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Porch — ideas of building with your own hands. 120 photos of the best projects of our time

Many future owners of a country private house, which is still under construction, do not pay special attention to the porch, and some even forget to build it. Someone simply did not provide it, for others there may be no need to install it. However, in fact, a porch in a suburban house is a very important and complex architectural addition to the house, besides it can also have an aesthetic function, thereby indicating the elegance and uniqueness of the building as a whole.

Therefore, it is necessary to treat its construction with all seriousness and responsibility, since it is with him that the entrance to the house begins. At the same time, most owners of their houses are trying to equip the facade of their house in such a way that everyone around them would like it, the same applies to all extensions to the house.

It should be noted that from the point of view of practicality and convenience of construction, it is desirable to build it last, and if possible not together with the house, but separately.

The fact is that it will not be difficult to build a porch with your own hands, almost anyone who understands a little about construction can cope with this work. At the same time, in the process of adding to the house, you can come up with various building options right on the go or improvise a little.

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As the main material for the manufacture of the porch, you can use almost any available building materials. As a rule, the main material for this extension is still concrete. However, you can use other materials such as: brick, stone, wood, forged metal.

At the same time, it is not recommended to use a brick, since it is very strongly exposed to precipitation and temperature, which will eventually lead to its destruction, cracks on the brick will be visible and chips will form, and this will spoil the appearance of the facade.

But the porch options using stone or forged metal are a very complex and expensive option. Therefore, the most optimal construction option is made of concrete.

At the same time, it can be built in a variety of shapes and types, after which, if desired, you can make a special lining for imitation stone or brick, and additionally embellish with various elements of forged metal. This option is the most acceptable both in terms of the choice of material and money.

So, let's consider the most common variants of the design of porches.

An open-type platform with steps

This is the simplest option for the construction of such an extension. There is practically nothing complicated here, except to mount the steps for the porch correctly. There is no canopy provided on this structure, so this option is the fastest in terms of construction.

A platform with closed walls

As a rule, this type is installed on insignificant high elevations, where special fences with railings prevent falls. At the same time, the fences and railings themselves can perform not only a protective function, but also a decorative one.

Closed type porch

This type is primarily suitable for large and spacious country houses, where it is possible to make one part as a veranda, and the second directly at the entrance to the house, while the site itself should be very extensive.

This option is very convenient, since you can receive guests both in a closed part of it, if, for example, there is bad weather outside, and in the air. Therefore, a closed porch is a very interesting option.

Building a wooden porch

Before you start building a porch to the facade of the building, you need to have a clear plan and drawing of the structure. At the same time, the drawing should indicate all the necessary parameters and dimensions of the structure, as well as the structure of the steps, their height and width, the parameters of handrails and railings. Do not forget about what you want to see in the end, this is a very important point.

Next, it is necessary to determine the foundation and its dimensions. After all, the durability of the structure and its reliability largely depend on a high-quality and reliable foundation.

As a rule, the choice of foundation is influenced by a number of important factors, such as: the presence of groundwater in the soil, terrain (hills, hills). After that, you can get to work.

In the process of work for a wooden porch, it is recommended to use a solid wood bar, so that it would last a long service life.

Of no small importance is the staircase, which is the link between the facade of the building and the porch. It is necessary to choose the method of construction of the stairs from the features of the structure of the facade of the house, here the choice is very large.

Construction of a metal porch

Metal porch is mainly made for cottages or small private houses. This type of porch is the most popular and popular, second only to the tree. Knowing all the necessary dimensions, such a porch can be pre-welded, and then deliver the finished structure directly to the destination.

If there are no decorative elements made of forged metal in this structure, then its cost will be significantly less than that of concrete or wood. Therefore, although the wrought-iron porch is very beautiful and has a stunning view, it is quite expensive, as well as very difficult in the installation process.

For such a porch, laying the foundation of a lighter version is allowed, since metal is a fairly elastic material, therefore, the impact on its soil has no effect. And in some cases, the foundation is completely unnecessary for such a structure.

The steps for such a structure can be made entirely of metal, or you can additionally make a wooden step, here everything depends on your imagination and imagination.

Construction of a concrete porch

The construction of the porch in this version is quite troublesome and difficult. It is characterized by the presence of a strong and reliable foundation, so it will be able to stand as long as the house itself.

At the same time, an important feature in the structure of this type of porch is that it is necessary to reinforce the steps with reinforcement inside the formwork. And in general, it is necessary to make a frame of reinforcement in the image of the structure, all this is necessary for a more reliable design.

It is recommended to fill the steps with concrete in one step, but it is very difficult, so it is allowed to fill with small breaks. This means that when the first fill has been filled in and slightly dried, then you can gradually pour further concrete mortar. And so on to the top of the formwork.

Canopy and visor

The hinged structure above the porch is very convenient and practical in terms of the safety of the structure of the house. Most often, a porch with a canopy serves as protection from the weather, at the same time it can also perform a decorative function.

As a rule, a suspended visor can be mounted on almost any part of the wall or surface of the facade of the house, with the exception of frame or prefabricated panel walls.

Almost every visor, with the exception of a gable or arched one, must necessarily be equipped with a special gutter that diverts the water stack to the side.

Thus, choosing a porch to your taste is not as easy as it seems. The whole difficulty lies in the variety of choices and in the cost. If you have any difficulties with the choice, you can familiarize yourself and see bright and colorful photos of the porch, perhaps you will find something for yourself.

Photo of the porch