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Scarecrow in the garden: how to make a great stuffed animal with your own hands. 65 photos of creative ideas

Any vegetable garden, garden sooner or later becomes a treat for birds. During the ripening of the harvest, birds from all over the neighborhood come to your site. Rooks, crows, sparrows instantly peck cherries, cherries. People did not know how to protect cultures from voracious birds. And some cunning person made a scarecrow resembling a man.

Of course, the method is not very effective, because birds are smart, they can easily outwit a person. They are watching the stuffed animal from afar, which does not move for a long time and begins to eat the fruits, because the manufactured structure does not react to what is happening.

You can buy an electronic device that scares away birds, it is more effective. But people, as before, install a scarecrow on the site, regardless of technical development. To date, this creation has changed its primary functions and has begun to be used for decorating the garden.

By turning on your imagination, you can turn a scary scarecrow into a kind, sweet little man who will settle in your yard and smile sweetly.

They say that the birds have become wiser, they are no longer afraid of scarecrows. The ancient people believed that the scarecrow was made not only for scaring. It served to protect the fruits and the whole house. Some peoples worshipped the scarecrow. For them, it was a deity with mystical power that gave health and helped garden crops to germinate faster.

At first glance, the idea is crazy, but you can check it out. Make a scarecrow yourself, believe that it is able to hear your thoughts. Also use jewelry to symbolize your requests. It can be a flower wreath symbolizing beauty, a fruit rim denoting fertility.

Make two stuffed animals and attract love to the house. All ideas are just your fantasies and inventions. Anyway, magic power is not able to protect the harvest from feathered cunning.

If you decide to install the structure, following its direct purpose, then you need to know what to be afraid of the bird. Try to make all the details that can help and protect the harvest. What are birds afraid of?

  • Bright blue color.
  • They behave cautiously if they hear loud noises.
  • They fly away at the sight of moving objects.
  • Freeze from the shiny elements.

The blue palette scares the birds. The color is too bright for them, because in nature it is not so often found. When choosing an outfit for a scarecrow, give up light and pastel tones, choose something from an aggressive blue color.

Most people bring old things to the country. A gardener is obliged to constantly make loud noises. Tie rustling details or bells to your clothes. Believe me, even with a small gust of wind, the elements will ring frighteningly.

With the help of CDs and a New Year's rain, add shine to the monster. In sunny weather, the details will manifest themselves and the birds will fly away. In our article, you can consider a photo of a scarecrow in the garden and pick up one of the ideas.

We decorate the land plot ourselves

To make a scarecrow, you need to figure out what to make a base from, on which the rest of the elements will be held. You can take wooden boards, beams, fasten them together, the manufactured structure should resemble a cross.

Next, a T-shirt is put on, a jacket of the appropriate size. To make a head, you can take a ball, wrap it with a cloth and pick up a cap. This part can be created from a bag that is stuffed with unnecessary things, from a pumpkin, no matter what improvised means you choose, the main thing is that they have a round or oval shape.

Sometimes there are scarecrows made of plastic bottles — an effective, but not a beautiful design. This is the simplest option, frightening, but if you want the scarecrow to look decent, then take the creation more seriously, think through all the steps in turn.

The second option is more time-consuming and time-consuming. On the basis, you can put on denim trousers stuffed with old things or foam rubber in advance. These will be the legs of the future scarecrow. Make a body out of a jacket or shirt, stuff rags in there. For the head, take an old pillowcase or whatever, the main thing is to create the right circle. Thanks to these materials, this part of the body will have a realistic look.

You can simplify the task and stuff your head with dry grass and sew up the fabric. To prevent the contents from falling out of the clothes from the wind, be sure to mend the edges. Do not forget that the scarecrow looks strange without hands and feet.

Choose a resident of the garden shoes and mittens. The foundation is done, do not rush to install it. To make it really an ornament, think over the small details that you will put on your head, what kind of facial expression the tenant of the garden will have.

If an unnecessary huge hat is lying around in the country, then use it, it will immediately scare the birds with its appearance. Maybe there is a red or orange wig. For the details of the face, pieces of fabric, eyes from toys, buttons, knitting threads are suitable, connect imagination.

A scarecrow in the garden can be stylish and modern, you just need to attach flowers, a broom or broom, a bucket to his hands, use whatever you want and find it in the yard. The height of creation should not exceed human height.

There is no guarantee that the birds will be afraid of it, but if they obey the rules, it will be happy to decorate the garden plot.

Gardeners who have the skills of cutting and sewing are doubly lucky, you can easily sew a scarecrow by sewing dolls. Thus, the suburban area can turn into a fabulous corner. Nowadays, they began to create stuffed animals and cartoon characters. Your kids will be delighted with such ideas.

Whatever the creation, remember, it should not only look beautiful, but also scare away crop pests. Sew bells or shiny ribbons to your clothes.

We hope you have realized that making a scarecrow for a vegetable garden is not a difficult, but even an interesting process. While working, connect your relatives, let them help. Together, the creation is more exciting, and your kids will be delighted with such an idea.

Give up long-tired stereotypes, make an unusual scarecrow for the envy of neighbors. You will succeed, do not hesitate.

Photo of a scarecrow in the garden