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A hot smoking smokehouse is a simple instruction on how to make it with your own hands. The principle of operation + photos and videos!

Such an interesting device as a hot smoking smokehouse pleases its owners with delicious products that can be prepared only with its help. Few people will refuse smoked dishes, and even made in their own smokehouse. The types of smokehouse are known to everyone, there are only two different types of them, but it is the hot smoking smokehouse that will be discussed.

The most important argument in favor of the hot method is the unique taste and aroma. If you cook in a cold-smoked smokehouse, the taste and smell of smoke will not be so strong. Most often, this is why people prefer the hot method.

It is worth comparing the cooking time. If you use cold processing, the minimum cooking time will be 3 days. Sometimes the process takes even a week, or even longer. With hot processing, the food will be ready from 40 to 120 minutes.

Those who care about their health or are on a diet should not use the hot method – during temperature treatment, a certain amount of substances accumulates in food that can damage the figure.

The principle of operation of the smokehouse

In fact, everything is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. If you look for a photo of a hot smoking smokehouse in various designs, you can see that it is necessary to take into account several basic rules that are mandatory for execution. For example, it is important to make a container for fat to drain, otherwise carcinogens will form, making the product not so useful.

A smokehouse made with your own hands can be both portable and in the form of a structure that will always be located in one place. It is only important to understand the principle of operation for successful manufacturing. Most often, a metal cylinder is used, which is placed or suspended over a fire source (stove, bonfire).

When the smokehouse is placed over the fire, its task is to heat the sawdust that is at the very bottom. They begin to get charred and emit smoke, which gives such a flavor to the products.

It is important that the food is at the very top, and under it there is a special container for draining fat, so that it does not fall on the coals. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the cylinder so that the air from the outside does not penetrate inside, but its excess can escape outside.

Making a smokehouse with your own hands

To do this, any improvised means are used. Medical bixes, gratings, wooden barrels, buckets and pans. If you correctly understand the principle of operation of the smokehouse, it will not be difficult to manufacture and absolutely any utensils can be used.

In addition to the use of improvised means, it is possible to use metal in plates, but you will have to use a tool for cutting and processing. Drawings of a smokehouse are not difficult to make, despite the fact that there are many different types of smokehouses on the Internet and you can adapt one of the drawings to your size.

There are several positive factors that strongly influence the choice of a homemade smokehouse. For example, the design can be absolutely any, have several levels, be portable or stationary.

The costs of making with your own hands are minimal and do not require special investments, so many prefer to make a smokehouse themselves.

For small businesses or for rare use, small enough sizes. But for a large load of meat, it will require the use of a large, stationary smokehouse, which can be made of several metal sheets or bricks.

You need to pay attention to the fact that a lot of smoke will come from the smokehouse, so you should not place it near the house or places where animals are kept.

Many people ask the question: "what kind of chips to take for smoking?". The best choice is wood chips from shrubs and deciduous trees. For example, alder, apple, oak, pear, juniper and cherry. These are the most popular types that are often used for smoking and they are quite easy to purchase in any quantities.

It is important to pay attention to the size of the chips, the largest should be no more than 10 centimeters. A larger chip size will be more difficult to carbonize, it will take longer and, accordingly, increase the cooking time.

Hot mini Smokehouse

It is used in conditions when it is not possible to make a smokehouse on the street. It is used in the kitchen for smoking small amounts of food. It has a small enough size to easily fit on a gas stove and not interfere. It can also be made with your own hands or bought in a specialized store.

It is the mini smokehouse that has now become the most popular, because it is convenient to take it with you on hunting and fishing. It does not take up much space, it cools down quickly. If the mini smokehouse is made by hand, then it can be disassembled and assembled with a minimum of effort and time.

Safety precautions

To use a smokehouse in the kitchen, it is important to protect yourself and your loved ones. To do this, the device must have an excess air outlet (valve), but in addition, air must be discharged into the hood or window. Usually a long hose is used, which is attached to the valve. And the room itself should be well ventilated.

Compliance with basic safety precautions will allow you to safely smoke at home without fear for yourself and your loved ones. And for even greater security, you can find electric smokehouses in special stores.

To increase productivity, forced smoke injection is used. To do this, you need a compressor or a fan that will artificially increase the amount of smoke entering the smokehouse. This will increase the warming up of the products and the aroma of smoke.


A home smokehouse allows you to make meat delicacies for every taste, as well as sometimes for small businesses. In addition to meat products, fruits and vegetables are used for smoking. For example, apricots, eggplants, potatoes, plums, apples and even bananas.

And noble varieties of mushrooms are willingly bought by restaurants to create unique dishes. When making with your own hands – the size of the smokehouse, its shape and appearance depend only on imagination and the availability of tools, as well as desire.

Photo of a hot smoking smokehouse