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Swing gates: how to choose optimal designs for different houses (110 photos)

It is known that many owners of country houses are also car owners. Based on this fact, in the process of building or purchasing a house and, accordingly, a garage, they have to think not only about a good and attractive entrance to the site, but also about organizing convenient entry and exit.

In other words, think about installing the appropriate entrance group in the fence: the central entrance and the entrance to the garage. Many people during such thoughts come up with the idea to install a beautiful swing gate.

The fence, including the entrance area (gate), must be as strong and rigid as possible. The territory must be reliably protected from outside intrusion, be resistant to burglary and withstand other mechanical influences.

The design of the gate should have an optimal weight, be heavy enough and, accordingly, resistant to strong gusts of wind. At the same time, it should not have a high bulkiness. The process of opening and closing the shutters manually must take place. The same requirement applies to the use of an automatic drive.

Another requirement is related to the external design of the gate. Since this part of the exterior design of the house is the most noticeable, its appearance must meet aesthetic requirements and the issue of design needs to be carefully worked out.

Today, metal swing gates are in increasing demand. First of all, it attracts the strength of the structure, the external design and the automatic control system for the movement of the canvases.

In addition, it is also important that the idea of making swing gates with your own hands does not belong to the category of fantasies, but is quite realizable.

The main advantages of installing swing gates

Reasonable price of the finished product when compared with analogues of other types of entrance fences.

Not a complicated installation. This, first of all, concerns those who have decided not to resort to professional help and carry out the work on their own. Of course, if you have certain skills and the necessary working tool. The gate installation works are usually carried out within three days.

Providing a large selection of design solutions. You can design your own version of the appearance of the structure or use samples from specialized catalogs of manufacturers.

It would not be superfluous to use the Internet services. On the pages of many relevant sites, among various colorful photos of swing gates, there will surely be a suitable option.

Versatility. The design of the metal swing gates can be adjusted to any acceptable dimensions of the vehicle.

Durability. Considering that swing gates are made of metal or profiled sheet, their service life is calculated for several decades without repair.

Criteria for choosing automation for swing gates

The most advantageous option for swing gates will be an automatic form of control. This is the option chosen by the majority. Of course, automation for swing gates requires certain costs, but they all pay off quickly enough and in the end only the factor of convenient use of the structure remains.

At the present stage, specialists have developed two types of electric drives as control systems: linear and lever. Linear is in the greatest demand. The principle of its operation consists in shortening and lengthening the stem. A similar drive for swing gates is used by 95% of consumers.

Advantages of linear electric drives.

  • Simplicity of design.
  • Reliable system of work.
  • Reasonable price.

The installation of a linear drive involves the purchase of a set of necessary elements of an automatic system. A full description of the kit is provided directly upon purchase. The price is determined according to the model.

As for lever drives, their reliability and power are significantly inferior to linear analogues. The main disadvantage of the lever control system is considered to be weak self-locking. When exposed to strong wind, there is a possibility of involuntary opening of the gate.

Installation of metal swing gates

So, as stated above, the swing metal gates to the cottage can be installed independently. To do this, you need to have the necessary skills, acquire the right material and plan the work correctly.

The initial stage is always considered to be design. Preliminary drawing on paper of the marks of the location of the swing gates. The main parameters of the structure and the binding to the house are also indicated there.

Along the way, in the process of drawing up the drawing, the type of product is finally determined. If it represents the entrance to the territory, then, most likely, the installation of a gate with a gate will be carried out, if in the garage area, then without.

In no case should you neglect the initial stage. Do not be upset if, for some objective reasons, it is not possible to make a drawing of the swing gate yourself. There are many ways out of such situations.

Firstly, you can order a drawing from a specialized organization engaged in the design and installation of such structures. Secondly, do not forget about the Internet. There today you can get a lot of information on any issues. Surely, having found the right page, you will be able to get acquainted with many drawings and choose the most acceptable one. So in any case, the situation is quite solvable.

At the second stage, the purchase of materials and tools is carried out. The calculation of the required amount takes place during the drawing process.

To install a metal gate, you will need:

  • two support pipes with a square cross-section of 100x100 mm.;
  • rectangular pipes 40x20 mm. and 60x40 mm.; metal corner with a shelf width of 20mm.
  • galvanized corrugated board with polymer coating, which protects the structure from various mechanical damage.

Self-tapping screws or rivets made of steel are purchased as fasteners in order to firmly connect the profiled flooring with the frame.

Additional materials are considered to be a primer composition for metal processing, an anticorrosive paint composition, a cement-sand mortar for fixing metal racks in the ground.

Among the working tools you need to have: a grinder with a set of grinding and rifled discs, scissors for cutting metal, a paint brush and a roller for painting metal products, a welding machine and the required number of electrodes, a drill and a set of nozzles, a screwdriver, as well as a set of measuring tools, including a tape measure, a construction level and a protractor.

The last point is the installation of automation

A separate item can be considered the purchase of a set of automation. You need to choose it carefully, because the installation of the gate will be considered completed when the electric drive control system is installed.

The installation manual must be included in the main kit. In extreme cases, you can make an application to the appropriate company.

Of course, you can turn to the same Internet for help, but there is a risk of getting incomplete information. So it is better to approach this problem professionally and purchase instructions of guaranteed quality, according to which a system that works without failure will later be installed.

In general, if you approach the work with due attention and patience, as a result, the house and the entire private territory will be under reliable protection. It will be all the more pleasant to realize that the swing gates were installed without the involvement of outside help in the person of professional teams.

Photo of swing gates