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Repair of petrol pumps: an overview of malfunctions and effective methods of their solution. Photo instructions from the pros!

Modern technologies and equipment make it possible to produce the best and optimal technical solutions that become effective assistants in the arrangement of a country or household plot. A green lawn and other plantings can grow rapidly, a petrol mower is used to tidy up the house territory and mow lawns, which is otherwise called a motorcycle mower or a trimmer, a petrol mower.

Traditional braids are inconvenient and unsafe to use, require significant time and effort, which will help save petrol pumps that combine functionality and practicality in their design. In the photo of the petrol pump, you can see various high-tech devices that have a complex of operational characteristics, including such parameters as increased productivity and long service life.

A convenient and reliable trimmer is a technical device consisting of individual mechanisms, parts and elements that can wear out, become unusable and damaged during intensive operation.

Even with regular technical inspection, care procedures and careful storage, such devices and their individual parts require repair and even replacement, all repair procedures can be performed independently.

The easiest way to give a petrol pump for repair is by allocating a certain amount of money from the family budget, prompt and high-quality repairs with your own hands are no less simple and convenient if you want to understand the design of the petrol pump and fix all the problems.

Mass and piece production of trimmers is based on the use of generally accepted technology, a typical design scheme consists of certain elements and parts, it is important to know them when carrying out independent repair work:

  • the upper part. The basis of the entire structure, where all the important elements are assembled, such as the starter, carburetor and engine petrol pumps;
  • the middle part. Hollow rod, inside it there is a cable connecting the motor and the gearbox, which drives the cutting line. In this part there are fasteners for distributing the weight of the entire structure and a belt for fixing the trimmer on the belt of a person using the trimmer for its intended purpose;
  • the lower part. It contains a gearbox and cutting elements, which are hidden under a practical casing, which protects the user. The casing provides an increased level of safety, preventing large fractions of debris, pebbles and glass from entering a person while working with a gasoline pump.

Knowing exactly the internal structure and the principle of operation of the trimmer, you can independently carry out repair measures for the structure or replace individual components that have become unusable using the repair instructions.

The following problems can be called the most common and common, self-correcting breakdowns of the unit:

  • engine malfunction, due to which the gas pump does not start and does not work;
  • increased vibration of the bar of the mower, which complicates its intended use;
  • increased overheating of the gearbox, its accelerated heating during operation;
  • slow and weak operation of the cutting line at insufficient speed;
  • clogging of the starter grid, causing the engine to overheat and stop working;
  • rapid and frequent clogging of the carburetor due to the use of low-quality fuel;
  • clogging of the air filter in case of non-compliance with the measures for the care of the device.

All these problems can lead to the fact that the device will lose its ability to work, before ordering the necessary spare parts for a vacuum cleaner, a visual inspection and diagnostics of the device should be carried out.

Special attention is required for individual spare parts and accessories, you will not have to contact a professional master to check them, a set of diagnostic measures will help you identify the consequence of the loss of working capacity with your own hands.

Determining the causes of the malfunction

If the trimmer motor does not start or stalls immediately after starting, when the gearbox overheats or during the operation of the device, extraneous noise is heard and vibration is clearly felt, it is important to make a visual inspection and identify a non-working node.

To optimize the preparatory measures before the repair, a simple diagnosis should be carried out and a step-by-step check should be carried out:

  • the presence of fuel in the tank and lubricants in the main nodes;
  • serviceability of the spark plug and its operability;
  • the cleanliness of the fuel and air filter of the mower;
  • clogging of the outlet channel and breather of the device;
  • the quality of the fuels and lubricants used.

To determine the functional performance of the ignition of the petrol pump, it is necessary to determine whether the spark plug works by testing the appearance of a spark in contact with the body of the functional device.

The spark plug itself can be replaced with a new one, having previously dried the candle channel, if necessary, the old element is also dried, cleaned with special devices and returned to its place.

Carburetor repair

During the inspection of the carburetor, it is worth paying attention to the possible leakage of the fuel used, in order to identify the problems of the carburetor, the following measures must be carried out:

  • purging of the fuel hose to eliminate possible blockage of the element;
  • checking and replacing the gasket located between the engine and the carburetor;
  • determination of tightness and maintenance of constant pressure in the unit.

If necessary, disassembly and thorough cleaning of the unit can be carried out with your own hands, using gasoline, the cleaning of the jet and channels is carried out using compressed air.

Starter and gearbox failures

The gearbox transmits the torque from the motor shaft to the cutting tool, its gears must be absolutely clean during operation and must be lubricated with a special lubricant.

Carrying out a technical inspection on its own once a season will eliminate the need to repair the gearbox or replace it, with the purchase of an expensive new unit.

The starter is necessary to bring the trimmer into working condition, its diagnosis consists in checking the tension of the cord connected to the teeth of the starter coil, which often collapse when starting abruptly.

The non-working starter in the petrol pump is not subject to repair, it must be replaced with a working unit, as part of a mandatory technical inspection or a set of repair measures.

Cutting elements require special attention and care, which must always be cleaned of dirt and mown grass after operation. Regular inspection and careful preparation of the device for operation will help to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs, always be sure of the performance of the petrol pump.

Photos of the gas pump repair process