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Garden fountains: ideas for landscape design and stylish design of the site (95 photos)

When arranging your own plot, do not forget to install unusual and fascinating water objects. At all times, people are fascinated by magical streams, beckon to themselves, while having a calming effect. Believe me, a garden fountain for a cottage is a win–win option in modern landscape design. It not only looks attractive, but also creates a general microclimate of freshness and cleanliness.

For many centuries, cities have been decorated with the help of such engineering structures. It is believed that the fountain is one of the main objects in parks and squares. Having installed it in the country, be prepared for the fact that it will become the main place for rest and relaxation.


The invention is ancient, but even to this day it has remained popular. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians decorated their gardens with fountains. Previously, the structures also had a practical purpose. With their help, people watered the land during a drought, stocked up with the right amount of water.


Dry spring.

  • The jet in it circulates in a circle. It flows into the container and from there returns to its original position.
  • The fountain is submersible. This object takes water from the reservoir in which it was installed.
  • Decorative structure. The name speaks for itself. It creates a beautiful effect with a jet of water. Decorative fountain is considered one of the most popular among all types.
  • A structure with a special effect. Thanks to the built-in electronic control, the fountain not only plays melodies, but also attracts with different color shades
  • The fountain is interactive. The built-in remote control allows you to control and select the color scheme, the height of the water supply.

You can decorate a garden plot with garden fountains in completely different themes. The developers have tried and offer their product, which has different nozzles, so that the flowing stream of water creates patterns.

"The Bell"

With the help of a tube nozzle with two disks and a gap, water is formed in the form of a dome. The size can be adjusted by changing the space between the disks.

In the form of a fish tail

The nozzle on the device helps the water flow out in many thin streams without the formation of a film, at an angle of up to 60 degrees.


The coherent work of the "Bell" and the "Fish Tail" creates an incredibly beautiful effect. The central powerful jet and a pair of thin symmetrical streams create a general appearance.


The design of the object is similar to the "Bell". But here the jet is not vertical, but at an angle of about 45 degrees. The flow resembles the shape of a flower.

"The Ring"

The structure has separate small holes placed in a circle.

Our article contains photos of a garden fountain. They depict all kinds and clearly show how water is supplied.

Choosing a place for the fountain

If you want to equip a structure on a country plot, then be sure to remember a few rules.

When choosing a place to install a fountain in the country, do not forget about the proportions. Choose an object that will look harmonious in the best way and combine with the overall landscape design. Remember, the larger the fountain, the further away it is from the house, they usually have high water jets.

The structure has a decorative character, so it should be visible from all sides. It is not necessary to install the structure near trees. Leaves can fall off at any time of the year and even in summer. Take care of the filters to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Usually algae is planted in the water. They will not only benefit, but also natural naturalness. If you used a small fountain on the site, then any place is suitable for it. These can be objects in the form of bowls or animal figures.

Installing the equipment yourself

Having some experience, you can install a complex structure with your own hands. The main thing is to choose the right pump for the fountain. The water supply flow and cost depend on the power.

Usually the kit includes a pump, a sprayer, a jet regulator and nozzles. To make the process go smoothly, prepare bricks and stones, because the pump is installed not on the very bottom, but on building materials. The base must be at least two bricks thick.

If the purchased structure has lamps and decorative elements, then bring the electrical wires in advance. After carrying out all the necessary work, proceed to the decor and fill the tanks with water.

Proper care of a garden fountain

Don't worry, it's not difficult to take care of a water object. Periodically clean the pump, and the filters, they have the property of getting dirty. All models are demanding in their own way, the instruction writes about this in the column where the technical characteristics are indicated.Garbage and leaves are sure to get into the pool and bowl, so periodic cleaning will protect the structure from breakdowns.

For beauty, plants can be planted around the fountain, so that their appearance does not deteriorate, they need to be weeded and watered.

If there is a pond on the site, then you are doubly lucky. The fact that he is in the yard is already good, but try, equip him with a fountain for a pond. Believe me, the money spent and the time is worth it, the household will be satisfied and will say thank you more than once.

Singing structure in the garden

If you want to feel a holiday all the time, install a singing fountain. It is called musical, luminous, dancing, as your heart desires. The design includes a color music control panel. That's just the cost of it is large due to the complexity during development.

Due to the fact that the water jets are accompanied by musical notes, no party will be boring. You can control the fountain remotely.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated with a little experience, time and the appearance of the garden is completely transformed. By installing a fountain with your own hands, you can save money. But only if you have done this before or have seen how the installation process goes.

When in doubt, seek help from specially trained craftsmen. They will cope in the shortest possible time. Surprise your loved ones and neighbors, invite friends to visit. Everyone, without exception, will be surprised. Put a table and benches next to each other and discuss interesting topics for a long time. Do not delay boldly to work, do not be shy.

Photos of garden fountains