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Intercom for home: overview of models, selection and installation of the optimal option (60 photos)

The best intercoms for the private sector are video intercoms, and IP models and analog ones are considered the best choice for many summer residents. In addition, there are also other models, for example, audio intercoms, and this article is devoted to the nuances of choosing a suitable option for homeowners.

The main components of an intercom for a private home are a call device with a receiving device. Users have the opportunity to buy a complete product or in separate parts.

The analog model consists of parts:

  • Panels – call and subscriber
  • Power supply
  • Locking mechanism
  • Exit buttons
  • Cable

Call panel

The intercom-calling device is attached to the fence or to the house from the street side. The material for the manufacture of the case, as a rule, is metal, fastening points are hidden under it, it is necessary to check the presence of characteristics – dust and water resistance.

The call panel allows you to unlock the door, make a call, provide audio communication and make video recordings.

The following elements are located on the call panel for the cottage:

  • card reader with key;
  • call button;
  • camera;
  • microphone with speaker.

With limited visibility, the model equipped with infrared illumination is convenient to use. Such equipment helps homeowners to avoid unnecessary expenses: additional lighting devices will not be needed.

A set of modern intercom with a color camera allows you to use a special function of night vision mode, in case of insufficient lighting, the device automatically switches to black-and-white shooting.

Pay attention to the operational properties of the call block, the lower temperature value of -30 degrees is not suitable for all regions, as for the viewing angle, it can vary between 55-90 degrees.

If you are going to install with your own hands, decide in advance on a place for the camera. If the installation is not thought out, then the viewing angle will turn out to be narrow, do not rush to proceed to the installation, first test all possible options for the image of the input space.

Subscriber's device

The subscriber panel is a device that receives a call signal, communication is established through an intercom device. The internal system makes it possible to conduct video surveillance automatically or in forced mode, as well as unlock or block the locking mechanism.


  • Display
  • Wire Tube
  • Control buttons

One subscriber device allows you to connect one call panel, the rest of the equipment depends on the specific model of equipment, some devices record video.

Look at the photo of the intercom for the house: the developments, closed with an elegant case, are equipped with a touch screen with a menu, they also have an intercom function.

There are modifications where there are additionally SD cards and memory cards, they function as a phone, call forwarding to a telephone is easily connected, a special option allows you to open the lock from a smartphone. In the case when there is no memory card, an external unit is purchased.

What does the lock device consist of?

The design includes a lock, power supply, exit and unlock buttons and a communication device.

Many summer residents choose wireless intercoms based on their own considerations: An electromechanical overhead lock acts in the same way as any standard locking mechanism.

The material of manufacture is, as a rule, stainless steel, works perfectly in the temperature range from -40 to + 50 degrees. If necessary, it is able to lock the exit button, there are variations where it is possible to lock from the inside.

The electromechanical lock model differs from the modification described above in terms of retention strength, this indicator is higher, but it is inferior if we consider the susceptibility to subzero temperatures.

In the electromagnetic analogue, the main component is an electromagnet, it is attached to the fence, the second part – a metal plate – is placed on the door leaf. The model has a significant disadvantage – it does not work when the electricity is turned off.

Exit button

There are contactless and mechanical exit buttons, the first ones are equipped with an infrared sensor, they work as soon as you bring your hand closer to them.

IP intercom

This design is much more complicated than the equipment used for the purpose of a door lock.

Such a model controls the system at a considerable distance, in order to monitor the image in real time, you will need a PS or a smartphone with Internet access and a gsm module.

You will need to install the appropriate application on your mobile phone, the IP intercom performs video surveillance, takes photos or videos, recording is performed on an SD card, the image is also broadcast over the network.

The recording is activated if the installed motion sensor is triggered, the owner of the suburban area can activate this option forcibly.

The intercom function is supported by most monitors, manufacturers of intercoms produce products with touch screens, as an option, touch buttons can be located on the body, displays have high resolution.

Thanks to the GSM module, the device receives various types of signals coming from a variety of sensors. These may be signals indicating the release of smoke, gas, temperature changes, and the opening of doors into the air.

The IP intercom consists of the following components:

  • A call panel designed for models
  • Lock device with exit button
  • Subscriber terminal
  • Adapter

The package includes an installation disc, you can connect additional equipment, for example: cameras and call panels. If desired, the consumer can find kits with advanced functionality, where there are alarm clock and answering machine options.

Wireless variation: Features

If a Wi-Fi module is built into the IP intercom, the device connects to a wireless network without any problems, a modern smartphone is used as a subscriber device, and the intercom functions thanks to the access point mode.

Optimal choice

Knowing how to install intercoms of various models, you can make a final choice.

An analog device is a device that has proven itself on the good side, its cost is affordable for people with any income.

Structurally, it is simpler than digital, but at the same time more reliable, there are many analog models on the market, each of them has a different set of functions, a rich assortment fully meets the requirements of consumers.

The wireless variation is suitable for owners of stationary computers, then you can avoid additional financial costs and do not have to lay a cable.

IP intercoms are combined with various electronic systems, which allows you to make your home even more cozy and safer. "Smart home" makes it possible to control the air conditioning, heating and other systems. The alarm system connected to the intercom provides full control over the situation at home.

How do consumers choose an intercom for themselves?

Buyers today choose models after getting acquainted with the rating of intercoms and reviews of customers who have already purchased equipment and had time to test it.

Devices with tubes are simply irreplaceable when there is background noise in the room, it is better to purchase them immediately with a monitor to eliminate the problem of incompatibility of individual parts.

A small display is the best choice, it has a 3.5–inch diagonal, and it is enough to view the image. Usually, 2 call panels are connected to the device, with their help, the owners of the suburban area can control three inputs at once.

Panels with an internal power supply are also in high demand, budget models of black-and-white intercoms easily find their buyer.

IP intercoms have functional features, as a rule, all models have a built-in recorder.

When buying, be sure to familiarize yourself with the complete set of the product, check the availability of instructions, consult with the seller so that in the future you will not be disappointed in your choice.

Photo of the intercom for the house