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How to decorate a garden — expert tips and design ideas how to decorate with your own hands (95 photos)

Making a garden, giving it an unusual, fabulous look is not an easy task, but it is very pleasant and interesting. This is a creative process that will capture you with great force, provide a huge space for the flight of your fantasies and ideas.

Any item that has been standing on the sidelines on your site for several years now can turn into an exclusive front garden decoration in the right hands.

All kinds of bottles, buckets, barrels, this list can be continued indefinitely, all these things, when processed and decorated, will certainly turn out to be original decorative elements, this is confirmed by photos of gardens beautifully decorated with just such seemingly ordinary objects.

There are many ways and ideas that will turn your garden into a paradise where you will rest your soul and body. Let's try to consider the most popular of them.

Expanding the flora of your front garden will give it a new, incomparable look. Various types of trees, varieties of flowers, ornamental shrubs will turn the garden into an interesting place.

As an option – to make the zoning of the garden with the help of various plant features. For example, flowers can be planted in shades, in one corner there will be scarlet roses with red dahlias and gladioli, but white asters, daisies and tulips will occupy the opposite side. Or vice versa, mix all the shades around the perimeter of the plot, turn it into a bright, juicy mixture of flowers of various shades and colors.

The same can be done with trees. A fruit corner (apple, pear, apricot seedlings) should be equipped in one side, coniferous, for example, in the other, various fruit-bearing shrubs in the third.

This will ensure the convenience of harvesting, in the cool coniferous shade in summer you can hide from the sun and relax without fear of insects that will certainly pollinate fruit trees.

You can replenish your garden green collection with new, previously unknown plants, as well as those that you have been growing for a long time. Carefully study the market and choose those seeds and seedlings that you will be happy to take care of.

Adding an artificial pond

This method will instantly transform the territory. The water element can be made from improvised, inexpensive materials. It does not have to be large, it will be enough to have a small pond from a small children's bath dug into the ground, a basin, any container that can play the role of a bowl for a pond.

On supermarket shelves you can find plastic and plastic molds created specifically for these purposes. Such containers are sold in different sizes, bends, colors, you will definitely choose the option that suits you in cost, size and design.

It is very important to design the coastline of an artificially created reservoir beautifully and competently. Along its edges, a smooth lawn, paths lined with stones or marble chips, etc. look charming.

If you do not have time to constantly clean and change the water in the created reservoir, then you can design a dry pond, use colored gravel, pebbles, glass pebbles and other materials that are suitable for this business to fill it. This option will look perfect.

We are arranging an unusual flower garden

An old, sometimes rusted bucket, a cracked watering can, a garden cart without one wheel, tires with a long–worn tread - all this can become a unique flower garden in your garden. It is enough to make simple manipulations on their coloring and decoration and get a unique, beautiful flowerpot for your site.

There are a lot of interesting flower beds ideas, you can use original materials to decorate the surface, make it in the form of some kind of animal, for example, a hedgehog, chanterelle or bunny, in the form of a star, a sun, lay out some letters from flowers or even whole words.

If the item you have chosen for decoration is small and can easily get lost in the tall grass, make a pedestal for it. They can serve as an old stool, a stump, a small chair, etc. In this case, flowers and plants with the ends falling down will look best in the flowerpot.

If the territory of your garden allows, then you can make a large, massive decoration, using, for example, a cart or a composition of boards specially assembled in some interesting form (boats, huts). In such cases, one large flower garden is decorated, inside or on top of which separate pots with flowers are placed.

Be sure to decorate the garden plot with various figurines, figurines, and other, more massive objects designed directly to give the front garden atmosphere and comfort. Correctly and harmoniously selected accessories will create a wonderful mood in the garden area.

You can find such things both in specialized stores, departments, and make them yourself. All kinds of figures of dwarfs, domestic and wild animals, ladybirds, birds, miniature benches, mills, boats ... this list can be continued for a very long time, will create a fabulous atmosphere on your site, decorate it and will delight the eye from day to day.

A great option is to install a swing or hammock in the garden. Such accessories will appeal to adults and children. For kids, you can also install small slides, equip a sandbox.

Do not forget about lighting, special solar–powered garden lanterns are excellent accessories for transforming the front garden.

The choice of such lamps is huge, they are represented by a wide range of shapes and sizes, from small standard options to unusual lamps in the form of birds or animals. You can easily rearrange these accessories around the territory, thereby changing the situation and atmosphere of your kindergarten.

The most time-consuming and costly options will be any large-scale changes, for example, the arrangement of a full-fledged swimming pool, professional landscaping of the site, the installation of gazebos, decorative caves, author's miniatures that will become the center of your garden, various arches of plants, fountains. Such methods will undoubtedly give the territory chic and elegance.

Of course, the above list of garden design methods is only a small part of the available options. Unleash your imagination, don't be afraid to create and try something new, implement your ideas with love, draw inspiration from all kinds of sources, trust your desires and feelings.

Photo tips on how to decorate a garden