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Scandinavian style house — 100 photos of exclusive house design options inside and outside

Looking at photos of Scandinavian-style houses, one involuntarily wants to create the same interior. It looks stylish, modern and original. A distinctive feature of such an interior is the use of exclusively natural materials in the decoration. This increases the level of safety and environmental friendliness, so this style is gaining popularity among couples with children.

The basis of the design solution is minimalism, which is popular among modern people. Simplicity and clarity of forms, a small number of decorating elements, the use of natural materials are the basic principles by which the design of houses in the Scandinavian style is created. The house acquires an aesthetic appearance.

Let's take a closer look at the rules that must be followed when choosing this option:

Large panoramic windows are the main distinguishing feature of this design. Its origin is facilitated by the lack of sunlight and the need for energy conservation.

The use of wooden lining, it is lined with the exterior walls of the house. It perfectly protects the dwelling from external natural influences.

Contrast. Light tones are combined with dark and give the cottage sophistication and rigor.

Facades of Scandinavian-style houses are painted in a snow-white color in the absence of other finishes.

Gable roof, the use of attic rooms as living rooms.

In European countries, a lot of attention is paid to saving – this applies in most cases to electricity and heat, so batteries are often installed (they are located on the roof), powered by the sun.

A variety of construction options are also used. Among the projects there are houses of quite original shapes, which, combined with the contrast used and large panoramic windows, attract attention and look very interesting.

Internal design

The interior of Scandinavian-style houses is no less interesting, as is the exterior. The slogan of this design is spaciousness, comfort, home comfort and unique tranquility.

Often a large number of light tones are used, they are present in the decoration and equipment.

The harmonious combination of natural materials with a light color palette creates a feeling of freshness, tranquility and home warmth. Let's take a closer look at every corner of the house and the advantages of finishing the house in Scandinavian style.

The living room is the center of family gatherings. Upholstered furniture is better to choose with light upholstery of a neutral tone. Bright-colored pillows, painted shelves, wall decoration act as diluting details. It is important to understand that such elements should be used in a reasonable amount, and the colors should be bright and saturated.

The walls are decorated in a crystal white color, all this is combined with a wooden floor covering. The ceiling is a place for designer imagination, everything can be used here: from perfect white to wooden beams.

The presence of an accent wall is mandatory, it is either left in its original color with a small protective coating or painted white, leaving the texture of the brick.

Scandinavian-style country houses are functional, for example, the living room is combined with the dining room. In this case, conditional zoning of furniture is used.

Each area should be well lit. Different intensity of illumination is selected for the evening.

It is mandatory to have fresh flowers or wood details for decoration. The presence of a fireplace becomes a tradition, it is a source of heat and an additional design element.

Snow-white combined with brightness, nature and a fireplace help to relax in such a room and set yourself up for harmony and tranquility.

Kitchen area

Light shades also prevail here, and furniture elements are used as accent spots. The presence of natural materials is mandatory, it is important to comply with the rules for placing the necessary storage systems – this will help create comfort, coziness and a large space that is used for the dining area.

You can add an accent in the form of a textured wall. The use of dark shades is also acceptable, but they should not prevail in the interior.


This room is always associated with relaxation and tranquility. The room should be bright and spacious, white color must prevail. Europeans love practicality – this should not be overlooked when designing a sleeping area. A small set of furniture is purchased, which includes a place to sleep in the form of a double bed, tables or small bedside tables.

A unique feature is the design of windows, by the way, Europeans do not use curtains. If you still want to curtain the opening, then a light snow-white tulle is ideal for this. At night, roller blinds are lowered

It is unacceptable to use too bright shades here, as this disrupts a calm environment. You can add wooden elements, knitted or embossed textiles.

Scandinavian style implies a minimum amount of furniture in the interior, so in the bedroom in the center there is a large bed and a small enough system for small things, where you can store only the most necessary. Interestingly, tree trunks, branches, leaves, straw can become decorative elements.


When you design it in the Scandinavian style, a feeling of cleanliness is certainly created. Here they select white tiles for the walls, marble finishes in light tones for the floor and accessories made of wood. It will be interesting to look at a wicker basket purchased for storing laundry, hanging shelves in dark tones.

Accents can also be created with the help of a rug that lies in front of the bathroom, various towels and, of course, wood in various forms.


Frame houses in Scandinavian style are a great option for creating a warm and cozy room where harmony will be present in everything.

Thanks to the use of only natural materials, the level of safety of the dwelling increases, since there are no toxic odors. And such an interior looks stylish, modern and concise, it is great for those who do not like clutter.

Photos of Scandinavian-style houses