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Terrace at the cottage: 130 photos of the design and features of the decoration of the building

In the process of developing a plan for the construction and design of a country house, there is a need to think over the design of a country terrace, because it becomes a paradise in the country for a comfortable stay. For this reason, it is important to take a serious approach to choosing the necessary design and methods of finishing the structure.

The scheme of the project of the future terrace should be chosen, focusing on the design of the structure and the availability of space on the site. Country terraces are built in one of the listed options:

  • Exclusively on a fundamental basis. This is a reliable option, however, if the selected area is unsuccessful, then it will be almost impossible to correct the changes, as well as to redo the structure due to the high cost of the event.
  • Attach the playground to the finished house. It is not a complicated and convenient method, besides, the terrace can be equipped after complete shrinkage of the foundation base.
  • Place an extension in the country yard. This type of structure often becomes a continuation of the rooms of the house, and is also often used as a kitchen area or living room.

In comparison with a private building, the attached terrace is covered with a canopy, panels on the side, covered with glass frames. In this case, the building serves as a place for comfortable rest in winter, can be used as an area for processing the harvested crop.

Types of modern terraced buildings

Regardless of the type of construction and the chosen foundation, it is important to take into account certain conditions when deciding on a place for a terrace area:

  • A method of protecting the structure from negative environmental influences;
  • Safety and comfort of operation.

The most problematic thing is to place the building in such a way that enough light penetrates inside, but at the same time the site does not heat up too much in the heat.

The best option would be the location of the terrace area so that the residential building shaded it in the midday heat. To protect from snow and rain, it is good to equip a canopy, and combine the platform directly with the porch.

However, even under such conditions, there are a huge number of ways to build, as well as arrange a country terrace.

Guest terrace areas

Such buildings mainly serve a representative purpose, and do not act as a place for a comfortable stay. A summer-type terrace is arranged away from prying eyes, as a rule, at the back of the house. In most cases, such terraced areas have the form of a classic design — in the form of large-sized flooring made of boards, without any fencing and a roof adjacent to the house.

On such a site, furniture is necessarily installed and decorated according to the apartment type. The playground is hidden behind the main house to minimize the uncomfortable feeling from the wind and sunlight.

Terraces by type of dining room

Often an open country terrace replaces the kitchen. In this version, an oven is equipped inside the annex and furniture for the kitchen space is installed. This arrangement is considered one of the best options if the owners of a country house like to relax in the summer coolness over tea.

An indispensable attribute of such a site is a canopy and a fireplace. Often these structures are installed next to the kitchen of the house, but at the same time create another entrance.

A playground instead of a house

For some dachas, a terraced building becomes another dwelling. Many things and equipment are transported to an open-type area, while the entrance expands so that the corridor looks like a continuation of the terrace.

In most cases, the openings on the side are closed with special curtains to give the frame of natural solid wood a homey feel.

Curtains for construction are chosen in such a way that they not only act as decoration, but also protect from bright sunlight, annoying mosquitoes.


The unheated room, which is attached to the main dwelling of the terrace, is perfect for a veranda. To be able to comfortably winter, the frames should be glazed, the roof and floor insulated.

In reality, this type of construction is used for rest before the cold weather. In winter, pieces of furniture from the garden are stacked in the room, and in the spring season, the playground can become a suitable place for growing seedlings.

Outdoor terrace

Initially, the construction of the terrace building according to the type of planked flooring was intended to eliminate the possibility of walking on stones or swamp, which was not suitable for furnishing furniture and even more so for recreation.

Now the terrace is being built even next to a pond, or in the shade of trees, while the building is not tied to the main house.

Such a style is considered an excellent option for a country cottage, since it allows you to divide several structures into separate structures.

Terrace in the form of a porch

A common construction option for a cottage is associated with the arrangement of the entrance terrace to the housing. Such a solution is optimal, you just need to increase the space of the wing space, make more, equip a canopy, as well as fencing.

An enclosed terrace can stretch along the wall surface from the side. This option turns out to be simple, affordable.

From what to build?

Firstly, a site built with your own hands is more affordable, and secondly, you need to build from the materials left after construction work. Blocks, boards, and bricks are perfectly combined during the construction of the foundation.

If you need to purchase materials, choose the most practical ones, since the future site should tolerate temperature changes and the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation well.

Optimal shape

The choice of forms of modern extensions is diverse. It is easier to create a rectangular platform. However, if you like exclusivity, then give it the shape of a multi-level polygon. To understand how to attach a country terrace as in the photo, let's talk about its main elements.

An open-type terraced building consists of the following details:

  • foundation base;
  • flooring;
  • additional constructions.

The first two are considered mandatory items from the above. The latter depends on personal preferences.

Options roof

If you are interested in learning how to make a terrace yourself, then this information will be very useful. So, the roof provides protection to any structure from negative environmental influences, the extension to the cottage is no exception. If the site is attached directly to the main dwelling, then as a rule, the same roof is installed as on the house.

Polycarbonate roofs, which do not need a practical foundation, have become extremely popular. In this case, wooden poles are arranged and cemented at the corners of the prepared structure.

A complex variant includes a green roof, which is arranged to create an auxiliary effect in the landscape, planting cultural plantings, as well as thinking through their combination.

However, it is important to take into account the fact that for the favorable growth of plants, it is important to pour the necessary soil level, create drainage, as well as waterproofing, which requires a powerful support. Otherwise, the roof may collapse.

In such buildings, a few columns will not be enough. You should provide supports around the perimeter of the site, as well as strengthen the crate to a large extent.

If the building is operated, as a rule, in the summer, it is possible to equip a removable roof. This is a canopy made of a material that is sold in any hardware store. The structure is extended and also moved automatically or manually.

If the extension is a free-standing structure, then the canopy is fixed by means of metal special racks. The material in the canopies is mainly acrylic with reinforced Teflon coating, which is not afraid of sunlight and precipitation.

Some people use folding umbrellas when arranging a terrace to get rid of unwanted roof mounting. In principle, to create coolness in the heat of this option is quite enough, especially with rare rest.


A separate suburban extension for a comfortable suburban holiday is a creative process, which is why the most problematic stage is considered to be the development stage, the choice of style, as well as the calculation of various trifles, elements of a competent arrangement.

Photo of a terrace in the country