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Profiled flooring gates — 135 photos how to install different types of gates with your own hands

There are reasons to say that it is not so difficult to make a gate from profiled flooring with your own hands. We are talking about a simple swing design, which is devoid of excesses in the form of jewelry, forging and the like. Unless the gate is mandatory. Such work does not require special professional training and sophisticated equipment.

Another advantage of simple corrugated gates is the relatively low cost. This is an inexpensive material, but it looks decent, with the right selection of colors it will fit well into the surrounding area.

The drawing of the gate with profiled flooring demonstrates the extreme simplicity and unpretentiousness of the design. But this simplicity is apparent, there are many nuances that must be taken into account, otherwise the gate will not perform its function properly.

So, the gate is:

  • two doors;
  • two pipes for fastening the flaps;
  • crossbar (in some designs);
  • gate (if there is one);
  • flap latches;
  • rotary hinges;
  • the eyelets are locked.


The shutters for such a device as a swing gate are welded from a profile pipe (with a rectangular cross section). For greater reliability, they are reinforced with jumpers, which can be:

  • cruciform;
  • horizontal;
  • fixed diagonally.

When the sashes are large enough, they are additionally strengthened (reinforced) in one of two ways. The first is to weld pieces of sheet metal cut in the form of an isosceles right triangle at the corners from the inside. The second one is similar, only instead of the plate, the same pipe is welded at an angle of 45 °, from which the frame of the gate is made.

Sometimes a narrow metal strip is welded onto the pipe so that it is more convenient to attach the profiled flooring.

It is important that a 90° angle is strictly maintained at the pipe welding site. For control during welding, it is necessary to use a construction square or a special mount. Otherwise, it will be impossible to install the shutters exactly in the gate.


It is necessary to strengthen the shutters so that they do not sag under the axial load from their own weight. There is a simpler solution for this problem. This is the crossbar, which is located at the top of the gate, from post to post.

The strength of the structure with a crossbar is solid, but then the equipment that is higher than the gate will not be able to enter the yard. And in this case there is a solution: the upper part of the frame can be made removable.

Preparation of the components of the gate

Welding is the main method of fastening for such a structure as a corrugated board gate. The pipes for the flaps are cut at the ends at an angle of 45 °.

This approach is considered professional, but it requires certain qualifications, as well as the availability of equipment and tools. This is a metal miter saw, which is useless in a home workshop. You can cut off the pipes manually, but you need to work very carefully.

Elements of rotary hinges are welded to the support pillars and sashes. Again, the place for their fastening should be determined as accurately as possible, otherwise a skew is inevitable. It is best to temporarily fix the sash on the pipe and mark it in place. The eyelets for the padlock can be welded already when the gate is installed.

If a gate with a gate is made, it is necessary to practically repeat all the same operations described above, from the preparation of the frame to the installation of the lock.


Support pillars are an important part of the structure, the installation of the gate is carried out on them. Therefore, a strong profile pipe is needed, for example, with a cross section of 80x80x3 mm (the last value is the wall thickness), made of carbon steel, welded.

The length of each element is equal to the sum of the height of the gate (about two meters) and the depth of digging into the ground (up to 1.2 meters). Pipes should be smooth, without rust and other obvious flaws.

Profile pipes are also used to assemble the flaps, but with a smaller cross section. When calculating this parameter, it is necessary to take into account the potential strength of the wind and some other factors.

In all cases, the dimensions of 40x60x2 mm will be sufficient. The total length of this type of rolled product is determined as a result of calculation: approximately eight pieces of two meters plus billets for jumpers will turn out.

When selecting materials for shutters and support posts, it should be borne in mind that rolled steel is sold in kilograms. The larger the pipes in cross-section, the more expensive they are.

A selection of photos of gates made of corrugated board demonstrates the variety of colors and sizes of the edges of the material. In particular, for fences, and, accordingly, gates, a sheet marked "C" or "A" is suitable. The height of the rib is indicated by numbers and lies in the range from 8 to 35 mm.

If there are strong winds in the area where the gates are installed, you should purchase profiled flooring marked "C20".

As for painting or galvanizing, it is desirable that the profiled flooring on the gate is the same as on the fence. Excessive variegation will not add aesthetics.


The installation of the gate is carried out in the following order:

Installation and concreting of pillars. At the same time, it is necessary not to make a mistake with the place and strictly observe the verticality. To do this, you need to have a construction level at hand. Hanging the flaps if the swivel hinges are already welded.

Fixing the profiled sheet to the sashes. For this purpose, special screws or rivets are used. It is too tedious to twist hardware with your hands, for this purpose it is advisable to use a screwdriver, battery or mains.

The screws are screwed on the inside of the wave, in a straight line, otherwise the gate will have an untidy appearance. Screwing should occur strictly vertically. And it is necessary to install the washer that comes with the kit. It closes the hole and prevents the paint from cracking.

It is important to put the first sheet of profiled flooring strictly vertically. The rest will be much easier to install. It is enough to put the edge of the wave of the new sheet on the edge of the already fixed one and trim it a little.

The tool used

How to make a gate using only a tool that is in the arsenal of a home craftsman? It's simple, but a welding machine will come in handy. In order not to master complex techniques, it is necessary to use electric welding.

The screwdriver has already been mentioned, but it is worth remembering that its working parts (bits) should exactly fit the crosspiece on the bolt cap.

For cutting pipes, an angle grinder ("grinder") with cutting, grinding and stripping wheels for metal is useful. This is a universal tool that can do most of the work in this case.

Naturally, you will need a container for mixing mortar, bayonet and shovel shovels, a bucket for water, clamps for pre-fixing the profiled sheet, a construction level, a locksmith or construction square, a measuring tape measure and other devices.

It will not be superfluous to have a laser level, which will allow you to more accurately set the horizontal and vertical.

Photo of the gate made of profiled flooring