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Houses in a modern style: TOP 150 photos of the best projects of private houses, decorated wisely!

The exterior design of the facade of a suburban private house is its business card, which is used to judge not only the wealth and stylistic preferences, but also the social status of the owners, their hobbies and the rhythm of life. Modern design styles for homes enable property owners to create unique compositions using various building materials and finishes. However, these directions also entail a number of restrictions in facade decoration.

Modern trends combine several design principles borrowed from other styles, such as modern, minimalism and high-tech.

Bright characteristic features of modern trends are:

  • geometricity, traceable in simple shapes and clear lines;
  • the spaces are large in area as much as there is enough money for the owners and the territory;
  • panoramic window openings – large areas of wall surfaces covered with glass, make it possible to fill the interior rooms with light, making the rooms seem even more spacious;
  • minimal facade decoration, which is limited only to useful and functional elements;
  • the use of eco-friendly natural finishing materials or high-quality analogues that mimic natural surfaces;
  • combining materials that differ from each other to make the finish look more interesting and unique.

For finishing a private house in a modern style, completely different materials and techniques can be used. For every homeowner, today's market offers a variety of facade coverings with a suitable price and performance characteristics.

There are the following methods of finishing facades:

  • With a layer of insulation.
  • Facing with brick or stone elements (mainly artificial material).
  • Panel facade finishing.

Paying attention to the photo of a house in a modern style, it becomes clear that each method has its own technological features and aesthetic norms.

Facade finishing options

A variant of a wet facade created when applying plaster of different types. This technology allows you to create an additional facade layer of insulation. The principle of layering works here: first, a layer of thermal insulation is attached, a reinforced mesh is on top, then a layer of plaster.

Plaster material is represented today by mineral mixtures of environmentally friendly components, polymer compositions with high stable performance and silicate material, which is one of the most advanced protective agents.

Finishing with ventilation system. The principle is that an air layer remains between the wall and the cladding material, in which air circulates. The advantage of this method is its durability and high protection against external natural influences.

But, along with new modern technologies, the cladding of the facade wall surfaces with natural wood or stone elements, despite its high cost, remains very popular.

The color palette of modernity

Modern trends call for the use of a light shade palette with gray inclusions and a traditional black-and-white combination in the design of private buildings. Bright bold colors are acceptable to focus on the decoration of the roof or one wall surface.

Pure snow-white house buildings against the background of a bright blue sky and a rich green palette of the landscape look very solemn and airy.

Modern Classicism

A house in the style of modern classics is characterized by simple elegant forms. The modern construction concept boils down to a minimalistic exterior with rich accents.

The indoor space should not be cluttered with a large number of objects. Against the background of the simplicity of the interior decoration, stucco molding or columns will look spectacular.

The modern design concept requires a complete and appropriate fusion of the exterior composition with the surrounding environment. That is, the exterior and interior interiors must necessarily be in harmony with the landscape environment.

Modern stylization of suburban possessions

Houses in the Modern Art Nouveau style embody the best principles of architectural work of the 19th century. The uniqueness of this direction lies in the ability to combine aesthetic qualities with functionality.

Suburban construction in the Art Nouveau style does not limit the possibilities and desires of the owners. Houses can be created from natural timber. More modern buildings are made of a combination of metal and concrete, which are not masked by anything, giving the building an original appearance.

The distinctive elements of the style are huge panoramic windows and are used in the decoration of both exterior and interior designs, plant motifs. Also, interior modernist rooms are able to combine unusual shapes, textures and sizes.

Minimalistic approach in private construction

At first glance, there is nothing easier than decorating a house in the style of minimalism. However, abandoning the variety of colors and decorative techniques, it is not so easy to create a truly original, high-quality house that will be distinguished by the simplicity of outlines and the practicality of geometric proportions.

The main feature of minimalism is the emphasis on large window openings, under which most of the wall planes are allocated. Another quality that this direction is famous for is the absolute need to hide design features and functional details from the environment.

The interior interior space in the spirit of minimalism has monochrome colors and simplicity of furnishings. This is necessary so that nothing distracts homeowners from admiring the scenery through the huge panoramic windows.

French country Provence

Cute Provence is imbued with its own special characteristic features, thanks to which this direction stands out among others. The house in the style of modern Provence is characterized by a sloping roof. The first level of the Provencal mansion, as a rule, is built of stone elements, the second floor is built of wood with high quality indicators.

The main character, both of the interior interior composition and exterior appearance, is a fireplace. It is thanks to the fireplace that a warm cozy atmosphere is created in the Provence room, which can be judged by the catalog of photo interiors inside the house.

The mandatory attributes of the style are:

  • natural materials for construction and decoration;
  • muted natural tones in the design;
  • naturalness and simplicity.

Photos of houses in a modern style