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How to design a flower bed — examples of schemes of beautiful and stylish design of flower beds and flowerbeds (70 photos)

Every owner of a private plot strives to green it and transform it. After all, a beautifully and competently designed flowerbed will delight the eye from early spring to late autumn. In addition, the flower garden will help hide landscape flaws and emphasize its advantages. That is why the most prominent and honorable places on the site should be allocated for the front garden.

There are several nuances that need to be taken into account when designing a flower bed with your own hands, so that it has an aesthetic appearance in any weather.

Plants should be planted in a flower bed taking into account their height. Small types of flowers are planted along the edges, but the closer to the center, the greater their height should be. The longest ones should be placed in the middle of the flowerbed.

Select plants that will look harmoniously in the overall composition. Color shades can be combined with each other or, conversely, contrast with each other.

When creating drawings, it is better to abandon intricate sketches. A simpler idea of decorating a flowerbed in the country will not yield to a complex one in its beauty.

There are separate nuances in each registration process, which it is better to familiarize yourself with before starting actions. Some secrets of landscape design will help to organize a luxurious and harmonious flowerbed that will be combined with all the buildings on the plot.

The first steps. Size and shape

The main difference between a flowerbed and a flower garden is its shape. If the flower garden can have absolutely any shape that you wish, then the flowerbed is performed only in strict geometrically configurations (circle, oval, rectangle, square). It can be any geometric shape, but with smooth and clear contours.

Flowerbeds with distinct geometry look more attractive on a smooth, well-groomed lawn. It is worth noting that the shape of the flower garden should be viewed from each side, otherwise it will look sloppy.

In order to prevent such a situation, it is recommended to pay attention to two important points.

The first is the scheme of the future composition. The process of creating it is quite simple, it is necessary to draw the outline of the planned object on the prepared site.

The second point is the planting density. Here it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of their growth when using several different varieties. For example, the planting of identical plants must be carried out on the principle of a "carpet", placed extremely close to each other.

If there are empty areas among the flowers, then this will break all the showiness and spoil the geometric integrity. Options for a beautiful flower bed design by the type of "carpet" can be seen in the photo.

The dimensions and shape of the future flowerbed completely depend on the size of the plot itself. If there is an opportunity to create a large front garden, then it is worth taking advantage of it. After all, massive flower arrangements have a more attractive appearance, unlike small islands.

If you are not an experienced gardener, then as a first experience, make it a simple shape with an unpretentious design.

Soil preparation

Warm spring days are the most suitable time for laying out and decorating a flower bed near the house. Initially, it is necessary to clean the selected area by removing all weeds with roots. If you plan to place it on a lawn or lawn, then you must first remove the topsoil.

After thoroughly saturate the earth with fertilizers and give it air. Garden forks are ideal for loosening. In the process of aeration, you will not only distribute fertilizers throughout the site, but also create a healthy soil with high fertility.

It is also possible to increase its quality indicators with the help of sand or chernozem, depending on the characteristics and composition.

The basis of a colorful flower garden is properly selected plants. In order for the flower garden to have a more holistic look, it is necessary to select specimens whose flowering period is approximately the same. Thus, it will be possible to preserve the saturation and unity of the created oasis for a long time.

As a rule, bright perennial plants are placed in the basis of the composition, and annuals serve as an additional background. The advantage is that they can be changed every year and give the flower garden a new look.

But it should be borne in mind that with the right design, the color color of plants should move from one tone to another, thereby creating a gradient effect.

An additional decoration with your own hands will give more luxury to the flower bed. As decorative elements, you can use stones, bricks, rubber tires, paving slabs, special plastic, metal or wooden fences.

There are a lot of options for using various improvised materials, you just need a little imagination and the plot will gain fabulous beauty. The main condition here is a combination of decor with a floral arrangement.

Do not try to fit a large number of different plants in a flower bed, it is better to divide them into several sections. A beautiful combination of colors with each other is much more important. The decoration after the period of mass flowering will be beautiful plants with unusual leaves or bright bracts, they will not let it fade.

Simple ways of registration

There are several unique ideas for organizing a beautiful front garden. A small instruction will tell you how to arrange a flower bed without much effort and with the use of a minimum amount of working material.

Perform a small elevation from the earthen embankment to highlight the flower garden, it should not merge with the ground. Using a cord or a board, shape it.

In order that it is not overgrown with neighboring weeds, it is recommended to fence it. As a fence, you can use gravel with heavy stones complicated on top, or use medium-sized stones (bricks) and lay out a curb from them, which will have no less aesthetic appearance. Then proceed to planting the prepared flowers.

Another option for creating a simple flower garden is the use of flower pots, wooden boxes, rubber stingrays. For example, lay out a multi-tiered flower bed from the ramps, and organize a vertical flower garden from boxes and pots.

A small flower oasis can be created in a temporary flowerbed, the simplest improvised material is suitable for its creation, even plastic or glass bottles that can be decorated or left in their original form.

Flower beds in the sawn trees and stumps. A very convenient option if there is an old withered tree or stumps from cut trees on the site. They can be turned into a decorative element of the site and organize a small flower arrangement in them.

All existing design options for flower beds will look great on private plots. The only difference will be the complexity in the design and further care.

It does not matter what your choice will be – a small flowerbed or a huge flower garden, each of them will add colorfulness and uniqueness to the site. Creating a beautiful design and organizing a flower bed will be a great way to realize your creative potential.

Photo tips on how to design a flower bed