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Landscaping of the yard: landscape design and rules of spectacular decoration of the site (95 photos)

It's no secret that any owner of a private residential building dreams of performing a beautiful landscaping of the surrounding space. But, keep in mind that the result was truly unique and attractive, it is necessary to put a lot of diligence and time.

Previously, before starting work, it is required to study many nuances and competently plan all stages of landscaping. Only after that you can start the main work.

 The design of landscaping of a private house, experts most often divide into several stages:

Previously, it is recommended to carefully study the features of the free working area. For these purposes, it is better to hire experienced professionals who, using the latest modern technologies, will help make a non-standard area a perfectly flat surface. It is worth considering that their work will significantly "hit" the family budget.

But, there is also a more rational way — to turn all the shortcomings of the soil cover (hill, pit, lowland) into interesting landscape projects. As an example: almost any hill rising on the site perfectly transforms into a modern colorful alpine slide, and a shallow low-lying place will be a successful attractive reservoir.

There are situations when the differences and irregularities are too noticeable, but this fact can be easily corrected with the help of vertical redevelopment. Specialists in this field will make the surface you have chosen and correct the shortcomings.

Without a doubt, the design of the site should be in harmony with the overall style of the situation and the building itself. Approaching the house, the first thing that opens to the eye is the courtyard and the buildings adjacent to it, so you need to open the view of the facade smoothly and organically.

Taking into account taste preferences, lifestyle and the composition of the whole family, the territory of the site needs to be planned competently and harmoniously. That is, to carry out zoning: entrance, garden with trees, active games and recreation area, sports area, Playground and similar options for dividing free space. This process must be carried out first of all before the work is carried out, using a network system of paths and paths.

It is recommended to take into account the moment of visibility of the entire area of the plot, that is, the yard should look perfect from any side, which allows you to admire the beauty of nature.

Naturally, the lighting of the plot adjacent to the house plays an important role in the design, helping the yard to play with different colors, as shown in the photo of the landscaping of the yard. It is worth thinking through the game of artificial light correctly.

As a rule, garden paths are usually illuminated with the help of small inconspicuous lamps. Less often, there are lighting fixtures built into the path, which is paved with decorative tiles.

The final stage is the direct planting of ornamental crops, flowers, greenery and landscaping. The final result is very important, as it will affect the perception, aesthetics and even the mood of the household and guests.

Examples of competent yard design

Designers and other specialists offer a huge mass of ideas on how to green the yard of a private house, which is not difficult to do on your own:

Traditional lawns will give even the simplest plot a unique luxury. As a rule, it is used in addition to other design options, but even alone the lawn looks no less attractive decoration.

But, keep in mind that lawns are more suitable for a vast, more spacious area. If lawn grass will be used only as a decoration, you can take any herbal mixture for planting. Often, for playing lawns, it is necessary to choose seed varieties that can withstand a heavy load.

For a more thorough and durable design of the plot, decorative shrubs and trees should be planted, which will advantageously hide unsightly outbuildings and divide the land into different zones, providing them with cool shade.

When creating a landscaping project, it is necessary to take into account that in the future trees grow significantly and increase the crown, which is why you should not plant them too close to buildings. Most often, preference is given to small conifers (thuja, pine, spruce) or ornamental trees (viburnum bush, fragrant cherry, honeysuckle).

Additional details of the yard design

There are situations in which a ready-made, long-lived plot wants to revive and update a little. For these non-standard situations, a portable flowerpot or flowerbed is used.

Fresh flowers in small vases will perfectly decorate a paved path, while it becomes possible to regularly replace containers with new jewelry options.

Usually, plants are taken that bloom as the surrounding period changes. Both annual and perennial crops are used for containers.

It happens that the walls of an old building do not take an aesthetically ugly look, or there is not so much free space on the site, which can be corrected with the help of a vertical flowerbed. It is possible to green the facade of a residential building both for additional decoration and to create a cool area for recreation in the hot period.

A large number of climbing plants like an abundance of natural light, so they should be planted along the walls facing the south side. It will take quite a bit of space: a small piece of soil or several narrow containers near the walls, where hops, ornamental vineyard, ivy or campsis are planted.

A more complex version of gardening is hedges and figures of plants (topiary). Creating a hedge is not difficult at all, but to perform a topiary you will need certain skills: correctly use a garden knife and scissors, maximum patience and imagination.

Novice gardeners are recommended to practice creating simple geometric shapes, that is, rectangles, triangles, balls, cubes.

Special seedlings are required that have special qualities:

  • form new shoots;
  • slowly growing;
  • they tolerate decorative processing (haircut) well.

The improvement of a private house largely depends on how well the adjacent plot itself is planned, and how much joy and pleasure a lush blooming garden created with your own hands will bring! It is only necessary to apply maximum imagination, skill and patience.

Photos of yard landscaping