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Garden Gnomes — using gnome figurines to organize a fabulous garden atmosphere (80 photos)

In order to decorate your garden or lawn, garden figures of gnomes are used. Figurines in the garden and on the lawn will not only decorate the plot of your house, but also protect it from evil spirits. In summer, gnomes will scare away birds that are not indifferent to juicy fruits, and in winter they will delight the eye with their bright colors against the background of white snow.

When placing figurines on your site, you should know that the figurine will flow into the interior and stand in its place. To do this, before purchasing or making a gnome figurine yourself, you need to sketch a sketch of the gnome itself on a piece of paper, and then imagine how it will be combined with the general background of your plot, garden or lawn by season: winter, spring, autumn and summer.

If decorative gnomes are installed on the site in early autumn or early spring, then they need to be placed so that during the flowering period they can be seen against the background of juicy greenery of the site, garden, lawn.

Decorative gnomes in landscape design will look harmoniously near flower beds, paths, woven fencing, wooden benches. The general style of the plot, garden, lawn should be similar to the style of the figurine.

For a classic plot, a figure made in one or more color schemes is suitable. For a garden made in romantic tones, you can use gnomes in pink or bard tones. For the country style, gnomes are better suited from wood. Figurines made of marble, metal, wood or concrete will be more suitable for the Art Nouveau style.

Incorrect placement of figures or a combination of color palettes can spoil the whole look of the garden or plot. It is necessary to take into account that the figures were of the same material with the objects near which they will be placed.

If you choose the right figures in combination with the general view of the garden, then it can be a wonderful and comfortable place to relax not only for the family, but also for guests.

Dwarfs will join perfectly if they are placed on the territory of a kindergarten or playground. Alternatively, in addition to all of the above, they can be located near the rate, fountains, clean reservoirs, flower beds, fabulous flower beds and old stumps.

Material for making charactersWooden Gnomes

One of the decorative ones is the pedestal of a gnome created from wood. Wood is a common material from which a large number of objects are made.

You can create figures of a fabulous garden creature with your own hands, if you have the skills of wood carving or invite a master who will do it for you in a matter of time.

Wooden gnomes will fit very well into the interior of your garden, combining them with other fairy-tale characters carved from wood, which will delight your eye and warm your soul.

Gnomes made of plaster

Also, garden residents can be made of gypsum. This material will not be expensive and can acquire any types and forms. Performing the manufacture of this material, you can be sure that it will serve not only to decorate your site, but also give the appearance of prosperity.

Small islands-glades will be decorated with fabulous creatures made of plaster. Most often, the products are placed on the path leading to the house or densely planted ornamental bushes.

From a distance, at first glance, it may seem that the figures are alive. Decorative gnomes on the site made of gypsum are very fragile, but with proper handling, they will become an ornament of your possession for many years.

Stone Gnomes

At all times, stone products were considered a very prosperous, elegant sign of wealth. Statues, columns, balls, etc. were quite popular products.

A dwarf stone product is a very expensive pleasure, but all this miracle will look very beautiful on your site and will last for many years without fear of weather conditions and external sources that can cause harm.

Metal crafts of dwarfs

As well as an option for people with a special taste, it is possible to manufacture dwarfs from metal, they can be welded from various spare parts or cast in the form of one monolithic piece of metal.

You can find all these wonderful compositions in Internet sources by entering: "photos of garden gnomes" indicating the composition from which the sculptures are made.

In defense of the dwarves

Due to the cruelty of teenagers and people without taste, these products fall under the influence of vandals. Since some fabulous creatures are made of fragile materials that are very easy to damage by kicking or throwing a stone.

Some people do not agree that garden gnomes should be located in suburban suburban areas, since these phenomena are more inherent in expensive designer greenhouses, and not ordinary suburban landholdings. Not knowing that gnomes are one of the ancient and widespread images of garden decorations that appeared in the XIX century in Germany, the homeland of such storytellers as the brothers Grimm and Hoffmann.

In the fairy tales of Germany, these colorful creatures became alive at night, thereby helping the owners on the site. Now you can understand why the gnomes in the pictures and in the form of figurines are depicted with garden tools (shovels, picks, rakes), baskets, watering cans.

The family in which the gnomes were invented still lives in Germany. But now they are no longer the only ones who produce these fabulous characters, but are also in demand among the population. Garden gnomes that can be found in our regions are most often handicrafts from Poland or China, made of expensive, but not high-quality materials.

You do not need to deny yourself the pleasure of acquiring these wonderful creatures, which, even on the most sullen autumn day, will bring you warmth and a smile, one has only to look at them. Today there are quite a few places where you can order them or already buy a ready-made gnome figurine of any size material and shape.

From time to time, exhibitions of garden pranksters are held, where you can see thousands of gnomes. In Chelsea in 2013 there was a huge exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the appearance of gnomes in the European design of gardens and suburban areas.

Having settled fabulous kids at home, you will get not only helpers in gardening, but also wonderful teachers for your children.

Photos of garden gnomes