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Facade illumination: stylish multicolored architectural decoration (80 photo ideas)

Architectural illumination of facades is one of the components of lighting design. Well-chosen lighting allows you to emphasize all the decorative stone buildings. This design helps to highlight the structure against the background of other ordinary houses, thereby perfectly emphasizing the status of its owner.

In addition, the illumination for the facade of a country house has a relaxing effect. Thanks to her, a comfortable environment is created in the backyard, which has a positive effect on the human condition.

Modern lighting design includes several types of illumination of buildings:

Flooding. It is a set of lamps for lighting facades, which are located at a distance of 1.5 m from each other. As a result, the entire architectural structure is drowned in warm colors.

Experienced designers use this technique in addition to the main light. Flood lighting is installed in the lower or upper part of the facade. It is the main highlight of architectural design.

Local. This kind of lighting design is used to highlight individual elements of the building.

Hidden. It is divided into three types: silhouette, contour and color dynamics. The first type is used to give a soft silhouette to the whole house. It beautifully emphasizes the design of the architectural structure against the background of other buildings.

Contour adds elegance to individual lines. To do this, use an LED strip or spotlights.

The third option is a combined illumination, which is used to create a light shadow in a moderate amount. The photo of the hidden illumination of the facades shows the perfect combination of the facade of the building with the surrounding landscape.

Basic rules for creating decorative lighting

Decorative illumination of a private house includes two main functions: conciseness and safety. The structure immediately acquires a luxurious look. Additional lighting ensures safe movement in the dark.

Architectural illumination of the facades of buildings gives a certain mystery to the surrounding landscape. Thanks to her, the surrounding atmosphere acquires lightness and serenity.

There are two ways to achieve the desired effect:

Plain. It includes the action of powerful floodlights, which are located in the side of the building. As you can see, the backlight is located on the surface of the earth.

The main advantage of this method is its mobility. If desired, the floodlights can be moved to another area, which will emphasize individual elements of the building.

The point method. It is used to highlight certain parts of the facade. It can be used as a separate light or a general composition.

In the process of creation, it is necessary to take into account the characteristic features of lighting devices. Many lamps are not suitable for use in a private home. The fact is that each type of decorative light has a special power, which, if used incorrectly, can cause a fire.

Flood lighting intended for high-rise buildings. It visually increases the height of the building. The use of such lights in a country house will contribute to an uncomfortable existence for their owners.

A large number of light bulbs are located on the lower level of the building. During the night period, most of the residential buildings will be immersed in bright lighting.

Modern technologies offer a new generation of smart light bulbs. They are a design in which you can change the angle of illumination. Thanks to this innovation, you will create a new kind of illumination every time. This system includes a flood, hidden and local type of light radiation.

How to choose the size of the spotlights?

In fact, everything is quite simple. The diameter of the lamp should be slightly larger than the size of a regular light bulb. For large multi-storey buildings, it is recommended to choose models whose radius ranges from 40 to 50 cm.

Before choosing a type of backlight, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to see in the end. For single-storey buildings, it is necessary to select hidden or combined lighting. This will give the house a smooth and streamlined shape.

For directional light fixtures, it is recommended to choose halogen diodes. They consume a minimum of electrical energy, and prevent overheating of the lamp body. In addition to such devices, a variety of nozzles are attached. They will allow you to create new types of illumination every time.

For the porch and the entrance part of the house, it is recommended to use intensive light diffusers. Special reflectors have flood lighting.

Experienced designers advise using several points of lamps that will be located on the territory of the infield. The decorative lighting of the house will perfectly harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

How to choose the right lighting equipment?

Before you go shopping for all the elements, you need to familiarize yourself with the aging of lighting structures. They include:

  • types of lamps;
  • special mount;
  • installation work.

The main task of the lighting design is to decorate the main part of the building. Special equipment allows you to transform even the simplest design of the house. First of all, it is recommended to pay special attention to the technical characteristics of lighting structures.

In addition, lighting equipment must comply with all safety rules. The body of the device must consist of strong metal alloys.

Dust-proof pads will be present on the surface, which will prevent dust and insects from getting to the heated bulb.

Before making a purchase, you need to familiarize yourself with some important points:

  • for decorative lighting, it is recommended to choose lamps with IP 66 protection;
  • the housing of the luminaires should consist of lightweight aluminum;
  • it is possible to fill in the irregularities of the facade with the help of combined illumination;
  • for a small house, it is necessary to choose lamps with a minimum power;
  • an alternative solution to the aluminum housing will be acrylic components as part of the lamp;
  • LED lamps are able to last a long enough period of time.

Photo of facade illumination