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Pool cleaning — overview of fixed assets and cleaning systems (65 photos)

Have you created a swimming pool or purchased a rubber version of it and think you can use it carefree all summer? Unfortunately, this is an erroneous opinion, you will have to take care of him, otherwise you risk being in the infectious diseases department of the hospital instead of resting.

The fact is that the water is easily polluted by a lot of bacteria along with falling leaves, dust and dirt carried into the expanses of the pool. If you do not pay attention to such processes, then various pathogens can settle in the water, which with any accidental sip of water can end up in the stomach or will affect the body through the skin.

But water purification will help protect against such a danger. It can be implemented in various ways, which we will talk about now.

The water in the pool should always have transparent qualities and be clean, which does not depend on the qualities of the materials used to create it. Sometimes it is not used for a long time, but the water will deteriorate anyway, since this is its property. It is easily polluted in various ways that do not depend on the owners of the pool.

It happens that it is not enough to remove the garbage and replace the water, because the pollution has already settled on the floor and walls of the pool. You will collect new water, but soon it will be spoiled, and in order to cope with this nuisance, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning with the use of various chemicals.

Now you will learn about them and how to use them. And now we offer you to get acquainted with the photos of cleaning the pool on the basis of various methods to achieve the desired result. The images show different approaches to solve this problem.

It involves getting rid of solid debris of various sizes. It is necessary to remove even small dust particles that can be found.

To do this, cleaning kits are used, consisting of various devices, but most often they are nets, brushes, underwater vacuum cleaners and special filters, as well as chemicals that help to disinfect water.

The fact is that bacteria and microorganisms are not visible to the eye, but be sure they easily settle in dirty water. And substances for disinfection will easily cope with them.

But filters for cleaning the pool area should be considered the main device for ensuring the safety of its use. They relate to passive cleaning, which helps to cope even with small elements trying to pollute a place to rest. With the help of them, the main line of defense is created. They have a different device.

You can purchase various types that differ in characteristics:

Sand Filter

The sand modification contains quartz sand, through which flows of dirty liquid pass for high-quality filtration. This is the simplest and cheapest filter, it is considered a budget model available to most Russians.

It is easy to take care of, it will take only one washing during the week. It is necessary to start the water in the opposite direction and it will take with it all the stuck debris particles. But this will require a lot of water, which may become a problem in case of a shortage in the country.

Although there is another significant drawback, it can cope with polluting elements with dimensions of 20 microns or above this value.

Tip: Its best qualities are revealed when connected to an inflatable modification of the pool.

Cartridge-based filter

The cartridge-based filter is distinguished by more advanced characteristics and creates an increased level of protection. It consists of cartridges having a cylindrical shape. They are capable of detaining various elements with a size of 10 microns or more, which provides an increased level of cleaning quality.

But its price is much higher than that of the sand version. At the same time, it is easier to take care of it, it is only necessary to wash the main component occasionally.

Important: Manufacturers often save on cartridge materials and create them virtually disposable. They have to be changed after one or more applications, which refers to the serious negative side of their use.

Diatom filter

The diatom version of the filter appeared relatively recently, but it quickly managed to establish itself as a reliable method of water purification.

As a working element, it uses fossil shells from plankton, which are called diatomaceous earth. It extracts particles with a size of 3-5 microns or more from the water, and allows you to create a new level of purification incomparable with other devices that we have considered.

It needs to be cleaned with a reverse start procedure, which in principle is not considered a new approach to this process and is easily feasible. Cartridges based on diatomaceous earth are used for it — they will have to be changed several times during the year, taking into account clogging.

However, for all types of devices considered, cleaning pumps will be required, operating for about 6 hours during the day to carry out a qualitative process of getting rid of unwanted pollutants in the pool.

A lot depends on their properties and capabilities, too, because of this, it is recommended to use the appropriate version for the selected filter type, since this is how you can achieve the desired effect from using it.

Why do we need chemical cleaning and how to carry it out?

Chemical cleaning agents are used to achieve a variety of purposes. But it is recommended to use them at the right moment and not to overdo it with this cleaning method.

They are used in order to provide additional cleanliness and are able to offer:

  • Disinfection of water, which leads to its disinfection and safety of use;
  • A suitable pH level (water hardness or its acid-base content), providing an optimal environment for skin contact;
  • Destruction of the smallest particles in the face of bacteria, microorganisms, fatty compounds passing through filters;
  • Creating an obstacle to the formation of algae, mold in the form of unpleasant green or other formations on one of the sections of the pool.

Do you not want to use various chemical compounds because they do not seem very safe to you? Of course, cleaning the pool with your own hands can help to cope with visible debris!

And what to do with what is invisible to your eyes? After all, it will not go anywhere and will have a dangerous effect on the skin and the health of the body even if you do not see it.

Therefore, we will have to step over this problem and stop being afraid of chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. Believe me, they will be able to help you in ensuring proper water quality for everyday bathing.


Chlorine is offered on the basis of tablets, powders or special capsules. Yes, it is considered an aggressive cleaning agent and requires careful attitude. If you apply it in the right dosage and follow all the instructions, it will be an excellent helper for cleaning a pool with any area.


Although it is recommended to resort to its services only for large areas. It has a low cost, but provides a high level of protection.


Bromine-based preparations differ in the rate of purification. It is significantly higher than that of chlorine, in addition, it does not emit a specific odor related to the recently considered remedy.

Active oxygen

Purification with the help of active oxygen is considered the most pleasant way, since the products based on it do not create any side effects. After their application, lacrimation or allergic rashes will not appear, which often happens after using chlorine.

Moreover, there will be no foam or smell — these are all inventions of people who have never used this method of purifying water in the pool. Experts consider the means based on active oxygen to be the safest for human health. And they are recommended for use in the country for personal purposes.

Now you know almost all methods of water purification in the pool available for use in the territories of cottages or private homes. All of them differ in different qualities and availability of application. However, you should realize that it is better to use a combination of the suggested options to achieve maximum effect.

Photo tips for cleaning the pool