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Snow plow with your own hands: we are assembling an effective device for fast snow removal (70 photos)

All summer residents face the problem of cleaning the territory from snow, because in winter there is a lot of precipitation on the territory of Russia. This happens regardless of the region where the cottage or private house is located. And if we are talking about the Far Eastern regions, then it turns into a natural disaster.

But with the help of a shovel and patience, all or part of the snow can be removed for a long time so that you can go to important places on your site. And this is the main problem — not everyone has time for this. Yes, and who wants to spend energy on this activity almost every day, since precipitation in the form of snow will continue all winter.

And then what to do — is there an alternative? And it really is, you can use a mechanical snowplow, but its cost is not small!

If the price of such a device is too high for you, then you will have to rely on your own mind — after all, you can make a snow-removal version from various improvised items. Do you think it's difficult and you won't succeed? You are mistaken — everyone can do it!

This will only require an engine, a screw and a housing. Now we will gradually figure out how to make a snowplow by our own efforts on the basis of all these parts. In principle, this is real for every person, but you will have to try, but then you will have an excellent assistant in the fight against snow.

In order for you to do everything correctly, you will have to figure out the device of a homemade version of a snow removal machine. Let it not work as efficiently as the purchased version, but the cost will be much lower.

And you will also be able to occupy yourself for some time with the issues of its creation. If you have free time or there is no other way out, since a shovel is considered a bad option, and buying is impossible, then keep reading and you will learn a lot of useful information.

To get started, check out the photos of snow plows with your own hands based on ready-made models from various homegrown craftsmen. Now you know what an assistant will look like to clear the territory of snow.

Where to start?

We recommend to start making a high-quality auger, since it should be considered the main part of a homemade machine. Now let's figure out what it serves for, and what it is. And as a result, you will be able to create a snowplow auger with your own hands, which will become the basis of your device. It will be hidden under the body of the device and will be on the first line of the fight against snow.

We are talking about a shaft or rod having a spiral surface along the entire axis. The shaft is driven by the operation of bearings, due to which energy is transferred for the spiral profile.

Now let's figure out what are the versions of the snowplow:

Single—stage screw-based - characterized by the fact that the snow is assembled by means of independent rotation of the main working element. This model is suitable for removing moderate amounts of precipitation

Two—stage on the basis of a screw-rotor system - has the first stage in the form of a screw and the second, which deals with the emission of collected snow using a gutter, which is due to the power of the rotor. This option is recommended for working with a large amount of precipitation.

To make the auger correctly, you need to understand how it looks. Create a drawing or use a ready-made version according to which it was possible to create a high-quality version of the auger.

The main thing is to create reliable cutting rings for attachment to the shaft of the selected drive. And you will also need a frame and additional accessories.

For this purpose, such a set of parts is used:

  • The sheet metal needed to create the screw itself and a suitable housing for it;
  • To form a frame, two steel corners of 50 x 50 mm each will be required;
  • Plywood with a thickness of 10 mm is used to form the side part.;
  • The handle of the snowplow is created using a metal pipe with a diameter of 0.5 inches;
  • The screw shaft will be formed from a pipe with a size of 3/4 inch.

The pipe must be drilled through to securely fix a metal blade with a size of 120x270 mm — it will collect snow. In addition, four rubber rings with a diameter of 28 mm are installed on the pipe, they can be easily cut using an electric jigsaw. The formed auger will work on the basis of 205 series bearings, therefore they must be installed on the pipe.

To complete the work, you must:

  • Cut four pieces of harvested iron to form discs;
  • Cut the formed discs in half and bend them into a spiral;
  • Weld them to the pipe in equal quantities on each side;
  • Bearings must be put on the edges of the pipe to fix the structure.

To form a frame, steel corners will be required, which are welded so that a platform for the selected type of unit can then be added to them. At the bottom of the structure, skis are mounted on the basis of wooden bars with plastic overlays, which are created from an electrical wiring box.

To understand how it should look, we advise you to familiarize yourself with photos of homemade snow plows that have proven their performance over years of operation.

How to provide the driving force for a snowplow?

He will need a gasoline or electric motor or a tillerblock. It is believed that the snowplow for the tillerblock is suitable, in the best way, since everything is ready in this version. It remains only to install and connect, and you can operate the device. For it , you can use three versions of prefixes for clearing snow:

  • Together with rigid, rotating rings. They will help to cope with the snow that has fallen recently and has not yet had time to freeze.
  • Based on the suspended version of the blade endowed with knives. Suitable for dealing with snow that has lain for some time and formed a dense shape.
  • But a rotary snowplow is considered the most reliable option. It helps to throw snow a long distance from the place where it is necessary to form sufficient space for passage.

Is there an alternative option?

Yes! You can create a snow plow from a chainsaw to get a device with reliable qualities and at a low price. Provided that there is already an unnecessary chainsaw, you will not actually have to invest anything. Maybe a little effort and time.

Consider the advantages of this version of the snowplow:

  • The moderate cost of the product, and if there is no chainsaw, then you can buy the old version in working condition for a small price from someone with your hands;
  • Excellent return from an educated system for dealing with snow;
  • The simplicity of manufacturing the main components of the device based on materials available to almost all owners of cottages or private houses.

Important: The only drawback of such a design is the impossibility of creating a self-propelled model.

To make it work, first you need to make an auger, we have already told you about how it is made. Then you just need to disconnect the engine from your version of the power saw and connect it to the auger.

The power of the product will depend on the capabilities of the engine. It is recommended to choose a sharp saw with good performance indicators, so that this is enough to deal with snow.

And if there is a trimmer, can it be converted into a snowplow?

Yes, it is possible, but there are some nuances. Models with a curved rod based on the transmission of rotation using a steel cable will not work, because they have insufficient power.

To create a high-quality snowplow from a trimmer, you will need a product with a straight rod based on a gearbox and a rigid version of the shaft, since such a scheme provides sufficient power.

Now let's look at the stages of work for assembling a working snowplow:

A small metal barrel is suitable for creating the case. About 15 cm from the bottom, its cut is carried out, then a hole must be drilled in the center for the protruding part of the gearbox. At the edges, we provide holes for mounting the shield of the gearbox itself before it is installed, so that everything matches exactly.

Holes with a square shape of about 10x10 cm are added to the side of the base (barrel). They are necessary for removing snow.

It is necessary to create four metal blades approximately 25x10 cm each for fixing on the trimmer disc.

The element for throwing snow is easy to make from the parts left over from the barrel. It is necessary to cut a rectangular strip with a size of about 15x30 cm.

This element bends and side bends are welded to it, which will help create the right direction to get rid of the collected masses of snow.

We make a blade using a sheet of metal having a size of 30 x 40 cm. The edges of the cut-out plate must be bent until the sides are formed with a height of 2 cm.

The snow removal tunnel is welded to the hole prepared for this process. The blade is mounted from below. The gearbox must be bolted, and the rotor will be created using a trimmer knife.

Now you know how to make many versions of assistants to combat winter precipitation. It will take a little time and suitable materials to create them, and the installation process itself is not particularly complicated.

Photo of a snowplow with your own hands