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Gasoline lawn mower — review of the best models for home and garden. 80 photos of the most popular models

It is impractical to take care of a large lawn manually – both time and effort are spent. An effective assistant is a gasoline lawn mower. If you have no experience, then it will not be easy to navigate the variety of brands. After all, it is important not only to choose a proven manufacturer, but also to take into account the required technical parameters, the purpose of use, and the features of the lawn.

In the article we will tell you what models there are and how to choose the best lawn mowers, focusing on different conditions of their operation.

Along with gasoline lawn mowers, their electric counterparts are also popular. Owners of both types of devices are confident in the correctness of their choice. We will try to understand the arguments put forward.

The main comparative advantages of gasoline lawn mowing units are:

  • no need to connect to the power grid;
  • a more powerful engine, and, therefore, greater productivity;
  • abundance and maneuverability when cutting;
  • the ability to process different types of lawns with different types of grass;
  • saving on maintenance.


However, along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages. They should be taken into account by novice gardeners. Gasoline equipment is noisier, consumes fuels and lubricants that need to be purchased regularly. In addition, a negative impact on the environment is created due to exhaust emissions.

Due to the design features of the engine, it should not be used on steep sections with a slope of more than 25 degrees, since the flow of oil into the lubrication channels will be difficult. And this can cause a breakdown.

This type of shearing equipment is also characterized by a greater frequency of breakdowns. But in many cases, you can repair a lawn mower with your own hands.

Self-propelled or non-self-propelled equipment: what to choose?

Due to the high-speed rotation of the blades of the machine, which have two multidirectional knives, the grass is lifted by the air flow. With the cutting surface, the knife mows the grass at a given level. As a result, all vegetation is cut evenly at the same height.

There are two main types depending on the role of a person in management. They are used in different conditions and provide different degrees of convenience to the user.

Non-self-propelled models

If your plot is flat, has no bumps, then an inexpensive, but convenient and productive manual lawn mower will help you. An additional advantage will be the possibility of using it as a simulator, since the efforts made in the process will help you train some muscle groups.

The mechanism for cutting grass is powered by an engine, but the power of the motor is directed only at the mowing process. This option will be the only correct one in the case when there are dimensional plants or other obstacles on the lawn.

In such conditions, it will be impractical to use self-propelled equipment. This mower should be purchased for small areas.

Autonomous devices

Since the device for cutting grass weighs a lot, you should consider buying a self-propelled lawn mower. It is equipped with a drive that is located on wheels. The operator must guide it along a given trajectory with a minimum of effort. The cars often have a gearbox. It is used to control the speed of movement.

However, such a solution will be ineffective if there are obstacles on the site. If you try to go around them, the drive will automatically turn off.

These lawn mowers are divided into two main types:

  • Front-wheel drive. They are more maneuverable compared to their counterparts, they are easier to use on surfaces with small obstacles. However, when the grass collector is filled, the center of gravity will shift. Therefore, the front wheels will slide on the surface of the lawn.
  • Cars with rear-wheel drive. They are quite convenient to use, since the load goes to the rear axle. This option is advisable to operate on hilly lawns.

Main selection criteria

There are a large number of models of lawn mowing machines. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is easy to see this from the photo of a gasoline lawn mower.

But in order to successfully choose the best option, you need to evaluate all the main parameters and their applicability to achieve the result.

Engine Parameters

Power is the most important factor determining the performance of the mower. After all, it is important not only to regularly inspect the garden, but also to carry out work on neglected areas.

In the latter case, when cutting dense vegetation, the number of revolutions decreases. The stem simply breaks off, and the unit itself experiences increased loads and can simply stop. Also, part of the power of the self-propelled model is spent not on productive work, but on moving the machine. This should also be taken into account when choosing.

The engine power is also determined by the area of the treated lawn. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the appropriate labeling:

  • S with a plot of less than 150 m2;
  • M with an area of 150-400 m2;
  • L for lawns 400-1000 m2;
  • XL on plots of more than 1000 m2.

The models of lawn mowers with Viking and MTD engines are in demand among consumers. Stiga gets good reviews, as well as Makita. You can recommend professional Briggs&Stratton and Honda cars.

