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Gazebo with your own hands — detailed step-by-step instructions for construction (105 photos)

The gazebo will help you find a convenient place for conversations with colleagues or business partners, relatives or friends. It will help to organize a family meal at any time during a rare weekend based on nature and increased comfort. And if it is made by your own efforts during the mention of it in all cases of its use, this will become an additional reason for communication.

But not everyone knows how to build it, of course you can ask for the help of professionals and use their work. Although their own work will be more valuable, but, again, not everyone has time to do construction. Now we will understand all these nuances and materials from which it is better to build it.

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To begin with, an idea based on a creative impulse will suffice, allowing you to create an image of a structure in your head. Then it is necessary to determine the location of its placement, which is carefully prepared for the main work on its construction. But this is only the first stage, after it you will have to create a full-fledged drawing using paper or a computer.

The material for the basis of its construction is selected. You can proceed to laying the foundation and creating a frame on which the finish of the selected material will be attached.

It remains only to do the finishing work and install the right roof for the roof, and the gazebo will be ready.

Now, to consolidate the information received, we recommend that you get acquainted with the photo of the gazebo with your own hands in order to realize how the correct model should look, created from various materials.

Tip: The place allocated for the gazebo depends on the purpose of its creation. If it will always be filled with guests and various feasts are planned on its expanses, it is better to build near the house.

But the territory of the garden may become an alternative, since it will offer an accompanying natural background, smells that help to create an additional calm atmosphere for a quality rest. In order to have a great view from it, a successful solution is considered to be a construction near flower beds, reservoirs or abundant green space. The material, decoration, decorative filling must be properly combined with the environment. Also read here: how to build a household unit.

If you have created a plan, then you can assume that half of the work is done, because it is easy to form an image of the desired gazebo based on it. In the absence of skills and experience of such activities, it is recommended to rely on the simple shape of the gazebo — a rectangular and square variation.

It is advisable to immediately determine its functionality, since the grill, the installation of a TV and other devices will require additional space. It is impossible to imagine various summer gazebos without all of the above, since the modern idea of high-quality leisure has changed significantly.

How to work with wood as the main material for a gazebo?

Gazebos are most often created on the basis of wood, because it is very convenient to work with and have environmentally friendly characteristics.

And this is very important, people who find themselves in its vastness will be in very close contact with the material, some of them will even want to put their hand on the window opening.

And at the same time, the price will be in the region of acceptable figures, which will not be a problem for most Russians.

Note the advantages of this material:

  • Helps to form an attractive appearance, in harmony with the design of the entire suburban area on the basis of charming naturalness;
  • It is easy to combine with other materials — it goes especially well with glass, but it can also be used with metal, brick;
  • It offers an acceptable duration of operation if the wood is properly treated and its condition is regularly monitored.;
  • It is easy to carry out the entire list of necessary installation works with a tree. And it helps to create designs with different shapes and complexity.

Due to this, wooden gazebos have long occupied an important place in dachas or private homes of Russians. Domestic fans of spending time in them appreciated the ease of creation and availability of material for this task.

How to work with metal?

This material for creating a gazebo has a number of advantages. Those who have already used the tree as a basis for its creation know that it often swells, rots or is affected by fungi, is covered with mold. This usually does not happen with metal.

If it is carefully processed and painted, then it may not rust for years and its appearance will not deteriorate. And if rust does form somewhere, you can deal with it with the help of sandpaper, a rust converter and paint. Because of this, the metal gazebo has gained great popularity and is often used by Russians as the basis for this structure.

In addition, it opens up the possibility of using more shapes: rectangular, hexagonal, round and octagonal.

The frame based on it can be mounted in two ways:

  • Vertical pipes must be concreted on the basis of the earth, and then all other elements of the gazebo structure can be attached to them.
  • A columnar or ribbon foundation is created on the basis of not deep immersion in the ground. And the frame is created separately from it, after making the lower strapping and racks, it can be put on the base with a crane.

Advantages of bricks for this structure

This type of material allows you to form a monolithic structure. Russians with affluence are very fond of brick gazebos, as they emphasize their status and offer wider functionality.

This option looks rich and suggests the possibility of organizing a large space for a gazebo. Due to this, you can even supply table tennis equipment, not to mention a barbecue and other useful devices. So what are the advantages of this material:

This pergola is sturdy design compared to any other materials for this purpose. This structure is not terrible manifestations of natural forces in the form of rain, hail, and strong winds.

Although — this applies to a greater extent to closed versions of structures, since they can offer windows for a gazebo, helping to admire the environment and draw streams of clean air. What is done almost like in a house, in fact, this type of construction can be considered a small copy of it for outdoor recreation.

Such a gazebo can be operated without the need for repairs for several years or even more of this period.

They are easy to take care of, the whole process is similar to a regular home cleaning. Although there will be more garbage in open versions, since leaves and various tree branches will fly in.

An increased level of safety is guaranteed by the qualities of the brick — it is very strong and is not afraid of the wind, and does not burn, so you can not be afraid to leave the kebabs for a while during their cooking.

What are the advantages of timber for this type of work?

This material, unlike boards or logs, is characterized by the absence of unpleasant defects and there are no cracks in it. All the bars are suitable in size and this helps in working with them. Due to these features, arbors made of timber are very much appreciated by Russians and are often created for various purposes.

But it is necessary to purchase a really high-quality version of the beam. Most often used for its manufacture — pine, larch, cedar or spruce. Any of these options is suitable for creating a gazebo. But there are two, slightly, different types of timber:

  • Profiled, creating from a single piece of selected wood. It is environmentally friendly and is recommended for use in the process of creating a gazebo;
  • Glued version, which is created by pressing and gluing various parts of wood. In general, this version is also considered suitable, and even offers increased functionality, but formaldehyde is used for bonding, which is considered dangerous to human health.

If it turns out to be too much, then it can affect the well-being of people, especially in the summer, since the heat will become a catalyst for its release into the environment. It can even be absorbed into the meat used to create a barbecue.

And what about PVC-type polymer pipes to create this structure?

They are also good and may well be used. This is due to the fact that polymers do not need additional protection in the form of various coatings. This material is not susceptible to the appearance of fungi, rotting processes.

Some of its species are able to tolerate freezing and subsequent defrosting, which allows them to be used to create a gazebo. And it is worth hoping that after the winter the gazebo will have all the necessary qualities.

But in order for PVC gazebos in the country to be strong enough, it is necessary to use a thick version of pipes based on a large diameter. Let's consider some features of this material:

  • It is impossible to rely on the walls of the gazebo, since the strength of such a structure is not its main advantage;
  • We will have to use furniture that will not put pressure on the plastic;
  • And it is desirable to place the barbecue as far as possible from the walls of the gazebo.

Photo of the gazebo with your own hands