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Lock on the gate — which one to choose? Review of the best options + 100 photos of models. Installation instructions from the pros!

The latches and padlocks that were once familiar are now obsolete, and they are not able to cope with the task of protecting the site assigned to them. But, fortunately, progress does not stand still and the owner of the plot, who is faced with the choice of a lock on the gate, has a lot to choose from. Mechanical and electrical, code and magnetic…

The abundance of information and photos of gate locks is amazing, so a brief excursion into the world of locking mechanisms will not be superfluous.

A simple and unpretentious mechanical lock is characterized by a low cost and, if chosen correctly, is still able to provide the proper level of protection. There are three types of mechanical devices in total:

  • rack and pinion;
  • suvaldny;
  • cylinder.

The rack-and-pinion street lock was popular 20 years ago. However, now it should not be considered as a worthy option. And it's not even about its bulkiness and inconvenience in operation. The main disadvantage of the mechanism is the low level of protection.

Lever locks, on the contrary, perfectly cope with the task assigned to them. Mechanisms with the number of levers 5 and higher are practically not inferior to more advanced and expensive options in terms of reliability.

High-quality cylinder locks are also still able to protect the site from unauthorized entry. They are difficult to crack with lock picks or brute force.

Also, among the mechanical locking devices, it is worth highlighting the magnetic and combination lock. The code has one advantage over the key-opening counterparts, which can also be considered a lack of wealth: you do not need a key to open the gate.

If the mechanism fails, it will not be easy to open it, and the buttons used are overwritten, which leads to the need to change the code regularly.

Automatically latching magnetic locks are unlocked with a magnet key, which is convenient and practical. But not very reliable. The main disadvantage of mechanical locks is the presence of movable metal elements. In addition, mechanisms that are not protected from moisture penetration inside often fail when the air temperature drops below zero.

Mortise options are protected from precipitation by the construction of the gate itself, but when choosing overhead locks, it is worth paying attention to the waterproofing of the housing.

Another disadvantage of the mechanical versions of the locking device is the relatively rapid wear of the moving parts of the mechanism. Therefore, if a high frequency of gate opening is planned, it is better to pay attention to more expensive and wear-resistant options.

Average cost

The leaders of this segment are electric locking devices, such as electromotor, electromagnetic and electromechanical locks. They have a high degree of reliability.

The magnetic mechanism of the electromechanical lock is duplicated by a spring device actuated by a familiar key. This allows you to avoid problems with opening or prevent spontaneous unlocking of the gate in case of power failures.

A bulkier and heavier electric motor lock works the same way as its electromechanical counterpart. The only difference is that the bolt is driven by a motor.

The electromagnetic lock is characterized by simplicity of design, which is the guarantee of durability. There are holding and shifting devices. The first magnetic field keeps the gate closed. The principle of operation of the second is not much different from the work of the electromechanical version.

The weak point of all electric locks is power supply. Therefore, if there is a risk of power outage, it is better to opt for an electromechanical mortise lock for gates.

The advantages include reliable operation of the devices regardless of weather conditions throughout the entire service life.

Expensive quality

High-tech devices cannot be cheap. The high cost and complexity of the installation, which cannot be carried out without the help of qualified specialists, is perhaps the only drawback of electronic and radio–controlled locks. However, this is compensated by the highest degree of protection against penetration, which they provide.

A scanner or a signal receiver, a control unit and a locking mechanism are the basis of any electronic device. The scanner can be configured for any of the biometric parameters of the owners of the site, so that it is almost impossible for outsiders to deceive it.

The control unit that receives the signal from the scanner and gives the command to open, close or lock the locking mechanism is usually already on the territory of the site, out of reach of possible intruders. And the locking mechanism itself is characterized by a margin of strength and wear resistance.

An alternative or a stand-in for the scanner can be a receiver of a radio signal or infrared radiation. Such types of electronic locks can be opened with key chains that can unlock the gate from a distance.

Also distributed kits video entry system with lock, allowing owners to open the door to visitors from the comfort of home.

In case of power supply problems, the design of electronic and radio-controlled devices provides for the installation of a battery. Thanks to this, regardless of the circumstances, the site is always under reliable protection.

Special attention!

The reliability of any lock is determined by its class or resistance to opening. There are four classes in total, of which the first is devices with the weakest security properties.

The fourth class, respectively, is assigned to the most reliable locking mechanisms. The second, third and fourth grades are subject to mandatory certification, which is authorized to be carried out only by organizations and divisions that have the appropriate licenses. Therefore, for security reasons, it makes sense to study the accompanying documentation for it before buying a lock.

No matter how reliable it is, incorrect installation of the lock can affect both the service life and its security properties. It is better to trust such work to specialists, because the dubious savings on the master's salary can affect the security of the site and your wallet. The only exception, perhaps, is the unpretentious mechanics of not high class.

Photo of the lock on the gate