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Snow shovel for home is the best choice of a convenient and reliable tool (65 photos)

With the onset of winter, changing weather conditions is not only associated with the joy and entertainment of children. A large amount of snow on the site can cause certain problems. These are snowdrifts that interfere with the free approach to the house or the departure of the car, as well as excessive load on the roof.

A snow shovel helps to clear the area. Any prudent owner should have it in stock. And you need to worry about buying in advance.

Snow shovels can be of various modifications. But all models can be divided into two large groups:

  • Hand shovels with a handle;
  • Mechanical tools.

The simplest solution for a cottage is a hand-held inventory with a bucket and a long handle. It can be made independently from wood or plywood. Plastic or metal analogues can be purchased in the store. The strength and durability of the tool depends on the type of material. However, the shape of the bucket is even more important. It is necessary to choose a shovel with a roomy work surface that easily picks up and drops the snow mass.

Also convenient is the option with an ergonomic angle of the working plane. It is recommended to choose models with a rectangular or trapezoidal bucket shape. Moreover, the presence of sides will increase the amount of snow collected.

Mechanical devices do not exceed 15 kg in weight, they are driven by a person, and the snow mass is cleaned due to the operation of a special mechanism. They are used for cleaning the territory near a country house, as well as on other sites with a small area.

No special knowledge and skills are required to work. There are two types of inventory available for sale:

  • manual screw tool;
  • electric models.

Types of cuttings shovels for snow

If you do not want to spend too much on this inventory, then cuttings models will be an excellent solution. The most convenient bucket in size is the 500x400 mm model.

The wooden handle is suitable for snow removal near the house. Moreover, the holder itself can be cut off if necessary. The aluminum version is more expensive, but makes the whole structure easier. There are also plastic cuttings.

Wooden construction

This is the simplest and cheapest option. Such a shovel is easily made with your own hands. Plywood is used as a bucket, which is inexpensive in cost. It can be used if the winters in your region are short and snow-free. Buying an expensive model will be unprofitable. And for the elimination of rarely occurring snowdrifts, such a simple option is sufficient.

This is a short-lived design that is unlikely to last you more than 2-3 weeks. The plywood will begin to delaminate and disintegrate, break under the pressure of the transferred snow.

A stalk made from holders of other garden tools will be more durable. It can be used for other purposes as well. But operation in cold and humid conditions with temperature differences will negatively affect the stalk.

Also, the construction is not too strong, especially when the plywood is attached with screws or nails. But such inconveniences can be tolerated if the bad weather caught you suddenly, and the farm did not have another better and more reliable device for cleaning the territory.

Plastic Shovel

This is a more comfortable and lightweight model with a comfortable handle. Among the main advantages are:

  • equipped with comfortable sides that hold snow on the work surface;
  • the presence of wide ribs gives a better glide;
  • frost-resistant smooth bucket surface, especially if composite plastic is used, resistant to mechanical damage;
  • gentle effect on the coating of paths and lawns.

Of course, standard plastic is not too durable, the scoop area of the structure wears out quickly enough. However, high-quality copies may well last up to 4-5 seasons. Moreover, such a shovel will not get wet and rust. Many models are resistant to salt, equipped with additional attachments and convenient fasteners.

Among the popular manufacturers of plastic shovels can be noted GARDENA, Fiskars, etc. On sale you can find models with a telescopic handle, compact car designs. Special plastic scrapers with arched handles are popular. The latter option is used mainly for wet and loose snow.

Aluminum Inventory

Such shovels are often lighter than their plastic counterparts, have comfortable handles and perfectly matched blades in shape and design. But the most important thing is that they are very durable. The following advantages should also be noted:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • recoverability after deforming contacts;
  • excellent sliding of the working plane.

Along with such positive characteristics, a high cost should be answered. However, they may have an additional purpose – for motorists or climbers. Titanium models, also distinguished by their strength, reliability and lightness, have become widespread.

For ease of use, the products can be equipped with additional options. For example, a shovel on wheels is considered very convenient to use. It is easy to move, clearing the area. And the large width of the bucket allows you to do it very quickly. Among the devices made of aluminum, such brands as Ferrino Shovel, "Saint Tropez", "Snowball" are popular.

Mechanical types of shovels

To clean small areas or long garden paths, it is more profitable to purchase mechanical models. They require significantly less effort, and the performance will be significantly higher.

Screw construction

This is a more advanced modification of the usual manual device. Shovels with an auger act as follows. When a person moves the device along the site, the auger touches the ground with its edge and begins to rotate. Due to this rotation, the snow begins to be thrown away in the direction of the shovel.

The snow mass is thrown to a distance of up to 300 mm to the side. This value depends on the speed at which you will move the tool.

On both sides along the trajectory of a layer of snow will increase. Therefore, this design is more suitable to clean garden paths. But if you want to clear the strip wider than the size of the bucket, you will have to work very long.

This type of tool is preferred when cleaning loose mass. It is not suitable for cleaning the site from packed and packed snow. Among the well-known models, one can distinguish, for example, Forte QI-JY 50 or Patriot Arctic.


It is not necessary to make a lot of effort when cleaning. You can use a more efficient and productive device. Electric shovels operate in the same mode and are powered by an electric motor, which causes the auger to rotate through the gearbox. The snow mass entering the nozzle is removed outwards.

Depending on the engine, it is possible to clean a strip up to 50 cm wide once, although this requires a power of about 2 kW. As a result, the weight of such a structure can reach 10 kg. On average, the capture is 20-30 cm, which is enough for effective cleaning of the site.

Of course, human efforts are significantly saved, the load on the arms and spine is reduced. However, the scope of application is also significantly limited. Especially if the equipment is low-power.

There will be no effect if you plan to clear the area of deep (more than 25 cm) or packed snow. In the first case, the shovel will get stuck in snowdrifts, and in the second, the plastic auger simply will not withstand the load. It will not be effective to work with a wet mass either. Such snow will clog the gutter, and moisture can cause a short circuit.

The use of electrical construction is useful when cleaning smooth surfaces such as concrete or tiled. If you work on gravel, the feeder will be destroyed on contact with stones or earth.

In the photo of a snow shovel for a house, you can see a wide variety of models and designs. HYUNDAI S 400, BAUMASTER STE-3431X, SunGarden ST 35, PATRIOT PS 1000 E are popular among electric analogues.

How to make at home

If your yard is covered with snow, and you did not have time to buy a cleaning device in time, then you will have to make it yourself. It is important to initially decide what to make a shovel out of. The simplest option to quickly equip yourself in bad weather is a plywood structure.

First, you need to build the back surface of the bucket from a piece of board. In advance , an arc - shaped mark is made on the workpiece with the following parameters:

  • center height 100 mm;
  • the height at the level of the edges is 50 mm

Along the contour with the help of a plane, the workpiece is cut off and cuts are made under the stalk in the central part with a hacksaw. With a chisel, it is necessary to cut a rectangular hole in this place. The handle will be inserted into it.

A stalk made of a board is inserted into the hole. At the same time, its surface should go flush with the lid, go under the plywood and then fit close to it.

Then the plywood should be placed on top of the back cover and secured with nails. The prepared steel plates corresponding to the parameters of the bucket are bent over the edges of the bottom and fastened with screws on its surface. With the help of a small plate, the attachment of the handle to the plywood is strengthened.

A snow shovel is a useful tool in the household. In snowy winters, you will be able to clear the territory of the site, prepare access roads. To do this, you need to purchase any model made of plastic or metal, choose the right design or make the simplest version of the plywood inventory.

Photo of a snow shovel for home