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Pallet furniture: 80 photos of the best ideas for a garden and a cottage

Pallets bring with them an inexhaustible supply of creative ideas for the arrangement of your garden and suburban area. With the help of a pair of ordinary pallets, you can build an interesting decorative element by design. It can be a comfortable sofa, a fancy armchair or even a place to store things.

In the case of pallets, raw wood acts as the main material used for manufacturing. This makes it possible to independently bring it to the right state for the eye and touch. You can sand it and paint it, or varnish it or even leave it as it is. Any choice will lead to one result: the thing will turn out to be unique and inimitable.

Despite the unremarkability of the pallets themselves, the resulting structures will easily give comfort and comfort to any area where they will be placed. The pallet for its intended purpose is an auxiliary means of transportation and the person who turned his eyes to this element, as an element of decor, should express great gratitude.

Below are photos of pallet furniture and a description of the process of working on the creation of various designs.

The pallet is a wooden structure, usually made of pine, fastened with screws. The main use of pallets is the transportation of goods. They greatly simplify the transportation of heavy cargo and act as a pallet, which, thanks to the hole inside the structure, is picked up by a loading machine and transported to the desired location.

The weight of an empty pallet without cargo is about 20 kg, and the prevalence of their use makes it possible to get them at your disposal in the nearest supermarket.

The most durable wood is selected for use, as it assumes a technically difficult work perspective. One pallet must hold up to a ton of cargo. Therefore, furniture made of this type of wood will serve you for more than one season on the site, even without special treatment.

Recently, even the most famous designers have begun to use pallets in their eco-projects. The resulting designs are not harmful to nature and began to gain popularity on the world stage of garden design.

The design of furniture made of pallets has already undergone a huge number of changes and interpretations, so now you can easily choose for yourself any option that suits a suburban area.

This article contains tips on how to create furniture with your own hands without much effort and expense.

Where can I get pallets?

Most often, pallets, despite their strength and durability, are considered by suppliers as packaging material, and therefore, after transportation, they are disposed of.

You can find pallets in several ways:

On thematic sites, suppliers very often get rid of packaging by selling. The price of this wooden structure does not exceed the limit of 50-150 rubles per piece.

If you have the opportunity to contact the supplier directly, it is considered a great luck. It's no secret that sometimes in this way you can get pallets completely free of charge, because the company gets rid of unnecessary containers in this way without transportation costs.

If these options do not suit you, you can assemble the pallets yourself. To do this, you will need chopped wood 20 mm thick and wooden bars 70 mm in cross section. Thus, using only your talents, even without the skills of a carpenter, you can create structures of the size you need, unlike standard ready-made pallets.

Material processing

Pallets are convenient because their design and shape can be easily changed, they can be disassembled and broken into parts, reconnected, covered with textiles or covered with paint and varnish. And the directions of their use cannot be counted.

But before proceeding to the creative implementation of ideas into life, the pallets received for use must be processed and cleaned of dust and dirt.

If you have a large number of processing resources, you can use a grinding machine for work. It makes it possible to process large areas of wood quickly and effortlessly.

But you should protect yourself and carry out work in well-ventilated areas, and so that dust and shavings do not get into the eyes and respiratory tract, use special masks.

To facilitate the work, you can only treat those surfaces that will come into direct contact with the body during operation.

The roughness of the remaining sections of wood will give a certain charm to the naturalness of furniture made of pallets. As if the material for your sofa was previously used not for the transportation of large loads, but grew up in the forest specifically to go to your site later.

Before coating the product with varnish or paint, you should prime the wood with any moisture-repellent primer. This will be an additional protection against decomposition processes in the open air.

Variants of products from pallets

You can find furniture ideas in the corners of your imagination, but for particularly selective detectives, this article prepares several options for the successful completion of the search.

Thanks to the universal shape of the pallet, you can perform any design according to your idea. Our task is to choose the most suitable furniture for the cottage in terms of functionality. The pallet can take the form:

  • sofa;
  • table;
  • benches;
  • shelves for storing things.

For example, the simplest design is an ordinary table. The table consists of only two pallets.  One acts as a countertop, and the second is cut and fastened from the bottom in the middle and serves as a leg. If there is a need to move the table frequently, it makes sense to attach wheels to the bottom pallet. They will make it easier to move the table around the site.

Using a larger number of pallets, you have the opportunity to get a comfortable dining table to use already inside the house. And if you manage to design and add a couple of shelves, the computer desk is ready.

By removing or adding pallets, you can adjust the height of the table and adjust it to the convenience of anyone sitting at it. It is this type of construction that does not involve the use of any upholstery materials. The table will look great and complete even with a banal varnish coating. The varnish will give the wood a depth of color and protect it from dirt, grease and moisture entering the wood structure.

The pallet does not have a solid plane without holes, so you can put ordinary glass on the top of the table as a countertop. The main thing is to protect the sharp edges by grinding.

But the other tiers of the table can be used as multifunctional shelves. You can store both books and jars of cereals on them, depending on the location of the table. You can also place candles inside the table if it is located on the street. This will be additional lighting and improvement of comfort in the country.

Using the example of a table, it becomes clear that garden furniture is made very easily and is accessible to an ordinary person even without carpentry skills.

In addition, sofas or armchairs look more than unusual and original among the greenery of the trees of your garden. It is they who can most often be found in various themed cafes. Two pallets are stacked lengthwise, the height can also be adjusted by their number, a pallet cut in half is installed on the sides, and a whole one is already used as a backrest.

This design should be qualitatively painted and, if possible, covered with fabric. The sofa will look great if you add several pillows to it as seats and backs. According to a similar principle, an armchair is also made, only taking into account that not two pallets in width are used for the seat, but one.

Also, if there is a gazebo, you can even install a pallet bed there. Its height can be adjusted, and the size can be experimented with. In addition to the bed, you can install a headboard from a pallet, or, having shown imagination, use the same unexpected solution.

You need to be prepared for the fact that only the bed box itself can be made from pallets, and already soft parts, such as a mattress and pillows, will have to be purchased or made independently from other materials.

What is the secret of popularity?

The key to the popularity of pallet furniture is its originality and uniqueness. It is difficult to assume that such an absurd thing as a shipping pallet can serve as a detail for creating furniture for the garden. Outdoor furniture is available for anyone who wants to decorate their garden. You just have to be patient.

Photos of furniture from pallets