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Gasoline trimmer: 100 photos of the selection of the best models from well-known manufacturers

Gone are the days when the grass on the garden plot was mowed with scythes and sickles. Modern lawn mowers and electric and gasoline mowers (trimmers) have replaced manual labor. If the usual manual braid did not have any special difficulties in application, then the specialized equipment that is being produced now has a lot of characteristics and properties. They must be taken into account when buying. The article describes the main parameters of gasoline trimmers with photos.

This type of equipment running on gasoline is manufactured for both domestic and industrial use. It is impossible to say unequivocally that an ordinary trimmer at an inexpensive price will cope with the grass on your site.

There are several features that need to be considered before buying equipment:

Evaluate the vegetation on the site. If it is a small meadow with a flat surface and lawn grass, then a low-power unit will fit here. To fight weeds, you need to choose a more powerful model.

Low-power models quickly overheat the engine. So such trimmers will not cope with large areas. They will need to be constantly cooled to avoid their breakdown.

The curved handle should be chosen for those gardens and courtyards where there are hard-to-reach mowing areas. For example, the space under shrubs, trees, garden furniture.

The weight of the product. The trimmer constantly has to be worn on itself. Too heavy models quickly lead to fatigue and fatigue.

The engine can be two- and four-stroke. The first is filled with gasoline and oil in a clear proportion. The mixture is poured into one tank. An error in the amount of liquid being poured leads to a breakdown of the unit. The four-stroke trimmer is more expensive than its counterpart, but has two separate tanks for refueling.

The cutting element for mowing grass also has a number of differences. A fishing line is suitable for grass, a trimmer with metal knives should be chosen for thick-stemmed plants and shrubs.

The main points listed that you need to pay attention to cannot give a clear answer which trimmer is better. The choice depends on the frequency of use and the place of application of the petrol pump.

Household braids running on gasoline

Such models of trimmers run on a two-stroke engine. The technique has the following positive characteristics:

  • it is capable of mowing a plot with goose grass or an artificially planted lawn with an area of 10 hectares;
  • light enough weight (about 5 kg excluding fuel and oil);
  • they are available with handles of various shapes for working in hard-to-reach places, as well as folding models;
  • low price compared to professional models;
  • filling of gasoline and oil is carried out in one tank.

The disadvantages of the device include:

  • rapid engine overheating (20 to 40 minutes of continuous operation);
  • limited access to management;
  • the need for an accurate consistency of fuel per 1 liter of gasoline accounts for 20 ml of oil. If you break the proportion, the trimmer will become unusable.

Professional trimmers

The models are equipped with a four-stroke engine, which allows you to pour oil and gasoline into different tanks. Positive qualities also include:

  • high performance and reliability;
  • additional equipment with cutting elements;
  • different thickness of the fishing line.

The disadvantages include the following characteristics:

  • heaviness of equipment (more than 5 kg excluding fuel);
  • the need for skill and endurance to work with the unit.

Almost all models, regardless of their purpose, are equipped with belts that distribute the load of the unit on the back and do not let the hands get tired quickly.

Professional trimmers are used mainly in farms for harvesting hay for the winter, by municipal services for processing yards and improving lawns. However, if you have to mow large areas with impassable grass on a regular garden plot, trimmer manufacturers offer to look at options for professional models.

Range benzoas

The most popular manufacturers that offer household and professional gasoline trimmers include:

  • AL-KO;
  • Carver;
  • DDE;
  • Elitech;
  • Husqvarna;
  • HUTER;
  • Master;
  • Patriot;
  • RedVerg;
  • Stavr.

The following brands have earned the trust of customers: Patriot, Master, HUTER, AL-KO and Husqvarna.

Trimmer heads – varieties and applications

Modern models are equipped with coils on which the fishing line is wound. Its ends, which stick out at a certain distance, come into contact with the grass and mow it. It is not designed to deal with thick trunks of plants and branches of shrubs.

Coils for trimmers are divided into the following types:

  • manual (the fishing line must be pulled independently);
  • semi-automatic push the fishing line using a button on the handle;
  • automatic (the fishing line itself lengthens when changing revolutions from low to high).

The most cost-effective and convenient trimmers are considered to be petrol pumps with semi-automatic feeding of fishing line.

Trimmer users often ask another question, how to choose and wind a fishing line. There are different types of cord, but you need to read the instructions before buying. Not every trimmer is suitable for a certain fishing line. They all come in different sections and diameters. For household trimmers, a diameter of 2.4 to 2.7 mm is usually used.

Section meets round and rewound. The second kind of fishing line is best not to use it. Twisted fishing line stuck in the coil and is not extended if necessary.

Winding the fishing line

Before you buy the unit, you need to learn how to fill the head with a fishing line. It can be collapsible or quick-charging.

In one case, the coil will have to be removed from the trimmer and a fishing line installed in it. The second coils are not removable. They have a special hole where the end of the cord is inserted and, thanks to the rotation, the fishing line is wound onto the reel.


So, before buying a trimmer, many factors should be taken into account. The most important of them is the load on the trimmer. If the user has to work in small areas with well-cut grass, then he can do with a device with a capacity of up to 1 horsepower. This is the cheapest option.

In the range from 1 to 3 hp, they acquire equipment for work on garden plots with various grasses and an area of about 10 acres.

The most powerful trimmers are bought for continuous operation, for mowing grass for pets and ennobling plots.

Photo of a gasoline trimmer