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House in Provence style — 120 photos of chic and stylish design. Non-standard solutions from designers

A house should make a person happy – this is the fundamental basis of French philosophy, which gave the world a unique style of Provence. Pastel colors, high–quality furniture made of natural materials, elegance and beauty - this is all what one of the most popular design and architecture trends of our modernity is built on. Not without reason. But about everything in order.

As the name implies, this direction originated in the south-east of France. In the XVII century, among the representatives of the bourgeois stratum, it was considered a special chic to have your own house in the province: fresh air, lack of urban bustle, proximity to nature, inspiration by the picturesque landscape. In the future, this fashion quickly spread throughout Europe and remained relevant in the modern world.

Country houses in the Provence style are still perceived as evidence of the unsurpassed taste of their owners and as examples of the highest design art.

Today, as several centuries ago, the French tribute to interior fashion attracts a lot of people with an atmosphere of comfort, which disposes to a pleasant rest and a state of rest.

Characteristic decor

To arrange a house in the style of modern Provence, you will need to follow a few simple rules. What should be used in the design?

Abundant textile decorations. For their manufacture, it is customary to take the most delicate cambric, cotton, calico and other fabrics that have lightness and lightness. Pillows, curtains, ruffles are an option for a bedroom. In the kitchen or in the dining room – covers for chairs and stools, tablecloths.

The most delicate blankets and sofa cushions will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room. The criterion for selecting textiles is strict: monotonous calmness or a small floral pattern paired with natural materials.

As decorative elements of rural French life, it is customary to use antique frames (artificially aged or authentic), paintings with soothing landscapes, ikebanas made of dried wildflowers and all kinds of indoor plants. This helps to provide additional comfort and dilute the monotonous minimalism of the room.

The nature of the furniture is of particular importance, since it can set the fundamental tone and general mood of the rooms. As a rule, it is customary to use wooden or wicker products with special attention to handles, legs, chair backs and other small details.

Modular furniture will serve you well in the living room and dining room, but remember about the elements of antiquity in the form of peeling paint and pleasant roughness.

If you carefully study the numerous photos of Provence-style houses in various sources, you will certainly notice an abundance of furniture items in the rooms. Therefore, it is possible to place low chests of drawers and a sideboard decorated with wooden carvings and all kinds of ornaments in the rooms. The colors are only muted.

The most important principle of furnishing is the desire for harmony and relaxation, so observe it taking into account your own capabilities and the circumstances attached.

The listed elegant design solutions are based on the established way of rural life in Europe for many years: cozy pieces of furniture are designed to arrange a relaxing holiday, each decorative accessory performs its strictly defined function.

Lovers of antiquity, connoisseurs of art, as well as creative and refined natures will appreciate the advantages of such a French aesthetic.

Signature handwriting

In practice, many confuse Provence and American country because of a similar commitment to elements of country life, but the French direction has its own characteristics:

  • the use of muted tones in the interior (cream, pearl, beige, ash);
  • slight carelessness in the furniture arrangement;
  • the presence of ceiling beams;
  • abundance of light;
  • striving for minimalism.

However, the most important distinguishing feature is the large windows on the facade of the house in the Provence style, which is due to the characteristic climatic conditions of the place where the interior trend appears. At the same time, the room can be divided into rooms, or it can be left intact – this is not so important.

But do not forget about the voluminous wooden beams or at least their imitation, which can be covered with ordinary plaster or white paint. These materials should also be used for wall cladding, so their natural defects in the form of irregularities and roughness will look advantageous.

To add extra charm to the rooms, it's a good idea to lay out the surfaces with brickwork or natural stone. The combination of light walls, rough textures and a beamed ceiling is an excellent find for lovers of French architectural techniques.

Natural materials help to organically fit the Provence style in a wooden house. To add extra aesthetics to the rooms, lay authentic woven mats, macrame or homespun rugs on the board floor (no parquet or tiles). The color scheme is muted, for example: lavender, beige or blue shades (depending on the general style).

Light in this interior should be everywhere: it will provide a sense of calm comfort, as well as visually expand the space. Do not be afraid to use antique candelabra, lamps or chandeliers with fabric fringe as lighting sources.

All kinds of catalogs of beautiful Provence–style houses from all their glossy pages advise you to strive to create as many light zones as possible - this is the only way you will achieve the desired design effect that will help relieve stress and forget everyday worries.

Independent mastery

To understand how to design a house in the style of Provence with your own hands and correctly implement the information received in the process of arranging your rooms, just look at all kinds of design examples from magazines and relevant television programs.

It is not necessary to involve specialists and expensive craftsmen, because the style of the interior is quite simple, but elegant and noble.

We have tried to briefly describe the fundamental principles of this style, adhering to which, you will definitely be able to embody the spirit of rural France in your home. A little attention to the general rules, a little of your imagination and a little effort will allow you to create your dream home with a Provencal flavor.

Photos of houses in Provence style