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Summer shower — drawings, projects and stages of construction with your own hands (135 photos)

One of the privileges of owners of summer cottages and private houses is the opportunity to build a summer shower. Moreover, there can be many options for this construction: from an economical temporary building to a capital structure with stone cladding that fits into the style of the exterior.

The benefits of outdoor water treatments for hardening and relaxation are undeniable, but before making a summer shower with your own hands, or buying and installing a ready–made model, it does not hurt to understand the features of its design and layout.

Depending on the budget and needs, almost any building material intended for outdoor use can be selected for the construction of a shower. It can be a frame, block structure or a building made of wood, brick, stone.

To assemble the frame, a metal profile or pipes are most often used. The booth can be assembled independently using a grinder and a welding machine, using PVC film, tarpaulin, profiled sheets and plastic panels for cladding.

In my ideal version, to make a three-storey house, the last of the floors would be an attic. At the same time, the house would not be small and wide enough to accommodate enough technical and utility rooms, as well as bedrooms and places to relax, including a workshop and a winter garden. And in the future, the garage itself in the house should be large, for two cars + space for different things. Agree, such a house can be placed on 6 standard acres, but it will be a house, but without a garden and a cozy house territory.

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Watch the video: Summer shower at the cottage with your own hands

Showers made of these materials can be purchased ready-made. As a rule, they are equipped with tanks with a capacity of 200 liters, there are models of a summer shower with heated water and a locker room. The price range (in the Russian market — 15-30 thousand rubles) is primarily due to the materials of the cladding.

The advantage of buying a ready-made summer shower: professionally verified dimensions of the structure, adequate selection of fasteners and moisture resistance of the cladding.

Another factory–made option is plastic showers with non-removable closed cabins, with a built-in sink, combined locker room and electric water heater.

Examples of designs for self-assembly

With the initial dimensions of the shower stall with an area of 1 sq.m and a height of 2 meters with a small, you need to calculate the required number of blanks for the frame: steel corners 5x5 cm, or 2mm profile pipe with a cross section of 4x2 cm. The length of the billet for the racks should take into account an additional 20-30 cm for concreting.

At the next stage, standard welding of the structure is done, then a concrete screed for the floor, into which vertical racks are buried. After that, the frame is welded and the hinge door is installed. It remains to cover the booth with construction sheets, film or other waterproof material.

For water drainage, you can use a pallet with an outlet pipe, or provide a sewer outlet at the stage of screed concrete. A flat plastic water tank, when selected the appropriate size, will also become a roof for the structure.

It will not be difficult to equip such a homemade shower stall with a locker room, doubling the area of the structure and fencing off the compartment with a curtain. Instead of a concrete floor, you can make a wooden flooring, leaving gaps for water to drain into the pan.

Wooden bars and boards are another available material for building a summer shower. At the same time, you can abandon the concrete screed, strengthening the strength of the wooden frame with metal fasteners or additional corner braces.

As a veneer, you can use boards, logs, or make a wicker from twigs. As you can see from the photos of summer showers, wooden structures made professionally and made of high-quality materials can easily fit into a well-groomed landscape.

Of wooden boards or profiles from the record pace to build the unassuming-looking portable options for a summer shower with a small tank, the walls of which curtain tent.

Wall-mounted summer shower

To build a cabin adjacent to the wall of the house, or an outbuildings with plumbing, you will not need a frame and a tank, water of the right temperature will be supplied from the general system, without restrictions in capacity, which will significantly increase comfort when taking a shower.

In this case, you should pay attention to the waterproofing of walls and drainage. It will be necessary to ensure the water resistance of the wall coverings of the house and the extension. On a piece of land that is within reach of water, you will need to lay out a drainage layer of pebbles, or make a concrete screed that provides water drainage to the sewer system.

Having chosen a suitable secluded corner for the output of the mixer with a shower outside, you can abandon the partitions and get special pleasure from water procedures in a free space under the open sky.

If there is no such architectural possibility, then a pipe with a curtain may be enough to fence the shower. In other cases, an open shower room can become a comfortable and stylish part of the exterior.

Wall extension without limitation in size and shape, can be made of brick, stone, concrete, tiles, wood, metal and other materials.

A summer shower can also be provided for when planning an outdoor toilet, combining the supply and discharge of water, moreover, the compartment with a washbasin will also serve as a locker room. Combining a shower and an open–air bath is another fashionable innovation in the layout.

Ideas for the design of a summer shower

Professional design projects in the photo once again remind you that not only the external lining of the shower stall is important, but also the comfort inside the building. Therefore, before proceeding to the construction of a standard structure with a minimum area that meets only hygienic needs, it is worth considering other options.

If there is a common interior design project - fences of paths, support walls, it is advisable to fit the booth into the general style. It will be much easier to do this at the design stage by making an optimal layout and combining decorative and functional elements of landscape design.

So, for example, you can make an original wall of natural stone by dry masonry. By giving the perimeter of the wall a rounded shape, or by building it as a blind element of a rectangular maze without doors, you can create an original and convenient structure without doors with a place for a locker room with hangers, and low barriers like benches and bar counters.

The original streamlined concrete structures, which can be painted in any color, combined with a shower suspended from a dry tree is another stylish solution.

Rectangular structures made of white plastic with a removable roof, equipped with a designer set of plumbing and decor, will become an elegant addition to minimalist architecture. Paneling made of high—quality wood is ideal for eco-style, painted in calm tones of slats - an option for lovers of Provence.

Combining and zoning with decorative tiles, pebbles and flat stones for flooring, painted concrete and stone will recreate the atmosphere of the tropics.

Unpainted corrugated sheeting for the adjacent wall in combination with a wooden floor is a relatively cheap and labor-intensive option for an external shower adjacent to the house.

To increase the effect of the pristine design of buildings, water tanks and taps are masked, or a separate line of water supply, sewerage and lighting for a summer shower is provided. Usually such capital buildings are built near the residential area, so this approach may be justified.

In modern summer showers, the use of ready-made shower racks for outdoor use equipped with a pump is also justified. At the same time, the construction of fences can be replaced with a waterproofing decorative wall and a drainage floor, and take a shower in bathing suits.

Plants in tubs or planters are also used for the decoration of showers. Climbing crops can create a living fence.

Photo of a summer shower

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages

Summer shower - drawings, projects and stages