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Sawhorses for firewood: drawings of devices for the most convenient cutting (80 photos)

Harvesting firewood for the winter is familiar to almost every inhabitant of rural areas and land owners. And of course, for convenient sawing of firewood, a special tool called sawhorses is needed. Surely many people have seen photos of goats for firewood in magazines or on the Internet. This is not a complicated device that can be built with your own hands, besides, it must certainly be in the household. With their help, it is comfortable to process wood, wooden bars or metal profiles.

It is quite easy to solve the question of what to make a goat out of in the country. After all, for the manufacture of this simple traditional design, it is enough to use the following materials:

  • a wooden bar of the usual shape. The assembly of the device from this material is simple, but it is afraid of high humidity.
  • wooden posts of medium diameter, which are used for the construction of fences. This method is financially economical, but do not count on its reliability.
  • metal slats that will ensure the reliability of the structure and will serve for many years.
  • various items sent for scrap.

Although the sawhorse for sawing firewood has a simple design, but in fact it is a machine. Therefore, in the process of its manufacture, it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • it is necessary to have a plan (drawing) of the future design with step-by-step instructions and calculation of the dimensions of all parts.
  • it is important to correctly calculate the slope of the support elements for ease of use.

Observing these nuances, you will get a reliable, stable and comfortable construction of the trestles. In addition, thanks to its mobility, it can be installed in any place.

When assembling, the main thing is to take into account the dimension of the equipment, which depends on:

  • human growth,
  • parameters of the future adaptation,
  • the strength and size of the tree that requires processing.

Depending on this, the duration of the working time spent will be determined.

A win-win option is a device with a height of 90-110 cm. As a result, the person working behind it will not have to lean forward too much, and the hands will not get too tired due to the horizontal position.

There will be a minimal load on the spine, and the workflow will become much easier.

When processing wood using a two-handed saw, a stable support for the second hand is required. This should be taken care of in advance when assembling the device.

It is possible to make an emphasis from a scaffold, which can be installed in any desired place.

Sawhorses for chainsaws must have a strong surface and a place for the free arrangement of the tree for cutting, in order to avoid clamping the chainsaw itself in the cutting of the web.

Construction for an ordinary saw

A manual ordinary saw is most often used for harvesting medium-sized firewood, so a goat will fit standard dimensions and it is not difficult to build it with your own hands, having in stock:

  • a wooden beam with a cross section of 10x10 cm and a length of 1 to 1.2 m.
  • a beam with a cross section of 5x5 cm and a length of 1.0 m for the device of the legs of the device in the amount of 4 pieces.
  • the same bar, but 36 cm long for the manufacture of "horns" in the amount of 2 pieces.
  • bars of 1 inch in size in the amount of 2 or 4 pieces for the reinforcement device of the legs.
  • self-tapping screws in the amount of 30-40 pcs. for fixing parts.
  • stain, paint or varnish to protect the goats from rotting bars.

You can also use any improvised material suitable for the construction of trestles.

To build, you need to prepare the following tool:

  • hacksaw – for cutting and leveling the surface of the beam,
  • corner – to control the evenness of elements important for the stability of the structure,
  • graphite pencil for applying the necessary marks,
  • screwdriver or screwdriver for tightening the fastener,
  • a hammer,
  • chisel,
  • roulette,
  • paint brush (4-5 cm).

How to make a goat

As soon as the necessary material and tool are prepared, you can proceed directly to the assembly of the device. First, it is necessary to process the main bars. Apply markings for future cuts in the amount of 6 pieces on each side. In total, there should be 12 slots for the device of legs and horns.

For the reliability of fixing each of the grooves, a depth of 2.5 cm is sufficient. For tight fastening of the bars, the grooves need to be sawed 2-3 mm less than for the legs. After processing and installing the structure on the legs, you should proceed to the fastener device using self-tapping screws.

Be sure to install the fastening reinforcement parts for reliable stability and strength of the device, as well as to ensure the safety of the worker.

On the legs, saw off the lower parts so as to install the reinforcement elements of the fastener. The assembled structure must be covered with a protective agent in the form of a stain.

Dry the product and operate it successfully on the farm.

To make trestles for a two-handed saw and similar tools, care should be taken to strengthen the stability of the structure. A more powerful beam with a thickness of at least 100 mm and a metal tightening will help to ensure this.

The width of the racks at the bottom is wider than at the top. In addition, it is possible to provide a wooden screed from an ordinary short board.

Mobile devices

To make the device mobile, you can build folding trestles. But this is a time-consuming and financially costly process. To do this, you will need: 4 strong small beams, a metal pipe with a length of 1-3 m, a limiter, drills for wooden parts.

The assembly process is quite simple. From a board with a thickness of 50 mm, you need to make beams. Make incision marks for the legs. Make holes for the pipe on each bar.

Run the base into them and install the legs. Install a limiter so that they do not move apart.Metal trestles

The most durable, stable and long-used version of the device for sawing wood. To create it yourself, you will need:

  • pipe (corner) with a diameter of 5.0 cm – 5 pieces, for the base,
  • a wooden beam of no more than 10 cm and a cross section of 50x59 mm,
  • bulgarian or hacksaw,
  • measuring tape measure,
  • a piece of chalk,
  • welding machine, bolts.

Before proceeding to work, it is necessary to prepare a sketch of the future device. After that, you can start preparing the main beam, with marks for the device of legs and horns.

Then other necessary structural elements are prepared. For the mobility of the structure, the connecting nodes must be made on bolts in order to disassemble them if necessary.

The connections of the stationary device can be welded with a welding machine. At the end, a beam is fixed on the base for the entire length of the structure in order to avoid contact between the saw and the metal.

Storage and use of goats

Using our recommendations on how to make a goat, you will create a stable structure, and it will be a pleasure to cut firewood on it. You can also view ready-made sketches, photos and videos on the Internet.

In the finished form, the product must withstand considerable weight, but it is important to store it in a dry room, avoiding a humid climate or moisture.

Equally important is the correct use of goats. It is not necessary to load too massive and heavy logs on it.

The folding design of the trestles is suitable for cutting firewood using a hand saw or chainsaw. This device is simply irreplaceable in the household for harvesting firewood and stove logs to melt the stove, barbecue or fireplace in the house.

Photo of goats for firewood