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Mailbox with your own hands — the best original solutions for a private home (65 photos)

The cottage, as a rule, is located on the territory of a cottage settlement or in the suburbs, which means that the plot has a certain postal address where correspondence can come in the name of the owner. Therefore, a mailbox in a country house is needed so that a cottager can receive letters and other shipments.

For a home craftsman who is used to doing everything himself, the task of making a mailbox will not seem difficult. Products may differ in shape, construction, materials used, design and price.

For simple models, special skills are not required, but if you use expensive components, you can't do without them.

In the photo of the mailbox there are all kinds of options, among which you can find a suitable one for your suburban area. If it's just a decorative element, then its design should be special. When choosing a product for yourself, follow the following criteria:

Capacity. This parameter depends on the number of subscription publications, in addition, you should also take into account the advertising newsletter, which is distributed free of charge.

Location. Decide on the purpose of the mailbox, whether it will be used only for correspondence, or will also perform a decorative function, attracting everyone's attention.

Distinguish models:

  • standard;
  • english;
  • american;
  • original.

Standard Mailbox

In the traditional version, there is a slot into which the postman drops newspapers, magazines and letters, such models are popular in the CIS countries. You can use various materials to make them, it will take a little time for the master to make them.

The standard model, decorated with decorative elements, is a beautiful mailbox. Original details that are easy to find allow you to make an interesting design, they install traditional boxes, as a rule, on the fence of the suburban area.

American Mailbox

The American mailbox differs in appearance from the convenient standard described above. Such products have the same type of structure, the postman leaves magazines and newspapers in a horizontal position, he has to roll up too voluminous publications into a tube.

In American mailboxes, there is a special checkbox when it is in the raised state, which means that letters are waiting in the mailman's mailbox that need to be sent. This is the way it is in America, but in Russia it is possible to negotiate with the postman so that he also works according to this scheme.

You will need to prepare a separate support for the box, it can be made of wood or metal, a garden figure will also serve as a good support. Before finally choosing this option, think about the volume of correspondence.

The standard model is much more spacious than the American one, so if you are going to receive a lot of subscription publications, then there is a reason to think. It is possible that in this situation, the standard is better than its foreign counterpart: everything will fit into it for sure.

English Mailbox

As for the English mailbox, it looks like a pedestal-column installed permanently, such a product is made of metal or laid out of brick. The model is placed on the ground a few meters away from the entrance, it has an attractive appearance – it resembles a miniature house.

The decor of the mailbox is in harmony with the design of a country house, it is characterized by large capacity and high strength. Such a mini-house is the first to welcome visitors to the estate, it easily accommodates a large amount of correspondence.

Original boxes

The original mailbox is a unique product that brings to life the most interesting design solutions. So, various items can be used as a mailbox after a little refinement and improvement.

Home craftsmen believe that the simplest and lightest homemade products are wooden or plastic models, those who are familiar with brickwork will master the construction of structures for postal items made of bricks. Metal products can be made by people with welding skills: they know exactly about all the nuances of joining metal sheets.

Many choose a model based on their own preferences, while taking into account the exterior design. When maximum strength and durability are required, choose brick with metal as the material of manufacture.

So that the product does not turn out to be garish, stick to a single color solution, as a result you will be able to achieve that the ensemble looks harmonious.

If there are a lot of fruit trees on the plot, and it is located in a small village, then an excellent addition to a wooden fence will be an element of wood in a rustic style.

When the cottage is located in a modern cottage settlement, and the territory of the plot is fenced with a wrought-iron fence, the mailbox must necessarily be metal with elegant elements of forging. Forged details should correspond to the theme of the exterior, a wonderful solution is to use patterns that repeat the pattern on the gate and gate.

For a small suburban area, a plastic mailbox is a suitable choice, any master will make it with his own hands quickly.

Practical tips from folk craftsmen

To prevent the wooden structure from disintegrating, individual parts are fastened with corners, then the product will be more durable, and when it needs to be repaired, it is enough to simply unscrew the nuts with screws.

When the correspondence slot is placed at the top, it needs to be protected from precipitation by installing a small visor. It is better to make a door for the removal of mail in the lower part, the best option is when the bottom of the box is completely reclined.

When the door for the removal of correspondence is placed on the front of the box, it is important not to make a mistake with the dimensions so that the details do not have to be customized or even changed. To save your correspondence, lock the door when you leave the country house.

If you do not want the mailbox to overflow quickly due to advertising information, put a wooden cabinet nearby, where the postman will place advertising.

If you want to receive notifications about the receipt of new correspondence, install an alarm system inside the mailbox. To do this, you will need to make another bottom out of plywood sheet or plastic, the contact plates are placed between the springs on which the false bottom rests.

The design works as follows: the postman drops the letter into the mailbox, the contacts are closed, and as a result, the light bulb in the house connected to the alarm system lights up.

You can make any model with your own hands if you want to save money from the family budget. The wooden product is made of pine timber and plywood, the lid is put on epoxy glue. To make it convenient to use the DIY, attach the handle to the door, cut out a small keyhole and insert the lock. With the help of paint and varnish materials for outdoor work, a decorative coating is performed.

To make an American mailbox, you will need the skills of working with a welding machine to connect the structure together. The most difficult thing is to make metal models yourself, so before choosing a model, really evaluate your strength.

Photo of the mailbox with your own hands