The frequency of use of equipment is also important. According to this principle , the following types are distinguished:

  • Household mowers with engines up to 5 hp. These are manual models that give a bevel of no more than 46 cm and are operated on an area of up to 800 m2. The reserve of the work resource is about 500 hours.
  • Semi-professional specimens with 7 hp. The maximum mowing width is 53-55 cm on areas of no more than 1800 m2.
  • Professional machines with a capacity of more than 7 hp can be used for regular processing of large areas. Power reserve 1000 h.

Transmission and engine features

When working with the mower, you can adjust the speed. There is a gearbox for this. In some modern models, a 5-speed gearbox is installed, which makes it easy to operate the machine. A differential locking mechanism is also provided.

And, for example, in the As-Motors 53 B5 model there is a variator, thanks to which the gear adjustment is carried out smoothly. Such features are complemented by the parameters of the engine operation.

Gasoline units can also differ in the features of the movement of the working piston of the engine during operation. In push-pull models, the movement is performed up and down when compression or expansion occurs simultaneously. Accordingly, fuel injection and gas removal occur.

Four-stroke copies are characterized by the allocation of a separate measure for each action. With a loss in liter and specific power in comparison with the previous version, such models provide fuel savings of 30%.

At the same time, noise reduction, increased environmental safety and increased durability of the machine are achieved. However, push-pull analogues are easier to maintain.

Mowing quality indicators

During the operation of the mower, the blades experience increased stress due to the rotational speed and the resistance of the grass. Therefore, you need to choose only those units that have reliable knives.

The stems should not be torn, they need to be cut smoothly. This is ensured only if the lawn mower knife is properly sharpened.

Usually two types of knives are included in the package:

  • one-sided sharpening with wide blades for shearing;
  • mulching.

If the width of the mowing strip is large, the number of passes decreases. For plots of less than 8 acres, a household option with a processed width of 42-48 cm is suitable.

More extensive lawns need to be mowed faster — the recommended strip should be within 51-53 cm. At the same time, you can adjust the height of cutting grass.

Different models have three ways of adjustment:

  • Screw with manual adjustment, when the height is set by moving the wheel up and down, for example, as in the Honda HRE 330.
  • Lever, in which a lever mechanism is used to set its own height for each wheel, for example in BOSCH ROTAK40.
  • Central – one lever changes the height parameters on all wheels (Husqvarna R150SH).

Specifics of vegetation utilization

Some devices transfer the cut grass to a special compartment called a grass collector. They may not have the ability to mulch or discharge from the side.

The grass collector itself can be:

  • made of fabric – it is conveniently filled, but demanding in care;
  • plastic – poorly filled, but easy to clean;
  • combined.

The mulching function assumes that the grass in the mower is crushed, and then laid out in an even layer on the allotment being processed. The output is carried out under the grass collector and the plug.

The lateral ejection method allows you to extract grass from the housing during operation through its side surface. This is very convenient when the grass is large or processing is carried out near fences or walls.

Selection of the housing type

It is advisable to choose machines that can withstand the load and mechanical influences. Impact-resistant plastic is a common budget option. Even the appearance of scratches will not worsen the work of the mower.

The steel body can be found in models, for example, Husqvarna. This is an expensive option. However, it is corroded when damage appears on the surface. Aluminum type is lighter, versatile, durable and rust resistant.

If you have the opportunity to choose, it is more expedient to stop at units with large diameter wheels. This will give the device greater mobility and maneuverability. The bearings also give the mower smoothness when working. This option is more reliable compared to bushings and has a greater margin of safety.

How to navigate the prices

To work on household plots, you need to choose high-quality reliable brands. Interest is aroused by the products of Makita, Stiga. Bosch and Viking have been in demand for a long time. Honda, MTD, and Husqvarna have proven themselves well. Hitachi, Craftsman have positive reviews. Ltdt is involved in the production of engines for lawnmowers Briggs &Stratton and the Honda brand.

It will be difficult to navigate in the price variety. Experts suggest the following ranges:

  • budget options 200-250 USD;
  • products of the average price level of 400-450 US dollars;
  • expensive elite mowers costing more than 550-600 US dollars.

For the right choice of an efficient mower, you need to study your site, determine the area, the quality of vegetation, the presence of slopes and obstacles.

During operation, such devices will require regular refueling and maintenance. Therefore, if this does not frighten you, then you can safely choose maneuverable and productive gasoline lawn mowers.

Photos of gasoline lawn mowers