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Gazebo with barbecue: simple projects and 120 photos of examples of decoration in landscape design

Now many people install new-fangled elegant gazebos and borders, reliefs, statuettes and "openwork" roofs in the country, but in this article we will turn to a more practical option for lovers of leisure. Going out of town, we get a lot of positive emotions: no fuss, fresh air and, often, delicious food (kebabs, toast, grill, sausages) – a real idyll.

But sometimes rain, wind, cold, and even summer hail become uninvited guests at this celebration of life. The fire, located under the roof, is not afraid of natural disasters.

Owners of stylish, modern dachas choose gazebos with mangalas: in the landscape, such an object combines aesthetic appeal and functionality: to sit in the company, and cook dinner, and hide from the rain, and just admire nature, because now the barbecue is no longer just a cooking area, but a whole design project.

In addition, some covered gazebos are more like real summer kitchens: with water, electricity and heating.

A gazebo with a barbecue should not only be in harmony with the landscape of your garden, but also meet the basic requirements for its functions. You should immediately decide on the design – professionals or the most ordinary online programs for making photo collages will help you with this (suitable photos of gazebos with a barbecue can be found on the Internet).

Outdoor gazebos are considered seasonal, because there are simply no walls in them. The fire should not be exposed to precipitation, so it is usually placed in an oven or protected with stone and metal decorative elements.

In such a gazebo there can be a dining area, a mini-bar or even a hammock – its space is not limited by anything.

Closed gazebos involve the creation of an internal design. This is a separate, large–scale and large-sized building, where, in addition to a barbecue, tables, sofas, a TV and anything your imagination wants can fit, because it is clear that you will spend enough time in such a structure - it should be as comfortable as possible for a large company and privacy.

Semi-closed gazebos are considered the optimal demi-season option. Usually light metal structures and sliding doors / folding panels are used for them, the fire can be located under a canopy, and heating is often carried out in the "building" itself.

In summer, you can use the building as a place for barbecue and family holidays, and in the cold autumn spend evenings in a warm gazebo with a stove.

Variations of materials

Many people hesitate when they face the need to choose a material. Stone, wood or brick? We will analyze the main advantages of each of them.

Wood is the main one among competing materials. This is mainly due to its affordable price, but there are other advantages.

A building made of wood needs a small foundation, as it is very light in comparison with other options, so it can be installed at a lower cost. Barbecues in such gazebos are surrounded by fences to avoid fires.

Stone, unlike wood, has an incomparable advantage – fire resistance, so you can even use an open fire or build a gazebo with barbecue.

Metal gazebos look more elegant than roomy and reliable, but often bulky brick and even more so – summer wooden ones that quickly lose their original appearance.

Forged products are ordered in advance, but at the same time they are among the more durable, since metals are coated with special solutions so that they are less oxidized and spoiled.

Choosing a barbecue

If you are faced with the question: "What kind of barbecue exactly do I want?" – it is necessary to carefully study the characteristics and features of certain models and find out how it correlates with the chosen project of the future gazebo.


Portable barbecues are usually small, light, made of metal. This option is ideal for a summer gazebo, so that in good weather it would be possible to take the barbecue somewhere outside of it without any problems.


Built-in. The advantage of the same barbecues is the equipment. They are suitable if you need to feed a large company, and can also be used as a fireplace or stove.

Barbecues for gazebos with chimneys are more often used for buildings of an open or semi-closed type, because if the gazebo is through and well blown, smoke and soot on a windy day will not fly in your direction.

Useful tips

We will give you some useful tips that will help make your gazebo even more comfortable and provide a truly relaxed country vacation.

  • Take care of the convenient location of the woodpile: it should be located within reach;
  • Treat all wooden elements with flame retardant;
  • The convenient location of the gazebo plays an important role – it's good if it turns out to be next to the house or on a small hill with a beautiful view;
  • Fantasize by choosing decorative elements and decorating the building – this is a chance to feel like a real designer;
  • Use the space rationally: the cooking area should take up a minimum of space, it is better to increase the recreation area;
  • Some gazebos can be equipped with plumbing or a san node. You can also drill a well or dig a well next to the building;
  • If there is a barbecue, a smokehouse, an oven or a brazier in the gazebo in addition to the barbecue, place them next to each other – it is important to zone the room.

With your own hands

If it is not possible to purchase a gazebo, you can try to make it with your own hands. It will be much cheaper. At the same time, you get a huge scope for creativity and the realization of your own thoughts and ideas that relate to the equipment of the space around you.

The most reliable and practical is still a stationary barbecue made of stone. For simple reasons, he is a favorite among other models. The basis for the barbecue is laid by building the foundation. Its thickness is at least thirty centimeters. Next – rows of masonry made of brick or stone, lined with a "wall".

It is worth installing a chimney – it is laid out in the form of a circle, and on top of the pipe there is a roof that protects the inside of the barbecue from precipitation. It is worth noting that installing a barbecue and laying the foundation is a difficult and time–consuming job, so it is better to entrust it to a professional.

But you can take up the frame of the gazebo yourself. In materials, prefer wood with small inserts of stone elements (for example, for the barbecue area).

The easiest way is to create an open-type gazebo, but if you have the opportunity to purchase sliding panels and metal doors separately, it will not be so difficult to implement a semi-closed building project.

A purely summer kitchen is essentially a roof on wooden beams, and as light as the structure itself. It can be covered with a light slate to protect it from external influences.

If the gazebo is planned to be used in the cold season, then it is worth taking care of thermal insulation, and the roof should be of a gable type. The open part should be covered by at least a wooden or metal canopy.

Closed gazebos need to be equipped with window openings, take care of the correct installation of glasses.

It is better to entrust the carrying out of electricity cables, Internet, as well as water pipes or gas to specialists.

Photo of a gazebo with a barbecue