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How to level a plot — 100 photo ideas and expert tips on how to level a plot with your own hands

There are many reasons why a plot of land may be uneven. You can give the proper look by leveling the landscape. Moreover, the more disadvantages, the more effort will have to be made.

Areas of small size can be leveled on their own – it is only necessary to allocate time, show desire and patience. If necessary, seek help from friends and family.

However, it will be difficult to level a large area with large depressions, elevations and slopes on your own. You may need to get rid of the entire top layer. In this case, it is recommended to contact organizations that perform similar types of work and have the necessary special equipment.

The irregularities of the plot will show their shortcomings when they plan to break up a garden, place beds or some kind of structure on it.

An uneven surface can also become an obstacle when laying a track or foundation. In this case, irregularities can cause unreliability of objects. That is, they can lead to danger for the owner of the site or his family members. Therefore, it is better to do everything efficiently and reliably.

And the overall appearance will improve significantly if the site is pre-leveled. We present to your attention a photo of a flat area:

Leveling up on time

The ideal time to start work comes after the completion of the house, the implementation of the communication system, before the paths are laid out on the site, decorations and recreational equipment are placed.

As for the seasons, it is best to level the plot in autumn, since in the winter-spring period, heavy precipitation and low temperatures will contribute to the shrinkage of the soil and nourish it with additional minerals and fertilizers. The latter will be a plus for gardeners and gardeners.

Methods of execution

Let's turn to the question of how to level the plot. The plot can be leveled using a tillerblock, while shortcomings in height up to fifteen centimeters will be eliminated. This method requires further manual refinement. It is carried out, for example, with the help of a rake — to smooth out small irregularities with uniform movements.

A more radical way is a tractor with a bucket. Thus, large lumps can be leveled. If you decide to level the site with a tractor, the scope of work will be one meter deep.

Different from the previously listed method will be falling asleep on top of an uneven layer of a new one. This method is most effective for comparing slopes.

The easiest way to align is to use the services of a specialized organization. Order a tractor that can best level the surface. Mechanical processing is best complemented by steam. As a rule, the cost of such services does not exceed thousands of rubles and the cost of refueling.

Getting rid of everything superfluous

Before proceeding to leveling the soil layer directly, it is necessary to remove all garbage and trash: remnants of building materials, waste, stones, trees and branches, plants. You can do this yourself or order the services of special services.

It is most convenient to remove excess from the site in the spring, after the snow and water come off, and the top layer of the earth dries up a little.

Steam treatment

A unique technology is the use of steam in order to level the plot in the country. The effect of steam will ensure the evenness of the surface in the future, will rid the soil of weeds, will resist pests.

Steam treatment can be carried out independently – scald the upper fertile layer of the earth with boiled water, thereby destroying microbes, bacteria and so on.

In addition to the boiled water to obtain, for example, smooth area under the lawn, you can use the technique of steam machines will save you from the troubles layer of about thirty centimeters.

Instead of steam, you can treat the soil with substances such as sulfur (can be used in the form of sulfur balls), lime, copper oxide.


It is more rational to process large plots (from five hectares) by ordering the appropriate services from the appropriate organization. Professionals will do the work better and more accurately. For example, with the help of a cultivator. The cost of such a service will be different in different regions. The price is also influenced by the condition of the surface of the land plot.

So, the average rental price of special equipment varies from 1.5 to 2 thousand. And the call of a consulting specialist and his services – from 2.5 to 4.5. The removal of trees, shrubs, and stumps on average will cost about 500 rubles. You will have to pay for leveling the plot, depending on its size – the number of square meters.

These are approximate prices, to which, in the case of ordering the leveling of the site from the company, you should add the payment of ground fillers, various expenses, for example, transportation costs. It is cheaper to level the suburban area yourself, spending less money on consultation and rental of special equipment.

How to handle the site independently

A small area can be leveled with your own hands. At the same time, you need to remember some rules. Work on leveling should begin with the removal of the topsoil. It is better to move the removed layer over the edge of the site.

To get a flat surface, break up large clods, dig out protruding irregularities, shift the soil into the recesses. If surplus land appears in the process of work, it can be moved to a greenhouse or simply removed from the site.

It is better to cultivate the soil in twenty days, since during this period it will settle down enough. It also does not hurt to cultivate the soil.

The final stage of processing is rake work. With this tool, you can remove small bumps and small debris.

What to do when soil fertility decreases

In the process of leveling the land plot, the fertile layer is partially removed. Here you need to remember that such a soil is quite rich in fertilizers, so you should not immediately get rid of it.

You can use such land in a greenhouse or distribute it on top of the plot in a uniform layer. Oxygen saturation by loosening can add fertility to the upper layer.

If the fertility of the soil was still lost, or there was too thin a layer, then the soil rich in substances and fertilizers can always be bought in a specialized store.

At the same time, it is not necessary to completely replace the land on the site, it is enough to mix a little with the existing one. It is also possible to replenish the fertile layer with sand, ash and lime.


You can level the land on the site yourself, using the support of friends or the help of specialists. At the same time, it is better to use appropriate tools and special equipment, as well as pay due attention to the advice of professionals.

Photo tips on how to level a plot