. It is worth highlighting the most popular favorites of dacha flower growers.

Crocus is the first spring flower that appears in early spring. The buds appear simultaneously with the leaves. Blooms for a week, then hibernates again. It is not susceptible to diseases and does not require feeding.

Tulips are the most common bulbous. They differ in a variety of colors. The flowering period is no more than two weeks. The main enemy of the tulip is a fungus, so before planting it needs to be treated with antifungal agents.

Daffodils are the second most popular perennial in the garden. It grows in one place for many years. Prefers moist slightly shaded soil.

Iris – in recent years, the popularity of this flower has subsided. But many summer residents continue to plant it for the sake of a sweet aroma and rapid reproduction on the site.

Hyacinths – on the contrary, are gaining a fashionable trend in suburban areas. They are among the first to bloom and delight the eye with their bright blue, purple and white inflorescences.

Gladioli are flowers blooming on the eve of the first of September. Favorite bouquet of teachers. The plant reproduces with the help of bulbs, requires fertilizing with fertilizers. For the winter, the bulbs of gladioli are dug out and stored underground until spring.

Lilies are royal flowers that take pride of place on the site. It is distinguished by a variety of varieties, colors and flowering period.

In addition to the described bulbous varieties, there are other types of perennial flowers. The most unpretentious of them:

  • pions;
  • yarrow;
  • phlox;
  • dahlias;
  • lychnis;
  • clematis.

These plants bloom in different periods, which allows the design of the garden to change several times per season.

Flower annuals

Flowers on the suburban area play the role of decoration and transformation of the cottage. Annuals do an excellent job with this function. There is no end to their variety of colors and shapes. But their main feature is a long flowering until late autumn. It is worth considering the most traditional inhabitants of the flower garden.

Marigolds – without them, the flower garden would not have acquired its attractiveness. They differ in a variety of colors, shape and height. Beautiful decoration of borders, paths, flower beds and flowerpots. Due to the specific smell, it has a repelling effect for garden pests.

Petunias – because of the riot of colors, many flower growers prefer this flower. Like marigolds, they are the decoration of any flower garden.

Asters – bloom from mid-summer until October. They make beautiful bouquets for gifts.

Viola – a low-growing plant is considered a biennial. Multi-colored coloring complements the plot with a special luxury.

Verbena – variegated bush flowers are suitable for decorating the front edge of the flower garden.

Nasturtium is ideal for planting in hanging flowerpots due to climbing stems. It has the function of repelling harmful insects. Flowers can be eaten.

It will be good to stand out on the site such flowers as:

  • lobelia;
  • zinnia;
  • iberis;
  • ageratum;
  • salvia.

Rose is the queen of flowers. There are numerous varieties of this flower. The central place is reserved for rose. She will add some chic to the suburban area and enrich it with her presence.

The flowers listed above are distinguished by their undemanding care. They only need timely watering and weeding. It is with the help of them that it turns out to create a blooming plot in the country that perfectly harmonizes with nature. Well, outdoor recreation is the best medicine for well–being.

Photos of the best flowers for the cottage