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Hammock for cottages — rules of choice, use cases and location ideas (120 photos)

A cozy and lovely place will be a wonderful decoration of a country plot. It is not difficult to find a suitable model by studying a photo of a hammock for a summer cottage. Specialized retail outlets offer a wide range of convenient and interesting accessories for every taste. The original version can be made with your own hands.

A hammock will provide a stronger sleep than a regular bed. After all, the body plunges into weightlessness, the muscles completely relax. Feel real comfort by installing this exquisite accessory in the garden.

Practical and convenient products appeared a long time ago. There are such varieties of hammocks:

  • brazilian model made of cotton fabric with fringe;
  • the Mexican version has a long service life, is made of synthetic fabrics;
  • The Colombian type is made of natural materials.

The modern hammock combines all the best characteristics of different models. Manufacturers today offer interesting solutions, constantly improving their products. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a suitable model.

Hammock hanging type

This option is popular due to its light weight. It is easy to hang it between trees, poles are also used as mounting supports. It is worth choosing strong supports that can withstand the weight of an adult. Measured rocking calms the nervous system, provides a full rest.

Hanging hammock can be purchased inexpensively in various stationary retail outlets, use the services of online stores. It is not difficult to hang it with the help of tension elements. Special supports for such products are also available for sale.

Hammock with frame

The mobile model is installed in any picturesque place of the suburban area. It is easy to transport it in the car, install it at home as a bed. In order for the hammock to fit into the surrounding landscape, a suitable color option is selected.

There are stationary models available with different decors. They are ideal for decorating a country plot, but they are difficult to transport.

Hammock for cottages with a frame is popular due to the ease of installation. The product can be taken with you on a fishing trip, when traveling to nature with friends. You can order a simple model or choose an original design option.


A great option for the arrangement of the household territory will be an excellent choice. The hammock chair is a kind of suspended type. The main difference lies in the shape of the sunbed. Choose a product of the shape that most pleased the household.

The design will be complemented by comfortable pillows, simple canopies. The universal model is convenient for reading books outdoors, knitting on the veranda. If you need to work, put your laptop in a hammock. Depending on the chosen design, you can sit or lie in it.

Hammock swing

An interesting model is made in the form of a swing. Products of various shapes are produced, but they all have one attachment point. This allows them to rock. This children's hammock will appeal to kids and adult family members.

To secure the structure, a strong base is required that can withstand a significant load. If you buy a large-sized product, it is often supplemented with pillows of different shapes and sizes, a beautiful canopy.

It is made in the form of an armchair or a standard model. It is installed on a special frame or suspended on poles.

Choosing a hammock for a summer cottage

In order for the product to please its owners for a long time, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the material when buying. The fabric should be hypoallergenic, breathable, durable. The best option will be a cotton product. Nylon type has high strength, but it does not pass air well.

When choosing a braided look, it should be taken into account that it stretches quickly. If you purchase an option with a flat braided cord, it will rub the skin less. In hammocks, transverse slats are often provided, which prevent the stretching of the canvas.

A good hammock for a private home can be found in specialty stores. They are presented in a huge assortment. The cost of the products depends on the materials used and the type of construction.

How to hang a hammock in the country?

It is necessary to securely fasten the product during installation. To do this, choose a convenient place in the garden in the shade of trees. The distance between the supports should be 0.3 m longer than the length of the hammock. It is also necessary to take into account that the structure will stretch.

The hanging height should be from 1.5 m so that the product does not bend to the ground. There are special supports on sale, on which the hammock is attached. For the frame type, pillars are not required, its installation takes a minimum of time.

Hammock with your own hands

You can get an original version that will become a real decoration of the cottage by making it yourself. If you have weaving skills, it is not difficult to make a stylish accessory with the help of special tools. You can buy fabric to make a hammock for the cottage with your own hands. This is the easiest way.

It is necessary to purchase slats-crossbars that are drilled at a distance of 5 cm. For a length of 1.5 meters, you will get about 30 holes. Then take a cotton cloth or tarpaulin and sew the base of the product. After selecting the material, a piece of 2.7 meters long is cut off.

If the hammock is supposed to be installed in the open air, then the resistance of the canvas to getting wet is taken into account. The edge of the fabric is bent and sewn by a sewing machine.

Metal rings are used as fasteners. Ropes will give the structure strength. The cord passes through holes in the slats, rings based on the design.

On each side of the base there are two ropes and several edges of the cord. All of them are assembled into a single bundle using a special attachment. After that, the structure is suspended on supports. If you can't find a couple of trees in the garden to attach a hammock, you can make racks with your own hands. This design will allow you to install the product in the right place, move it at any time.

It is not difficult to make it from available materials. The price of a self-made frame will be much less than the finished structure purchased in the store.

Hammock decoration

After the purchase and installation of the product or its independent construction, you should take care of the decor. To give an original look to the design, you can use a beautiful canopy made of transparent or dense fabric. It will not only decorate the product, but also protect a person from bright sunlight and wind gusts when resting.

Soft pillows of bright colors will help to create comfortable conditions. It is not difficult to sew them yourself, filling them with sintepon or down. You can buy finished products in the store. The hammock is also decorated with ribbons and other elements.

Photo of a hammock for a cottage