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Ideas for cottages — simple and beautiful ideas for the design of a plot or garden (120 photos)

His dacha is very popular and it is well deserved. It is here that many can find the peace and unity with nature that our soul so demands after the worries and problems of reality and everyday life. It is in the silence of a country house that you can stop in the flow of everyday life, calmly reflect, relieve tension and stress.

A summer cottage is not only a pleasant, but also a useful pastime, these are pleasant presents on the table on cold winter evenings. How to make a cozy and comfortable cottage? What interesting ideas exist to implement them on the site?
This is what will be discussed in this publication.

Looking through various photos of ideas for giving, you are always surprised — how rich and unpredictable a person's imagination is. It can be anything: flower beds and gazebos, lighting and fountains, playgrounds and barbecues. This is where our creative potential can be fully realized.

You can express yourself in all the originality and realize all your artistic talent, having experienced satisfaction from the very process of creativity.

If you don't know where to start, what original designs can be created, let's try to present you the best ideas for a cottage created with your own hands.

For example, the easiest way to prove yourself is to create original flower beds, benches, fences. If you have sufficient technical knowledge and some experience, you can create original lighting yourself or build a fountain.

For connoisseurs of works of art, you can offer to create sculptural or pictorial compositions. For specialists in the field of construction, it is quite affordable to make original gazebos and playgrounds with their own hands.

What will we need to implement our country ideas

Although the design options for cottages and gardens may differ in a variety of ways, and their entire range is unlimited, it will be necessary to choose the appropriate materials for implementation in practice. It all depends on what exactly we decided to do. Naturally, we will need not only the desire, we will have to work.

It is important to remember that everything you do should be safe for others, give aesthetic pleasure and not cause negative emotions, but most importantly — do not harm health and the surrounding nature.

One more tip: for country ideas, it is necessary to use natural materials, they are not only environmentally friendly, but also harmoniously fit into the landscape design of the suburban area.

Let's consider some practical ideas that are quite accessible for repetition, or maybe they will push the imagination to action, and you will be able to create something of your own?

Flower beds, flower beds, lawns

The most popular element of the site's decor is the creation of original flower beds or lawns. It is beautiful and although at first glance it may seem that practicality is not characteristic of this idea, however, a good mood that creates pleasure from contemplation is already worth a lot.

An old barrel, basin or tires from cars can act as a flowerbed or flower garden. By painting them with bright colors, you can get an original element in the design of your dacha.

Apply a little imagination and here — from a painted barrel you got a dwarf, on whose head a bouquet of bright flowers is emblazoned.

Cover the edges of the lawn with natural stones and fantasize over the perimeter drawings – so you have created a lawn in the shape of a flower, an animal's head or in the shape of a heart.

Benches. Gazebos

Who said that the bench should look strict? Why not make a bench in the form of a car axle? Install two old tires on the edges and put a board between them. After processing, fixing and painting, you will get an original and practical design.

And if you have an idea of a pond in the country, then it is difficult to do without a bench here. The pond itself is already original, unusual and practical. Install another gazebo of unusual shape – a boat with a canopy, a shell or something else, and you will get a wonderful recreation area, it is here that you can sit with a book in peace and quiet.

The house and its interior decoration

Naturally, all your original ideas for the cottage can and should extend to the most important thing – the cottage itself.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your house is to pull special threads along its walls and plant climbing plants. In the summer, they will tighten all the walls — so you got a beautiful, original home. In addition, on hot summer days it will always be fresh and cool here.

The decoration of the interior of the house can be hand-made furniture. Anything can be used here. An old wooden barrel will be an original stand for a table, hang various homemade sabers and pistols on the wall – that's the cabin of a pirate schooner in the Russian outback.

Lighting and other technical ideas

Having some technical knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, you can make unusual lighting. Modern technologies offer a wide range of LED strips, using them on your site makes it possible to get interesting visual effects.

With the help of water pumps, it becomes possible to create a small fountain. Add light illumination here and surprise your neighbors with the unusual and original recreation area on your site.

In general, it is now becoming possible to use all kinds of technical devices. Of course, some technical training and skills will be required, but the result will not only be beautiful, but also practical.

Fences, hedges

One of the ways to get a beautiful design of the site is to create fences and hedges. It will be an interesting design element, and in addition — by means of hedges, you can divide the territory into separate zones, adding comfort and originality.

Children's playground

Children are the flowers in our life. This seemingly hackneyed phrase does not lose its relevance. Make an unusual playground for your kids: swings, sandboxes or just magic houses and gazebos.

You can perform everything in a fabulous style, make sculptural compositions – it will not only be original, but it will also bring up a sense of beauty in children.

However, it is important to remember about safety – all elements of the playground must be completely harmless to the child.

General rules for the arrangement of the suburban area

It is simply impossible to list all the interesting ideas for giving, because it is impossible to determine the boundaries of human imagination. However, let's try to outline the general rules for the arrangement of a suburban area, which do not depend on what idea you decided to implement.

First of all, remember about safety. Use safe materials, they should not be toxic, do not cause allergic reactions, do not harm health in any other way.

When creating design elements using technical means, remember about electrical safety. If you are lighting our fountain or creating other lighting effects, use special LED strips, and their supply voltage should not exceed 36 V.

The children's area should be arranged in such a way that the child does not get injured on sharp edges during the game, steel or stone structures are rigid.

It will be preferable to use wood here, it is environmentally friendly.

Plants planted on your site should also be safe. Remember that some of them cause allergies in some people during flowering.


The flight of fancy cannot be tamed and its boundaries can not be defined. Your suburban area can become truly original, practical and cozy — you are the designer, builder and owner here. Make an effort, dream up and in the future you will be able to enjoy a full rest, fully enjoying aesthetic pleasure.

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