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The design of a plot of 6 acres — the basic principles of building and designing a stylish design (85 photo ideas)

A small area of 6 acres of land, which is available to the owner of the future plot with a house and green spaces, requires special attention and a clear plan of action. Usually the land of such an area is allocated for suburban construction.

In a limited space, it is necessary to take into account the location of all significant objects, make a comfortable and comfortable place of rest, and also leave the land for dacha work. The arrangement of a garden plot should obey the main rule, first the project – then the execution of the main stage of work.

Before starting the planning, you will have to revise a lot of photos of plots of 6 acres in order to roughly imagine the possible options for placing all the necessary elements of construction and a green zone.

Successful solutions of experienced designers and amateur photos of the happy owners of the already equipped territory will help to make the right decision and create the optimal project.

For the first stage, a piece of paper and the skills acquired in drawing lessons will be useful. The plot diagram will clearly show the location of the house and outbuildings, tell you where you need to conveniently lay paths and ergonomically arrange the necessary communications – electricity, sewerage and water supply system.

Already with the help of a schematic image, it will be clear whether it is possible to implement the plan and what the main problems lie in. When making a sketch on paper, you should take into account the natural illumination and possible dimming from the house, greenhouses and tall trees, so that in the future you do not have to cut out places for planting light-loving crops.

You can also draft a plot using the simplest modeling. From cardboard or paper, you need to cut out models of all the elements that you want to place on 6 acres and move them, choosing the most successful placement options.

Since the territory is not very spacious, you can think in advance of options for multi-level buildings, as well as combining economic structures.

With a sufficient level of knowledge of computer programs, the layout of the site can be carried out with the help of special tools used by professional designers.

This type of design will not only competently arrange a small area, but will also help determine the choice of primary colors and give a visual picture of the project as a whole.

Location of buildings

A house on a plot of 6 acres is unlikely to be large and spacious, unless the remaining territory is used for growing vegetables and other suburban crops. The house needs convenient walking paths and an entrance for a car, as well as a parking place for cars.

Outbuildings for storing garden equipment are more convenient to have within walking distance to the beds and locations of the irrigation system.

But a playground and a sauna from a practical point of view should be closer to home. So you can easily look after the children, and after visiting the steam room you do not have to go through the whole plot to the house.

Since the paths are planned in advance, it is also necessary to take care of the drainage system at the planning stage. Otherwise, every summer rain will turn moving around the garden into an adventure.

The coating for the paths should be resistant to the effects of weather and temperature changes, exclude the possibility of falling due to a slippery surface and be easy to care for. Paving stones or paving slabs are ideal.

At the planning stage, if everything was done correctly, the lighting features were taken into account. In this case, the part of the land on which the shadow of the house falls can become a place of recreation and a playground.

Organization of recreation areas

Thinking over the design of the plot of 6 acres, you must pay attention to the recreation area, and if there are children, allocate them a place for games and outdoor entertainment. The shady part of the garden is best suited for organizing picnics and relaxing from summer labors.

Parents should take care that the playground is clearly visible from all points of the territory. You can organize a comfortable stay in a limited space if you combine the house with an open veranda or make a canopy next to the bathhouse.

Decorations can serve as natural plantings, as well as flower beds made with their own hands. Taking into account the small area, multi-tiered flower beds, flower beds, stairs and suspended structures perfectly save space and look attractive.

It is better to choose perennial plants that require minimal care and can grow for several years in one place. This approach will save time and also avoid annual redevelopment.

In most cases, the recreation area is located in the shade, which should be taken into account when choosing plants. There are a lot of shade-loving crops and you can make a beautiful composition of alternating dark greenery with plants of fancy colors.

Even such a limited area is suitable for creating artificial reservoirs. Along the paths leading to the recreation area, you can create artificial channels that flow into a small man-made lake near a gazebo or hammock.

Suspension systems are generally very great for small plots of land. A few stretched hammocks between fruit trees may well replace the usual wicker or plastic furniture. And as a table, a decorative stump or the rest of the trunk of an old tree that was forgotten and could not be uprooted will do.

Landscaping layout

Landscape design of the plot during the arrangement of 6 acres makes you show the wonders of imagination and engineering. For lovers of green spaces, multi-level beds, suspended flower beds and the use of greenery for the purpose of zoning space will be useful.

A small area imposes some restrictions on the planting of tall trees, although if you use them instead of a fence, you can satisfy your need for fruit seedlings and isolate yourself from neighbors. And low shrubs will look good along the paths or next to buildings.

Considering that edible vegetables and fruits will most likely be grown on a small dacha plot of 6 acres, but it is possible to make farming not only useful, but also beautiful.

Beds of bizarre shapes, planting flowering and vegetable crops nearby, taking into account the peculiarities of leaf coloring and flowering periods of each plant can turn an ordinary cottage into a unique botanical garden. Berry bushes look very good in alternation with rose bushes, and during flowering this combination looks very unusual.

A small plot can also be made comfortable and very cozy for summer holidays. To do this, you need to show a little imagination and be inspired by the ideas of implemented projects.

Photo design of a plot of 6 acres