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Hanging chair — rules of use in the interior of the house and features of use in the garden (85 photos)

Currently, the market for suspended chairs is represented by many different options. They can be of various shapes, have different colors. Be made of all kinds of materials.

The main types of chairs include:

  • Swing chairs.  They are fixed in two places and can swing easily. Among them, it is possible to distinguish a soft model on a rigid frame.
  • The nest chair. It consists of two hoops fastened together with a cord, strong threads or rope. The bottom is flat, and the sides are small.
  • The design in the form of a cocoon. It differs in the height of the backrest and support from the sides. It has a rigid frame. It is covered with fabric or intertwined with various materials.

Finishing materials

Cloth. This is the most accessible material. Which is easy to work with. Depending on the load, a material of different strength is chosen.

A canvas tied with your own hands. With the ability to knit, you can make an original canvas of multicolored threads with an individual pattern or logo.

You can weave from a cord using the macrame technique. This material is particularly strong and durable.

The vine. Environmentally friendly material. To work with it, you need to have certain skills.

Frame and materials for it

The base of the chairs can be made of various materials.

A gymnastic hoop is one of the options that you can take for work. It should be remembered that it is suitable only for making a chair for a child, since it will not withstand an adult.

With special equipment, the frame can be made of metal pipes. It will be very durable. The main disadvantage is its weight. This design will weigh more than seven kilograms.

You can make various chairs from wood. Such a design will be very strong, and have a small weight. The wood must be treated with impregnation. The tree is afraid of moisture and sunlight, when using an untreated chair on the street, it can swell or crack.

Choosing suspended models of chairs for the cottage, you can go two ways: buy ready-made in the store or make them with your own hands.

The largest selection of suspended chairs is presented in Ikea. Ikea chairs are distinguished by their strength and variety of shapes and colors. Choosing chairs is not necessary to go to the store. The company's website presents a huge catalog of suspended chairs with a full description and price. Being at home, you can safely choose what suits you. And only then go to buy it in the store.

How to make a chair with your own hands

If you decide to try to make a chair with your own hands, first you will need to decide on the type of chair, the material for the frame and cladding. In order to choose the type of chair, you can view photos of suspended chairs on the Internet.

Hanging chairs with your own handsFrameless hammock

To make it, we will need: a cord, a dense fabric with a diameter of one and a half by one and a half meters, a plank made of wood and thread and a needle.

Once you have prepared everything you need, you can get to work.

On both sides of the fabric we make a bend and stitch it. We thread the cord into the resulting hole. Its ends are attached to the bar. In the bar at the edges, we pre-make two holes, thread a cord through them.  We tie it firmly in knots. We tie the slings to the bar and hang the resulting structure.

Do wicker chair with your own hands

To make a chair, we will need:

  • Two pieces of metal-plastic pipe.
  • Flexible cord
  • Rope.
  • Glue

We make two hoops of different diameters from pipes. We wrap the hoops with a cord. This should be done carefully. The coils should fit snugly together. Separately cut the cord. We fold it in half and weave it into the braid at the same distance. There should be loops on the hoop.

For greater strength, we impregnate the structure with glue. With the help of weaving flat knots, we weave the bottom of the chair. Repeat the same action with the back. When the work is finished, we connect the two halves with a cord.

We take two wooden slats, make inscriptions in them, attach the seat and the back of the future chair to them. With the help of a cord, we tightly intertwine them with each other. We attach slings to the structure. The chair is ready.

Swing on a rigid frame

To work, we will need:

  • Metal hoop.
  • High-strength fabric.
  • Lightning.
  • A cord or rope.
  • Rings made of metal for fixing the chair.
  • Sewing accessories.

When everything is ready, you can start working. The fabric should be spread out on a flat surface and folded in half. We put a hoop on the fabric, step back from its edge 20-25 centimeters. We mark the lines and then cut out a circle from the fabric. It should be bigger than a hoop.

On one blank, we make an incision exactly in the middle with a length equal to the length of the hoop. We sew a zipper into the resulting incision. Next, we sew two blanks. In the resulting case, we make four incisions for fixing the hoop.

We insert the hoop into the case. We tie the rope to the hoop. We tie the other ends of the rope to the rings fixed on the ceiling. The swing is ready.

We make a cocoon child seat

This type of chair is perhaps the most difficult to assemble with your own hands. This design is distinguished by closed walls on three sides. With the back and side surfaces closing over the head.

We take a fabric cloth. We cut out two circles of the same size from it, four triangles are also of the same size. The lower part of the triangles should be slightly rounded. Cut out the ribbon. Cut the ribbon in half. We sew a zipper to the halves of the ribbon. We sew triangles with a cone. We sew one circle to it.

We sew a zipper into the second circle. Then we sew two circles together. Through the zipper, we turn the resulting product inside out. We insert a pillow into the seat. We make an incision in the cone. We sew it with threads. You can decorate the incision with various fabric inserts, Hang it from the ceiling. Your product is ready.

How to attach a hanging chair

There are several mounting options. Let's look at how to do this below. It should be immediately noted that reliable fastening is the most important for any structures with a hanging function. After all, the safety of everyone who will use this design depends on the fastening.

Installation options:

  • Attach to the ceiling.
  • To the counter.
  • To the tree.

If you want to install a hanging chair in the house, you should consider the material of your ceiling. If there are stretch ceilings in the apartment, it will not work.  A leg stand is suitable for this case. Or, when repairing in a room, you need to immediately mount a chair in the ceiling and only then stretch the ceiling.

For a concrete ceiling, we buy anchors, a hook and a chain. We drill a hole in the concrete, fill it with a special polymer solution and insert an anchor into it. As soon as the solution is stronger, we fasten the chain to the anchor, insert the trousers into it and hang the product.

You can attach the chair to the beams using bolts. You can attach a chair to a tree by tying the slings tightly into a knot.

You can purchase a leg rack. It is sold in any specialty store. This design is characterized by mobility, it is not attached to one place. She calmly moves to different rooms. Where you want to rest. If you want an original design, then the rack can be made with your own hands.

If you have a suspended ceiling, we buy a special plumb line. It is attached to the concrete ceiling with a bracket. A hook is mounted to it, then a chair is suspended.

The racks can be wooden. For the manufacture of such racks, you will need special equipment. The complexity of the assembly is that all the parts for it need to be bent. You can't do such a process with your bare hands.

The second option is simpler. This is a metal rack. It does not require special drawings and skills. Materials for manufacturing: metal pipe, special equipment for bending pipes and welding machine.

To have a nice rest in the fresh air, on your own backyard or to have fun spending time, getting comfortable in a chair at home, it is not necessary to go to the store and make an expensive purchase. You can put a little effort and do everything yourself. After all, you will agree that it is much more pleasant to relax in a product that you have made yourself.  And it will also become a matter of your pride. Causing the envy of neighbors and guests of your house.

Photo of a hanging chair