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Garden tools — tips on choosing and buying the best tools for the garden and vegetable garden (130 photos)

Owners of private houses and cottages use different types of gardening equipment to work in the garden. The subsequent ease of use and efficiency of work depends on their correct selection. Armed with the necessary knowledge, both beginners and experienced gardeners will be able to easily understand the variety of tools that are present on the market today.

The inventory for the vegetable garden and garden must have the necessary criteria to get first on the shelves of stores, and then into the hands of the gardener.

Safety of use. No matter how good those or the qualities of the tool are, but if using it can harm human health, then such a product should not be allowed to be sold.

Comfort of grip, in other words ergonomics. The process and the result of the work directly depends on this parameter. After all, if the design of a conditional pruner is thought out incorrectly, its useful operation becomes an impossible task. And it will obviously not be convenient for a person to keep garden tools with their own hands.

Durability and reliability. This criterion is emphasized after a certain amount of time has passed. A shovel, the handle of which is made of high-quality wood with appropriate processing, and a canvas cast from high-quality alloys will last for more than one year.

The eternal question with two components when purchasing any product is price and quality. More precisely, their ratio.

And before proceeding directly to the choice, it is necessary to decide what kind of work to be done.

There are a variety of tools for manual cultivation of the land. But each of them has certain properties and features that allow them to be used in different conditions.


Shovels are the most versatile tools. They perform land works of any complexity. A large bayonet shovel made of steel is used to dig up the earth. The titanium shovel is characterized by increased strength and lightness. Dirt does not stick to the shovel made of titanium and aluminum alloy.

For working with bulk substances, a shovel is best suited. It is more convenient to remove snow with an aluminum and plastic shovel, because of the softness of these materials. And the stalk should be as smooth as possible so that the gardener does not hurt his palms during the work.

The cheaper the choice, the more time is spent on checking all fasteners and connections.


The rake is suitable for loosening and leveling soft soil, collecting weeds and various debris. Rakes come with both soft and hard teeth. And when purchasing, it is worth subjecting them to a strength test.

The length of the handle depends on the area of processing and cleaning. In particular, it is better to use a small rake to work in a flower garden.

The gardener's tool kit should also include a fan rake. Their soft teeth allow you to collect small debris and fallen leaves. They are valued because of their flexibility and tenacity.


A hoe and a hoe are used to loosen the soil and remove weeds. The small size of the chopper allows you to work carefully between the beds, and not to touch plants growing near.

The nozzles of the hoe can be rectangular and semicircular in shape. As in the case of a shovel, a hoe made of titanium and aluminum alloy is the most durable.


Pitchforks are used both for digging up the site and for overloading compost materials (hay, manure, mown grass). Pitchforks differ in the shape and size of the teeth, as well as the material of manufacture.

As in previous cases, the inventory made of titanium alloys will last longer than the rest. Another important point that should be taken into account when purchasing this type of gardening equipment is the condition of the fork teeth.

Auxiliary equipment for pruning helps to improve the land plot, giving it a single recognizable appearance. They allow us to approach this issue with creativity.

Pruner and knot cutter

Pruning shears and knot cutters are ideal tools for working with trees, bushes and flowers. The choice of size depends on the thickness of the branch to be cut. Thick tree branches are more effective to cut with pruning shears. And smaller branches of flowers are cut with a knot cutter.

An important aspect when choosing these tools is the material from which the cutting part is made. The teeth made of hardened steel are very high quality.


Garden knives and saws will be useful if you need smooth and long cuts. Comfortable grip and sharpness of the blade — that's what's important in these tools.

The accompanying inventory should complement the main types

A garden wheelbarrow will be very useful for transporting sand and earth, as well as other tools and small parts. The number of wheels determines its load capacity. The one-wheeled wheelbarrow is the most popular because of its mobility and ease of control.

The watering can is designed for manual watering of trees, shrubs and flowers. A bucket can be used for many household purposes. For example, pick tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. The sizes and volumes depend only on your preferences.

The planter will facilitate the planting of bulbs and seeds in dense soil. Its simple and convenient design will allow you to finish the job in a couple of hand movements.

The chair will become an indispensable thing in the garden or the garden for people age. The ladder will allow you to reach high branches and tops of the stems. And again, the size and configuration depending on your needs.

Technical inventory will save the gardener's time and labor. This factor eliminates the question of its high cost.

The universal tillerblock can perform work on loosening and plowing the soil. And by changing the nozzle, you can collect hay, mow the lawn and remove snow. Moreover, by connecting the cart, you can turn it into a small tractor. The dimensions of this garden equipment in the photo differ from the actual size.

Loosening the soil is also possible for the cultivator. In addition to this function, it is able to eliminate weeds. There are both small cultivators weighing up to thirty kilograms, and large ones weighing up to ninety kilograms.

In turn, an expensive alternative to a hand saw is its gasoline and electric counterparts. Depending on the power and energy intensity, they can continuously work from one to several hours.

Care of garden equipment

To keep garden tools in working condition, it needs careful and constant care. Cleaning after using them should become one of the basic rules for any gardener.

Metal parts require regular lubrication. This will protect them from corrosion. The teeth and the blade of the scissors will need sharpening. Irregularities and scuffs on wooden handles should be polished with medium-hard sandpaper.

Wooden and plastic parts of tools should be washed with water and cleaned of dirt. Special attention should be paid to stagnant tools. Often, many of them remain idle in the winter, standing in a stand for inventory. As a result, the wooden handles noticeably dry out and the attachment points may weaken.

You can get rid of backlash by simply leaving these very parts in the water to swell. All these simple actions can extend the service life of the entire inventory for a long time.

Storage of garden equipment

The previously mentioned rule of each gardener follows from the item on the storage of inventory. After working with them, you do not need to leave them in the open.

It is best to allocate a separate small indoor room for all the tools. This will protect them from the influence of the sun and precipitation. The room should not be damp and too cramped. Its purge is also very important.

The ideal option for storing tools is to divide the room into compartments with containers, shelves and drawers for inventory. All inventory must be divided and folded according to size and type. So they will look neat and tidy.


As can be seen from the above material, the modern market of gardening equipment offers a wide range. Since ancient times, well-known shovels and pitchforks have been supplemented with planters and fan rakes.

And garden equipment makes it easier to work in the garden or vegetable garden. Properly selected tools will make your work effective, and the money invested in them is justified.

Photos of garden equipment