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Pond in the country: detailed step-by-step instructions on how to dig and decorate a pond with your own hands (105 photos)

Dacha is a place where we rest our soul, enjoy the beautiful view of nature and breathe fresh, not polluted by exhaust air. This explains our desire to beautifully decorate the suburban area and make it as functional as possible.

The idea of a pond in the country perfectly combines beauty and practicality. A small pool will be a good incentive for children to travel, and a pond with fish can replace fishing.

One of the most difficult decisions when creating your own decorative pond is design. To determine the future appearance of the reservoir, you need to clearly imagine why you need it. Based on the main goals, several types can be distinguished:

A small pond

It has a miniature size and serves to decorate the garden.

Pond as a decorative design element

It is a deep body of water. It can include various lighting elements, a fountain, a decorative border or a mini-bridge. Unlike a small pond, it often serves as the center of a recreation area.

It is located in the immediate vicinity of the veranda, benches, picnic area. Ideas for the design of a pond in the country can be viewed in the photo.

Fish pond

Beautiful, bright fish will bring variety to your life. Small aquariums have long been out of fashion. Now reservoirs are gaining popularity, which contain various living inhabitants.

These can be as ornamental fish species. They will help you relax and will definitely attract children and pets. Or you can organize an artificial pond with fish or crayfish suitable for fishing and further consumption.

Swimming pondPools in the country also belong to popular reservoirs.

A similar pond in the country can be made with your own hands. They serve not only as a decorative element, but also allow you to relax, cool off and swim.

It can be a very shallow and small pool, it is suitable for children. Or a full-fledged pond for adults. It all depends on the size of the site and your capabilities. But remember that such a pond will require constant cleaning and special winter care. Also read about the compost pit.

Choosing the location of the pond

How to make a pond? First of all, it is necessary to determine the place where it will be located. Choosing a territory, you need to decide whether you want a secluded pond or viewed from all sides.

If it is conceived as a decorative element, then it is necessary to arrange it on a flat, open plane. If you plan to install a swimming pool, then the best solution would be to place it behind the house or behind some bushes, trees, etc. Read here: vine fence.

When choosing a territory for a reservoir, pay attention to several criteria.

The size of the free space. It is on the amount of free territory that the design of the pond in the country will depend. Its size, shape and appearance.

The presence of natural light. Due to the fact that the reservoir is created artificially, it is necessary to remember that the water level in it depends only on you. If you place it in a well-lit place, the water can bloom, deteriorate or evaporate.

It is advisable to find a place where the sun will fall on the water no more than four hours a day. This will help to preserve the reservoir and simplify its care.

If you are going to breed fish in the water, then the location of the reservoir should be in the shade. Fish do not tolerate heated water well, and evaporation under sunlight reduces the oxygen level in the water.5 advantages of bitumen varnish

The depth at which the groundwater flows. If they flow close to the surface, then you will have to further strengthen the pond.

The possibility of further growth. You or your children will probably want to change the design or make any adjustments to the size of the pool. Or add some entertainment elements nearby. Therefore, considering the location of the reservoir, consider the possibility of further redevelopment.

Availability of electricity. Lighting and fountains run on electricity, which must be taken into account when choosing a place. There are several options. You can arrange a recreation area next to the house.

If you want to make a reservoir in a remote area, you will have to bury the electric cable in the ground. To comply with the safety rules, a tangible depth is needed. But, if there are joints on the wires, then you will have to arrange the necessary access to them.

What materials can be used to build a pond?

The choice of materials is a very important stage. At the moment, there is a large selection of foundations for the reservoir.


The most expensive material possible, but also the most durable. Concrete is easy to operate, shock-resistant and does not leak water. Such a pool will serve you for many decades.

But it should also be noted that the concrete is resistant to temperature changes. Perfect for Northern regions. If you are willing to spend significantly in the construction of the pool, the concrete will be the best solution.


Due to the increased popularity of country pools, the demand for suitable materials has increased. And companies that work with plastic began to produce ready-made monolithic structures.

This method will help to quickly organize a space for recreation, but the material has a limited service life. Each manufacturer has its own, usually it is a figure from 20 to 50 years. To install such a structure, it is necessary to dig a hole suitable in size. After installing the plastic pool, you need to fill the voids with sand.

Synthetic film

This option is suitable for fans of non-standard solutions. With the film, you can realize even the most unusual design ideas. It can be given any shape, size or depth. And its low price is a significant advantage. But, the material does not have the highest service life, from 7 to 15 years.

Pond using a bath

This practical solution is suitable for those who do not know where to put an old bathtub, and it's a pity to throw it away. A bathtub is a reservoir designed to hold liquid. Which makes it a suitable element for a future reservoir.

Depending on the purpose, the bath can be buried in the soil or left on the surface. It can be decorated with paint or sheathed with wood.

A pond made of tires

The use of a tire as a base is suitable for creating a small pond. A tire is used as the basis for the mold, and a film is used to make it tight.

Mini pond from a basin

The size and shape allow it to be used as a very small pond. It is installed similarly with the bathroom.

Photo of a pond in the country