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Greenhouse heating — detailed description of how to organize and install the system with your own hands (110 photos)

To use this method in winter, it is required to build fires to heat the pipe, which is a fire hazard.

When using this type of heating, specialized lamps and heaters are used. With this method, heating of plants and soil is achieved, but at the same time the air is not over-dried, so a well-heated soil gives off heat to the atmosphere. This type of heater does not work on a permanent basis, but heats the greenhouse to a certain temperature, which is why its use is economical and convenient in the household.

At the same time, it does not harm plants or people. Using infrared heating of the greenhouse, it is possible to create favorable thermal conditions for different types of plants, which significantly increases the possibilities of growing within the boundaries of one greenhouse.

Among other things, warming up occurs extremely quickly – in 10 minutes the temperature can even out to the required.

Furnace heating

This method of room heating is the oldest, which is why its installation is comparatively simple. Under certain fuel use cases, this option can be considered economical.

The boiler for heating is fixed inside the greenhouse, but only the chimney is output to the street. At the same time, there is a significant drawback with such heating of the greenhouse – there is a high probability of fire due to careless operation.

Heating with biological fuel

You can also use the waste products of birds and animals, they emit heat when burning, and also perfectly moisturize the soil. Gorenje

Gas heating

Due to the constant increase in the cost of gas service, this type of heating is quite expensive, as a result, growing vegetables and fruits with its help is not very profitable. The advantage here is the uninterrupted supply of gas, and therefore heat to the greenhouse.

This kind of advantage cannot be found in some other heating methods. In order for this type of heating to be paid off, or even profitable, it is necessary to carry out careful calculations and put experiments in your own greenhouse in order to assess the profitability of this enterprise in practice.

Use of electrical energy

This method is also quite easy to use and does not require special skills in the installation and operation of equipment, a serious disadvantage is, perhaps, that this method is quite expensive due to the constant increase in electricity prices.

At the same time, there are many devices that work from the network, which means that you can try to choose the most optimal one for yourself.

So, for example, pay attention to the convector. The heating device in it is represented by a spiral. Due to this, the greenhouse is evenly warmed mainly by the air, but not by the soil, there will be little heat from the convector for it.

The next device in this list — a heater – is a fan that is able to heat the air, as well as make it possible to walk around the greenhouse, which may be especially important for some crops.


You can also use a cable to heat your greenhouse. First, it needs to be stretched along the perimeter of the greenhouse, as well as around the beds. The principle of its operation is determined by the fact that it blocks the passage of cold air flows through the ground, which means that it helps to maintain a certain temperature and microclimate.

Water heating

You can use this method of heating in your greenhouse, installation requires pipes and circulation of hot water in them from the heating element. This method is quite difficult for a beginner and financially unprofitable, only professionals are able to install this system, as well as it needs constant control from the owner.

How to choose a heating system

To make the heating system immediately effective, it is necessary to take into account some factors before starting its installation:

  • greenhouse area;
  • to clarify what type of heating is carried out in the living room and calculate its profitability for the greenhouse;
  • the amount of funds allocated for the installation of the system.

If the greenhouse itself is already made, it is required to carry out a project suitable for it. Don't forget. That each type of heating is suitable only for certain greenhouses and cannot be used in others. You can get a price for popular types of heating by looking at photos of greenhouse heating.

Photos of greenhouse heating