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New crafts for the garden — stylish and original decorations from designers (95 photo ideas)

Everyone who has at least a small plot of land is considered lucky. The dacha allows you to be outdoors more, relax and chat with friends, and for creative people it is also an opportunity to throw out long—thought-out ideas on how to equip a garden with your own hands.

Here you will already need crafts for the cottage, so you need to try and give everything 100% so that the surrounding people will envy.

It is not difficult to make an original invention nowadays, just combine several new and old materials.

A good option is fakes from bottles. Make birds and paint them with bright colors. Plastic bottles will help to decorate the edges of flower beds or paths. But do not rush to throw away the covers, create a panel from them that you can hang anywhere, even on trees.

For landscape design, use mounting foam. You can get unusual figures and sculptures.

Car tires will also come in handy. It will turn out bright inventions, painted in different colors.

Plastic pipes with different diameters will make the cottage even more bizarre and unusual, you'll see. Build a decorative fence or make fashionable garden furniture.

Wooden barrel. If there is such a farm, it will help to realize a long—standing dream and make a luxurious flower garden.

Pebbles, stones will give the garden paths elegance and originality. Lay out an ornament or a mosaic pattern on the surface.

In the article, you can take a closer look at photos of new crafts for the garden. Take a closer look and choose one of the ideas for the design of the site.

Remember a few simple rules in order for decorative elements to fit well into the overall atmosphere of the garden:

  • there is no need to arrange compositions everywhere there should be few of them, overkill does not mean good;
  • place large parts in open places;
  • stick to the same direction.

Sculptural creations

It is not necessary to install a large-sized figure in the suburban area, unless it was scary. Funny animals or cartoon characters will decorate the garden paths. To make them, you do not have to spend money, use the remnants of materials used during construction, old pots or glass bottles.

Often the alleys in the garden are decorated with gnomes. They are considered symbols of plants. Make a small sculpture with your own hands.

Cut out the hero's image from a stump or sculpt it from clay, plaster and paint it with bright colors of acrylic paint. If you decide to sculpt a gnome, then build a structure in advance so that it does not fall apart from a single touch.

As a basis for a small sculpture, it can be a squirrel, a hedgehog, a heron, a stork or an owl, foam or a piece of frozen construction foam will serve. Next, coat it with putty and let it dry. Then sand the top layer and paint. Such ideas will please more than one summer period.

If your loved ones' birthday is planned on the eve, please them with your creativity. Make crafts in the garden from vegetables, they will not be able to leave any guest indifferent. Use everything in the garden, for example, make a turtle out of pumpkins and cucumbers and place it near an artificial stream. Turn on your imagination and please your relatives.

Forgery of natural materials

Wood and stones will allow you to create chic figures that will easily fit into any garden design. Decided to paint the stones, then go to the seashore or river and choose their most unusual shape. Use only acrylic paints, they dry quickly, are perfectly applied to the surface, are not harmful to health, resistant to various humidity indicators and do not succumb to sunlight.

First, wash off the sand and algae from the stones, dry well. As a primer, purchase PVA glue, apply and let dry, then use a background shade and only then can you start drawing.

You can carve animals or animal faces out of wood, it all depends on your imagination. Crafts made of natural material are the cheapest option for garden decoration.

Unusual and new ideas

Everyone can build a lot of country decorations with their own hands. Photos and master classes can be found in our article.

If there is an old unnecessary piano in the house, then use it to make a flower bed in the garden. You will need a musical instrument case, soil and flower seedlings.

The original idea can be obtained from braided cut branches. Such constructions will decorate the site, make it modern. These are different shapes, baskets or wicker fences.

If you are going to throw away an old mirror, do not rush, it will come in handy. And not only because the omen is bad. Hang it in one of the dark corners and thereby add light to the plants and visually enlarge the territory.

Plant climbing plants near the entrance in advance and build an arched structure out of rebar or willow rod. Everyone near the entrance to the courtyard will feel cozy.

The fence also did not stand aside. This is one of the best places where decorative elements, created with their own hands, fit perfectly. Old gloves and bright mittens, flowerpots with flowers will be able to decorate the fence.

If a pond is dug in the garden or a fountain is installed, you can use a lot of ideas for decorations. Starting from stones and ending with the creation of animal figures: frogs, herons or bugs. Also, it breathes well near the water.

In general, garden decor is an interesting and easy activity, the main thing is to do everything efficiently. Create a design according to the rules, your site will not be similar to the neighbors. Every day the imagination of avid summer residents never ceases to amaze. New items are constantly appearing, which sometimes take your breath away.

It is impossible to list all the inventions. And nothing is needed for this — ordinary materials. A plot of land is like a push to fully reveal hidden talents and fantasies.

Create the best crafts for the garden with your own hands, experiment. Believe in yourself everything will work out. Share your experience and skills with novice gardeners do not be greedy. Good luck!

Photos of new crafts for the garden